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The king of vegetables, potatoes, a good character slimming beauty

Age increased gradually so that we bid farewell to the young time; urban expansion which allows us to bid farewell to the homeland ... ... potatoes occasionally brought to our land and juvenile moments Cecil attachment, from its body that Daini, we seem to still find a childhood Happy memories. Those who grew up in the earth's "Potato" persevering sweet taste, great variety of cooking methods, people really eat 100 tire.

Human "second bread"

Potato known as potato, Yangshan Yu, potatoes, Potato, its nutritional value has long been neglected, but now has become nutritionists favor of the vegetables star, is considered the world's most one of the great food.

Potatoes high nutritional value, rich in vitamin A and vitamin C and minerals, high-quality starch content of about 16.5%, but also contains large amounts of lignin, known as a human "second bread." Which contains the vitamin carrots 2 times, 3 times of Chinese cabbage, tomatoes four times the vitamin C content of the vegetables the most. Experts have found that, in the former Soviet Union, Bulgaria, Ecuador and other countries where well-known longevity, people's staple food is potatoes.

Chinese medicine, the potato, "sweet natured non-toxic, can be good for the spleen and stomach, Qi stressed, the urgency and pain relief, Tom Lee stool. For the spleen and stomach weakness, indigestion, gastrointestinal discord, Zhongwan abdominal Zuo Tong, stool of patients with poor results significantly. " Modern research shows that potatoes have effects on the mediation indigestion, is a good medicine for patients with stomach and heart disease and high-quality health care products. Potato starch in the human body to absorb slowly, is an ideal diabetic diet vegetables; potato contains a lot of high-quality cellulose, in the intestine will be available to a large number of nutrition, intestinal microflora and promote intestinal microbial growth and development; the same time, can also promote the intestinal peristalsis, maintaining intestinal water, the prevention of constipation and the role of cancer prevention and treatment; potato high potassium content of a week to eat five or six potatoes, make the chances of suffering a stroke dropped 40%, and mediation effects have indigestion; It also has the role of hair loss prevention and control nerve, with fresh potato chips repeated erasure of parts of hair loss, hair regeneration to promote a significant effect.

  Although a long time not being taken seriously, potatoes mentality has always seemed very stable, low-key get Hen Buneng have been buried in the earth. Its fruit grows in the ground, unlike wheat stretch as the sky; its price is very cheap, never had ups and downs; it tastes seem monotonous, long considered the poor, vegetables, and even the famous painter Van Gogh oil paintings "The Potato Eaters" and depicts is still a poor, a sad sight to eat potatoes. Today, humanity has completely changed its image, and finds that it is almost whole body is a treasure. A recent United Nations survey shows that by 2100, the world's population will increase to 105 million, could lead to food crisis. Some scientists believe that by that time, most likely to help mankind to survive the crisis is that appearance is not surprising that we see every day potato.

  "Super vegetables" myth

Potatoes either fried, frying, deep frying, deep-fried, but also burning, boiling, stewing, Pa, cooking out the dozens of kinds of delicious dishes, but also "enhanced" and "puffing." Since the 50s of last century, potato fast food has swept the world, delicious potato chips, french fries and loved by young and old. Currently, there are quite a few countries have the potato as a staple food, but also use it to make sweets and other small foods.

  The years to keep pace

Nutritious potato is one of the anti-aging food. Mention nutritious, anti-aging food, it is easy to think of ginseng, bird's nest, a rare high-grade royal jelly and other foods, like potato rarely thought this kind of "public goods." In fact, the. Potatoes are rich in vitamins B1, B2, B6, and pantothenic acid and other B group vitamins and a large number of high-quality cellulose, also contains trace elements, amino acids, protein, fat and high-quality starch and other nutritional elements. Of these components in the human body the process of aging and disease prevention plays an important role.

People who regularly eat potatoes good health, old slowly, and potato prices are low, no one could afford to eat - to use it to resist aging, Is second to none, "panacea" to "material benefit" do much more?

Weight loss top university

The Potato Eaters do not have to worry about excess fat, because it only contains 0.1% fat, all fill their stomachs the lowest fat content in food. Eat potatoes every day can reduce fat intake, you can let the body gradually metabolized the extra fat, to eliminate a scourge to you.

Potato on the human body has a wonderful role, Thin Man can eat them, "fat", fat people will eat it "thin", and the movements will become slim up. Consider themselves less than ideal body of people, as long as the potatoes must be included in the daily food they eat and eat for some time, do not have to suffer by the diet will be able to receive a "The more beautiful the more greedy" effect. Nutrition experts asserted that: "eat only whole milk and potatoes every meal can get all the nutrients the body needs." So those who do not need to worry about eating potato diet will lead to malnutrition. However, the weight loss should pay attention to the potatoes do not do dishes to eat the staple food. Boiled potatoes, french fries, or fried potato cake are good choices. Adhere to one meal a day eating potato, long-term effect on the prevention of over-nutrition or minus the excess fat is very effective.

