Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Health from [heart] the beginning: to change the lives of 50 psychological skills

1, Institute of priorities.

The new year seems to be a lot of things waiting for you to do. But if you are caught with a beard eyebrows, then in the end you will find you again this year to overcome the mess. So, early in the year you should have a plan, understand that you will be in the new year, where to start.

Experts suggest that a daily wake up one day to do things to prioritize them according to "give them marked with a, b, c ... ..." Stephen said: "Then you weed out the b and c and spare no effort to complete a, You will on this day was very efficient, easy, and this is the day you succeed. "

2, experience the fun of sit.

Meditation, not only to purify the hearts of people, but also to make people have a healthy body. Some recent research shows that regular meditation can not only ease the pressure of the human spirit, but also effective treatment for heart disease, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, insomnia, infertility and other diseases. More importantly, the sit-ins that enhance human immunity.

3, cleaning your closet.

If your closet is not within two years through the clothes, then you throw it away or donate them. Clean out your real "wealth", when you need to wear a piece of clothes when you can find them right away.

4, to do something to donate to.

If you have some things already do not have access, you can use these things donated to charity.

5, organize your photos.

The photos from your past or any other corner of the box from the shoes to find out, putting it inside a beautiful photo album or frame, so that they will be able to maintain a longer period of time, you can enjoy in the future to enjoy them.

6, items should be classified to place.

To put your changes with the seasons of leisure products, such as sleds and snow coats should be placed in one, the beach umbrellas and diving suits together.

7, the packaged stuff to save.

Shoebox not only can be used to dress shoes, you can put bits and pieces of daily shoebox years, and the box marked with a mark, so that next time you can easily use.

8, to Bismarck to experience a new life.

United States North Dakota capital of Bismarck, which is only 5.7 million people a small place, but here, low crime rate, high-quality school education, economic development and stability, low unemployment rate. In this town, you can spend very little money to rent a beautiful house, you can enjoy the clear blue sky here, and convenient recreation and leisure facilities and delicious food. The most important is that the pressure of living here is very small. In other words, there is simply a paradise for life. If you have, for various reasons can not be moved to here, then you will find time to come here on holiday to experience a happy life here.

9, freed from the home.

American women spend 358 hours a year to do household chores and learn to enjoy the very clean life, not take home an occasional lazy, you will have more leisure time.

10, lost work now.

John - Dolly is only a 28-year-old banker, if the measure according to most people, he is a successful person. But who can know his pain? Overwork has made in various organs of his body, seriously "aging." And when quit his job after his daily stroll in Central Park, stroll, take a look at such as "honesty: I am the happiest moment of life" books.

Dolly said: "The liberation of losing their jobs means. You will become open-minded, you will have time to listen to your inner voice, you will be able to hear many of you ever heard not the voice."


11, exercise your brain.

Scientists had always thought that the human brain is like a cabbage. A 20-year-old mind, will not be time in the future continue to "grow." From the age of 20, the human mind began to inevitably Recession: assertive loss, memory impaired, etc., when the 80-year-old man's head, and pickles on the same subject.

In the last century, 60 years ago, scientists also insist that the adult brain no longer have a new neurons to grow back. However, in 1988, scientists have mastered the specific evidence that adult brains can grow through the exercise after the new neurons.

Adult head of this "continue to grow" from the "entertainment." Such as playing "New York Times" and "crossword puzzle", to play golf, shoot pool and so on.

Therefore, the strengthening of "use your brain", if you do not use it, then it will rigid, or even "rust."

12, plant a tree.

Planting a tree every year can not only beautify your living environment, but also bring you unexpected benefits. Gardening expert Richard - Martin, said: "Your body will react the plants around you. If you concentrate on the green vegetation around you, then you will feel less pressure, and a good mood, and your immune system is also enhanced. "

13, and play games with their children.

Scientists believe that spending time with their children playing games can improve memory and cognitive abilities of adults. Example, popular game "Yaya goose" and so on, and the children to play with can also enable us to live longer.

14, listen to pop music.

