Thursday, February 25, 2010

45 week weight loss good advice make you thin a catty

In today's society, obesity has become a female, one of their biggest headaches, especially the nine-to-five white-collar workers are even more who did not experience too much time to spend on weight loss. The following 45 small coup to teach you how to lose weight easily have a good body.

1 more vegetables less meat: If you have started cooking with the meat, then do the best meat pie meat when reduced by half and add some vegetables. This will not only increase the fiber, fat, also obviously decreased.

2, eaten something and then sports: The best this order reversed. Produced by thermal effects of food will speed up the metabolic rate, which is caused by the movement of high metabolic rate even higher.

3, change should more: food, more variety and color should, so as to maintain a balanced diet.

4, multi-taste vegetable protein: Many obese people are afraid to eat meat, but do not even maintain the constitution rejected by the protein. Three-quarters cup of white beans to provide 7 grams of protein, green peas, the same amount of protein contained in the equivalent of one egg.

5, inspection schemes, do note: List of several of the most effective diet strategies (such as eating low-fat foods, restrictions on eating, etc.), check once a month, because the proposed projects, easy, more difficult to put into practice, but if it time checks, easier to achieve our goals.

6, pay attention to food ingredients: the oil too much to eat French fries, baked potatoes, add butter is not good, it is best to use chili sauce or soup.

7, control greedy want to: Control greedy want to contribute to weight control. When the greedy want to come to the interim, you can do some activities, such as showers, walking, watching television and riding a bicycle, any activities unrelated to eat will do.

8, a hungry belly do not cook: hungry belly cook, you will during the cooking process in a small population of a small mouth to eat, unknowingly ate too much food. The best way is to eat before the next kitchen like fruit snacks.

9, we eat: low-fat snacks people eat a lot of other boring, especially for a person to eat, so you have to develop the whole family eat low-fat snack habits. It may be more beneficial to the health snacks were all packed in jar, watching TV that we can eat, will feel relish.

10, prepare some emergency snacks: the older people, to avoid the middle of the night to the kitchen ravenously hungry, high-fat foods. Can put some healthy food at home, such as pretzels, salt-free popcorn and so on.

11, multi-visiting the produce section: water and soil, they should go through the Ministry of fruits and vegetables, where most of fresh food: bread, fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy products.

12, bring their own snack pack: In the drive on the streets or car travel, they should bring their own more low-fat foods. If you have to buy fast food, should be selected more favorable to health foods, avoid eating fried chicken, pork cutlet and so on.

13, do not eat butter: try to avoid eating butter. Lemon juice with fresh herbs, spices or vegetables or salad instead of butter.

14, breakfast of playing tricks: seven kinds of low-fat breakfast will be written on the card, every morning a selection.

15, to avoid the midnight eat: Prepare some not affect the healthy food, working at night, fatigue or mental stress is too large to eat.

16, note dietary record: If you eat low-fat food and weight is still increasing, it must be remembered that a diet diary. Records destruction of short-term eating plan will help identify the eating and drinking habits.

17, eat and buy: shopping center has a tempting snack bar, if you eat healthy food Zaiqu first purchase, is not susceptible to the temptation of the snack.

18, eat more slowly: If you eat too fast, eat until the feeling when you have eaten more. Remember: your mouth when something hands can not hold chopsticks and forks, so better to get that taste.

19, take turns cooking: If you spend more time may be tight and his family take turns cooking.

20, note that the dining-room tone: According to the United States, John. Hopkins School of Medicine study, warm color such as red, yellow, orange and other colors will make the food more attractive and stimulate the appetite; while cool colors such as blue, or gray while the opposite effect.

21, Sports: This is a must do every day.

22, regular breaks: every day at about the same time for exercise, it will be very easy to forget that out.

23, weight: consumption of fat, muscle is an important method, but the action must be done accurately.

24, exercise should be varied: If you were always running, it may be playing table tennis, also do gymnastics or riding a bicycle.

25, use the fitness bike: riding a bike is a good fitness exercise, we should force step to speed up the heart and muscle movement, and then resume normal speed.

26, lie down: If you ride a bike to feel back pain, try lying by type of car, leaning posture to protect your back.

27, to find a rival: and friends with movement, as much as possible to find a stronger friend than you, good opponent is the best incentive.

28, step by step the first observation: If you want to participate in aerobic exercise should be gradual.

29, stair climbing: climbing stairs with a certain speed or in the staircase flight campaign, 1 hour can be hundreds of calories consumed by a few.

30, do not use hand on: climbing the stairs is not to use hand on the railing, and do not bend over to walk nutation, because that would reduce heat consumption.

  31, no elevator: to take the stairs as a small movement.

32, cultivating good habits: their own shopping, Cabo Li, flowers and so on.

33, social activities: planning to play only eat social activities such as hiking, dancing ballroom dancing, roller-skating and playing tennis.

34, rowing: an hour can be hundreds of calories consumed by a few, but also a good aerobic exercise.

35, quietly Exercise: Exercise can be carried out at any time with the moment. If waiting in line at the supermarket checkout stand, it can tighten the abdominal and hip muscles. Like that little trick will help strengthen the muscles.

36, sweating, watching TV: watching TV is doing physical fitness activities, while watching favorite shows, the side movement.

37, with the music, sports: You can beat with the music movement. Whatever the movement, if the body movement and music beats match, it will be useful.

38, wearing a shirt with sleep: This can be changed up late habits.

39, recharge your batteries: To obtain the best results of the campaign, it is necessary in the intense exercise and to obtain adequate rest.

40, the use of lunch time walk or do some light-hearted activities.

41, with a pair of sports shoes to the work place to go.

42, leaving room: The target set by high-fat but people have lost confidence.

43, steady pace: movement is not to want to look at both sides, and the others from time to speak, like, the eyes should look forward.

44, split up: If you smoke in one day no longer exercise, may wish to separately. 3 times a day to do 10 minutes of exercise, and time to do 30 minutes of exercise is the same.

45, make a bet: a bet with friends, and the race has helped to significantly improve the success rate. At the same time to think more to adhere to exercise and successful people, make a lasting smithery not deserted you

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