 Choice of natural beauty

When people swarmed into the beauty salons, health and beauty products in fact true in your home refrigerator. Potatoes have a good skin care, maintenance, appearance effect. Direct coating of fresh potato juice on the face, whitening role is very significant. Human skin easily in the hot summer sunburn, tanning, potato juice on the stain removal effect is obvious and no side effects.

Potato skin around eye also has a significant effect of beauty. Will be cooked potato slices, attached to the eyes, can reduce the swelling of the lower eyelid. Face, the small wrinkles beauty, the potatoes cut into pieces deposited on the face, with skin care, reduce wrinkles with good results. Young skin oil secretion of strong, often affected by acne, acne trouble, with fresh potato juice cotton stick coated surface of the skin can solve this problem. Nail Color consider themselves uncomfortable, as long as the nails will be painted on the potato juice over night, then wash the next morning, you will find nail become delicate and smooth, perfect.

  Eat their way to good character

Shanxi love to say "Potato treasure in the treasure, Dun Dun rice can not live without." Potatoes contain vitamin C, but high heat. Office workers who live in a modern society, the most vulnerable to depression, frustration, anxiety and other negative emotions of distress, the potato can help you solve problems.

Food can affect people's emotions, because it is contained inside the minerals and nutrients can function in the human body, to improve the mental state. To do things by halves, most of them are due to a lack of vitamin A and C in vivo, or excessive intake of acidic foods, potatoes can help you to add vitamin A and C, can also be under the premise of providing nutrition to replace due to excessive consumption of meat caused by Food and pH imbalance.

In addition, unstable temperament who eat potatoes, can be sufficient intake of calcium and phosphorus, to alleviate feelings of anxiety, so that character to become calm.

Due to the heavy workload, combined with regular consumption of milled rice, flour and rice while the operation is slow, irascible people eat potatoes, which are rich in vitamin B6 can play to calm down anxious to strengthen the role of physical coordination.

Dependence of the people, in the diet increased the proportion of potatoes, so as to increase the intake of alkaline foods in general can improve self-confidence, less reliance on other people's thoughts.

Autumn and the dry climate of the area who have to eat potatoes. Dry weather will cause hot flashes, constipation and discomfort, potato gamping properties can conserve your stomach, Yiqi Runchang, but also hydrate the skin. Who was born in the autumn Eat potatoes, not only to improve the temperament, as well as transit effect.

In addition, characteristics of the potato is very nutritious, it can be used as vegetables dishes, also as a staple food. Was a person who ate 0.25 kilograms of fresh potatoes, can generate more than 100 kcal of heat, but after eating a good feeling of fullness, so the potato is very resistant to hunger, coupled with the potato taste is not unusual, so completely as a staple food . And it than rice, wheat flour has more advantages: the high protein content of potato, and has all the essential amino acids the human body, especially the lack of lysine-rich grains, and therefore consumption of potatoes and cereal mixture can improve protein utilization.

Potato is also in the vitamin content of all food crops, the most complete, and its content in carrots 2 times the equivalent, Chinese cabbage 3 times 4 times the tomato, B vitamins is also Apple's 4 times. In particular, potatoes contain no cereal grain-carotene and vitamin C, which contains vitamin C is Apple's 10 times and resistance to heat. There nutritionist done experiments: 0.25 kg of fresh potatoes will be enough for one person a day and night consumption of vitamins needed.

Potato is a treasure trove of minerals, all kinds of minerals are Apple's several times to several times ranging from 500 grams of the nutritional value of potatoes is roughly equivalent to 1750 grams of apples. State University of New Jersey, USA Hans • Fisher and German Medical, and medical authorities in a series of studies have shown that if people eat potatoes every day, even if did not add any other foods, the body can intake of 10 times traditional food containing vitamins and 1.5 times the iron. There is still a wonderful potato medicinal value. Potato starch absorbed in the body slowly, will not lead to excessive blood glucose rise; dietary fiber content in the root vegetables in the high eat potatoes can promote gastrointestinal motility, and dietary fiber helps reduce the risk of colon cancer and heart disease The risk is that a number of health research results; high potassium content of potato that can rid the body of excess sodium, helps lower blood pressure. A minute later the Russians can not do without potatoes, Moscow, Russia, nutrition experts had conducted a survey of 1,200 people. The results show that people usually eat potatoes not eat potatoes than people suffering from influenza, infectious hepatitis, dysentery, typhoid, cholera and other infectious diseases, the low probability of 72.4%. Nutrition experts study confirmed that the body of the potato protein allows certain harmful elements of nature to maintain a strong resistance.

Gastric ulcer patients with fasting eat mashed potatoes a day can effectively alleviate the condition. This well-known nutritionist Rui-Fen Li has a vivid metaphor: got ulcers, stomach on more than a lot of small holes, while the mashed potatoes like a small plaster, can these small hole firmly sealed.

Potato with its variety of beneficial effects on the human body, worthy of the title of king of nutritional value

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