When we are young like pop music, but as age increased, we seem to have been abandoned in this world. Do not know what music is now popular, and young people with no common topics, these are the parents of troubled children who have problems.

If you do not want your old faster, why not to try to listen to today's pop music, you are listening to become young.

15, more books.

Do not raise your head away within the activity of reading, and do not in order and that of others you are more knowledgeable than themselves away to study, not just to learn more about the world continue their schooling. This is because reading is a person's life to enjoy the most pleasant, so pleasant to enjoy making our lives more meaningful.

16, spend more time with your lover.

The United States, after an economist said in research, good family and a happy married life than an annual salary of 50,000 U.S. dollars of work even more happy.

Therefore, some experts have suggested that in the hard spare time to spend more time to chat with your spouse and family to give you pleasure and spiritual well-being of any important work than you have been more important.


17, learn to save.

And weight compared to a seemingly easy financial management is a matter of fact but not too easy to do.

Then from the savings begin. If you can save 20 dollars a week each year to raise the ratio of 5%, you will be in 30 years, nearly 73 thousand U.S. dollars of savings.

18, optimizing the investment ratio.

You can not about stock market trading, but you can influence their own investment ratio. Experts suggest that in the finance and investment is necessary to the rational use of various channels. If you do not know in the end how much should be invested in the stock market, invest in real estate how much how much the insurance investment, you can ask that a professional investment company.

19, re-evaluate the area of investment.

In the end of each year, you will need for your field of investment in the previous year re-evaluation. To find out what hot areas can also continue to invest and which areas Enough is enough. More importantly, you want to evaluate these potentially lucrative area of investment, so in the new year make a difference in this area.

20, a temporary freeze on your credit card.

Put your credit card placed in a plastic bag and then placed in the water freezing on the bag. When you have "squandered" the desire, you should at least wait until the ice melts.

21, save a bit of emergency money.

People have illness and death, on a Yinqing moon. You need to have a financial crisis prevention measures to budget deficits will not be caught unprepared.

22, control of your credit risk.

When using credit cards, to do what.

23, to develop emergency response programs.

Floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and other disasters can not be resistant to not know when it will come, our property and even their lives would be seriously threatened, rather than awaiting their doom rather early to take measures to prevent. Once disaster strikes, you should be able to do in the next 72 hours, the memory alive.

The American Red Cross recommends preparing an emergency package at home, which is not installed perishable food deterioration, appropriate clothing, radios, flashlights, medications, family member information, insurance accounts and bank accounts and so on.

24, computer data classification, backup.

For a long period of time, you tend to forget the existence of photographs of her daughter in the end where we are. If you store the backup data to classify, according to the nature of the information, or other criteria to isolate the data stored in your time of need, you can easily find them.

25, the books, files, materials classified.

You may have had such an embarrassment: When you need to re-confirm your credit card bill, you really can not remember but in the end you put it where we are. Many of our daily lives as well as various books, receipts ,***, bill information, which often have been arbitrarily placed in us somewhere, and when we need them, when they often do not know where to look for. Therefore, to categorize these things is a good way to be placed.

The body is capital

26, multi-stairs little elevator.

Your health is your most valuable asset, but there seems to still remain in the importance of a healthy verbal rhetoric. Of course, from now on is not too late.

Experts suggest that if you do not have a fixed amount of time to exercise, then it would change some of your daily habits. For example, take the stairs not to take the elevator, the car stopped at a place far away from your destination and then walk, walk the dog and so on.

Most people walk less than 3,000 steps a day, and if you are able to walk 1 km per day, you will find that your body really slowly changing. Experts have said that the exercise was not a difficult task, if you slightly change the look of your lifestyle, you will be able to derive training purposes.

27, Zaoshuizaoqi.

The latest study found that a good night's sleep will give you the next day working life of stamina, and even diet can also play a role in it.

28, smoking cessation.

Indeed, smoking is not a good habit. Survey, the United States each year, 43 million people die of diseases caused by smoking, while smoking is also easily lead to diabetes, asthma, psychosis.

