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Analysis of pregnant women for easy delivery of the seven big misunderstanding

While each Yun Mami very well to know better than natural delivery caesarean section, but, just before birth, they are still hesitant and ultimately probably because of psychological problems such as fear or a misunderstanding of the natural delivery choose a Cesarean section. Now, let us to correct these misunderstandings.

  Myth 1: cis-production is not easy to restore body

Cis-production is not easy to restore shape. Because the pelvic structure of cis-production will be changed, thus affecting the previous slender body, but also a very long period of time after childbirth is no way to resume.

Experts correcting wrong: not only does not endanger the cis-middle size, but also to enhance body beauty.

One of the criteria the United States women's body lies in fullness of the hip.Vaginal deliveryDue to pelvic ligament relaxation time, so that pots Wai, Hip widened even more fullness. New Mommy should be actively breastfeeding after delivery. Rational eating, and stick sports. Stature will certainly be able to resume pre-pregnancy look.

  Myth 2: natural delivery but also not a caesarean section, it is better start choose a Cesarean section

If not a natural delivery, still have to caesarean section, might as well choose a Cesarean section from the outset to avoid eating "two times bitter."

Experts correcting errors: in the end choose which mode of delivery will eventually have to listen to a doctor.

Mothers should be asked what kind of mode of delivery, the doctor will have a professional, a doctor based on your own terms and conditions for you to decide the appropriate mode of delivery. Not suitable for easy delivery of the mother. In the production should be taken before the doctor will tell Caesarean section.

Caesarean section should be in the mother or fetal abnormalities when the methodology used. For example, pregnant women, the pelvis narrow, the fetus is too large, fetal malposition,Placenta previa, Placental abruption, pregnancy toxemia, acute fetal distress and so on, can not be afraid of maternalShun the reasons for producing.

 Myth 3: cis-production is too painful, and can not stand

Soon production was too painful, and simply could not bear to have a Cesarean good, used the anesthetic is neither pain, and the mother and child safety, how wonderful!

Expert-repair: caesarean section, although not easy delivery less painful, but there are certain risks.

Easy delivery, the mother should be to divert attention, pay attention to relax, so that can also be an appropriate pain relief.

Caesarean section because of the role of narcotic analgesic, is to reduce labor pain, but the caesarean section to some extent the existence of certain risks, such as anesthesia, postoperative bleeding, postpartum infection and so on.

  Myth 4: cis-produced low-IQ children may be

Cis-produced low-IQ children may be because of childbirth. Tire baby's head be crushed, affecting a child's IQ.

Expert-repair: Shun production will not cause effects on the fetal brain.

Because the baby after birth when the birth canal, the skull will have a natural overlap in order to adapt to the environment the birth canal. To prevent the brain tissue pressure: on the contrary, caesarean section because the baby will tire out from the uterine cavity directly under the impact of sudden changes in air pressure arising from injury.

In the caesarean section, the baby squeezed the chest unaffected. Respiratory tract of mucus in the lungs of various water are stagnant. Inhalant prone BabyPneumonia, Lack ofO, Are likely to affect the baby brain development and lower IQ in children.

 Misunderstanding 5: cis-production affect sex life

Shun production affect sex life, because the birth of extreme expansion of the vagina and vulva, causing vaginal relaxation.

Expert-repair: exercise pelvic muscles, can help youImprovementVaginal relaxation.

Postpartum nutrient intake in ensuring the premise, by exercising the pelvic muscles can improve vaginal relaxation phenomenon. With the maternal body recover, recovered to the original levels of sex hormone levels, sexual function also has resumed. Therefore, we did not have to worry about.

 Misunderstanding 6: sub-compact production of weak

Sub-compact worried that their efforts in childbirth is not enough difficulties in children.

Experts correcting wrong: there is no absolute physical productivity and the relationship between contraction of the uterus is the autonomic nervous contraction, strength is very large, so the normal women are both productive forces, the most important thing is to note that the most critical force skills.

Productivity and the normal force is not the same, the delivery arm clutching hands when two out, bottom to sit down, the effort used in the right places. Throughout the delivery process,MaternalTo properly regulate the breathing, relaxation mentality, the right use of strength.

To enhance their productivity, pregnant women during pregnancy to begin to do exercise, such as last week, the set of courses taught to everyone's parade, while maintaining a good mood.

Of course, if the pregnant woman's abdominal fat, thick, then there is no way to make out of strength, so pregnant women should control their weight, which is natural delivery the key to whether the normalå‘€.

Myth 7: Cut the following cut than the above

Many sufferers of vaginal delivery, said his health, the following still have to cut back, so painful that is, not as good as Caesarean section

Experts correcting wrong: without lateral post-natal maternal their quick recovery, was discharged early. From the occurrence ofAsphyxia, The birth process to extend the point of view, non-lateral group and lateral incisor was no significant difference.

Episiotomy are indications for a larger fetus, there is hypoxia, breech births, or a longer second stage of labor, or other medical indications, needs the purposes of forceps,Aspirator MidwiferyThe maternal, still lateral. It can expand the birth canal, so that your baby a smooth, rapid and places of birth, and the rip neat surgical sutures after delivery easy to operate.

If we blindly insist on not do lateral will lead to irregular tears is difficult to suture, removal of stitches left scars that are very rule, it is affecting aesthetic; serious, but also damage the anal sphincter, causing incontinence later. Episiotomy is to fight local anesthetic.

Love Tips:

l. good prenatal care, timely detection of adverse factors during pregnancy, and timely corrective treatment. To adjust diet to avoid excess nutrients caused by the fetus is too large, affect the birth process.

2. To listen to the doctor's advice during childbirth. Choose a suitableChildbirth. Do not given a free hand in childbirth. Should follow the guidance of medical personnel.

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