Maybe you have tried to quit before, but you failed.

Why not this year, successfully quitting purpose? Many U.S. states have set up websites to help smokers quit smoking, but can also offer online or telephone service.

Of course, you do not try a day or two will be able to break the addiction. According to the steps to do to put too much on ashtrays, Do not carry too many cigarettes, and those who do not smoke to stay with friends and so on.

Healthy diet

29, eat brown bread.

30, try cantaloupe.

This fruit than apples, oranges, bananas contain more vitamin a and vitamin-rich c.

31, eat white foods.

Such as rice, bread, cakes, cookies, etc., these white foods contain too many calories and carbohydrates, excessive consumption of easily lead to diabetes and heart disease.

32, limiting consumption of canned beverages.

33, eat more vegetables.

34, self-healing.

Regular medical examinations will be early detection of certain organs of your body if there are problems, there is a conscious self-medication can also play a role in health care.

35, married.

U.S. Central Disease Prevention and Control Center, the latest research found that married people than the bachelor's much more physical and mental health. As the U.S. Justice 哈里布莱克 Mans said: "Wedding is a process, marriage is the result."

Safety First

36, wear a helmet when riding a bike.

United States each year 6.7 million people in cycling head injuries, but will be able to wear a helmet reduced the risk of 45%.

37, be careful on the road animals.

Driving on the road and collided with deer and other animals, leading to more than 150 Americans die each year, in the dusk and dawn is to be vigilant.

38, install carbon monoxide detectors.

You can not see or smell the deadly gas, so to install such a detector will ensure your safety.

39, buy a shredder.

Thieves can be readily lost through your letters, remember there are other numbers on the card account they want to get the information, using paper shredders crush these things first and then discarded.

40, dark corners are insects.

Especially in the winter, many insects are dormant in areas such as roof, basement, garage a dark corner, be careful bees and other dangerous insects.

41, learn to properly abandoned.

To know that you are not "Superman" or "Spider-Man," sometimes have to know how to give up. In your lives are threatened, there is no issue more important than alive.

Good habits

42, frequent use of dental floss.

This will not only be able to make your smile more attractive, but also can reduce the incidence of dental. The study also found that the use of dental floss can also reduce the incidence of heart disease and asthma.

43, there are regularly Shen Yao.

If you do not have time to exercise, then it would stretch Shen Yao in the office, which allows your muscles to become soft

44, wearing shoes fit.

45, take a deep breath.

If you do not have time to walk their dogs outside, then do 10 deep breaths every day.

46, taking the right vitamins.

Ease the pressure

47, to maintain a moderate level of self-expectations.

There are 10 million self-road, you can not go running for president, but you can do a successful businessman. According to their own actual conditions to determine their behavior goals, and maintain moderate levels of self-expectations will make your success easier. In addition, a reasonable outlet to effectively lift the mental stress.

48, participated in volunteer activities.

The study found that volunteer activities can not only to those who need help in order to help, but I also give volunteers bring physical health and psychological pleasure. There are data showing that those older than the same age of the volunteers of non-volunteers to live longer.

49, to change their own sets of new clothes.

Why not try this year, a change to your own dress. To change the clothing type, try to wear you ever do not like to wear clothes, you will find that the world really has become different, and you suddenly changed the mood of the Liang.

50, Forgiveness.

In 1993, only 26-year-old Stanford student Amy Vergel female group in South Africa were brutally indiscriminate mob of young students killed by a knife. Amy's parents Linda and Peter then he resigned from their jobs, home to move to South Africa, where they founded a school named Amy.

Today, there are two women who had participated in the killing of black South Africans Amy students in this school, they see Amy's parents for their parents, Linda and Pitt will also treat them as their own son.

Pitt said: "I do not want to live a full life of hatred and bloody revenge, because this is not in line with my wishes. I think Amy will support us to do so, because that's what she would like to see."

To temporarily forget about your personal pain, suffering and your personal link in this complex world, you will slowly realize that peace will be how to get along with others, rare

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