Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A flow of vaccine inoculation Note

In the Ministry of Health, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, recently held in the autumn of influenza prevention and control media briefing, in response to the public are most concerned about several of Influenza A H1N1 influenza vaccine (referred to as a flow of vaccine) vaccination, this reporter spoke with Chinese Academy of Engineering, the National response to Influenza A H1N1 influenza joint prevention and control mechanism of the Expert Committee, Zhao Kai, head of the vaccine.

Reporter: China A stream What types of vaccines?

Zhao Kai: China is the world's first vaccine approved by a stream listed countries. At present, after the State Food and Drug Administration approved and listed on a flow of vaccine is 15 micrograms non-adjuvanted vaccine cracking, injection formulations. Up to now, licensed vaccines produced by the following eight companies: Beijing Sinovac Biotech Co., Ltd., Hualan Biological Vaccine Co., Ltd., Changchun Changsheng Biotech Co., Ltd., Shanghai Institute of Biological Products, Beijing Tiantan Biological Products Co., Ltd. , Yan Shen Biological Technology Co., Ltd. Jiangsu, Zhejiang Tianyuan Bio-Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Changchun Institute of Biological Products. A flow of domestically produced vaccines using the WHO recommended a flow of the virus strain vaccine production process and the seasonal influenza vaccine in previous years, basically the same, shall be subject to embryo culture, inactivated virus, purification, cracking, etc. After the process is made.

Reporter: A flow of seasonal influenza vaccine and the vaccine can also vaccinated? Vaccination for seasonal influenza vaccine in the prevention of a stream effect?

Zhao Kai: World Health Organization and the United States Immunization Advisory Committee believes that a flow of seasonal influenza vaccine and the vaccine can simultaneously inoculation in different parts of the. However, no two kinds of vaccines at the same time at home and abroad after inoculation of clinical trial data, so we propose: If you need to inoculation two kinds of vaccines, should be at least interval of 14 days.

Yet there was documentary proof of seasonal influenza vaccine can prevent a stream. A stream is a new virus, the virus, and the crowd generally susceptible. A flow of seasonal influenza vaccine and the vaccine strains used is different, yet studies have shown that there is crossover between the two kinds of vaccine prevention. A flow of vaccine inoculation suggests that in addition, the seasonal influenza vaccine should be vaccinated.

 Reporter: What people can not be vaccinated A current vaccine?

Zhao Kai: The following people can not be vaccinated: the egg or any other vaccine components (including accessories, formaldehyde, lysis buffer, etc.), especially those who are allergic ovalbumin; suffering from acute illness, serious chronic diseases, chronic diseases, acute onset period, cold and fever persons; Guillain-Barre syndrome; suffering from uncontrolled epilepsy, and other progressive neurological disorder; severely allergic persons, those who are allergic to the gentamicin sulfate; younger than 3 years of age, and doctors do not think that suitable for vaccination of other persons.

Reporter: children under 3 years old can be vaccinated A flow of the vaccine? Are their children to kindergarten vaccinations? At their own expense, or free?

Zhao Kai: 3 years of age children are not. Through the National Food and Drug Administration approved the use of a flow of the vaccine for people over the age of three. A flow of vaccines in China over the age of only three people carried out the clinical trials, there is no vaccination for children under the age of three safety and efficacy data. Whether the vaccination of children in kindergarten, would incorporate the prevalence of disease, vaccine supply, children's age, a number of factors, from the provincial health administrative departments. At this stage, a uniform flow of vaccine procurement by the government, unified deployment, not to accept vaccination at their own expense.

 Reporter: pregnant and lactating women can be vaccinated if the vaccine A stream?

Zhao Kai: Although the World Health Organization and the U.S. CDC as a high priority will be the focus of pregnant women vaccinated groups, but the ROC has yet to be vaccinated pregnant women as an object. The main reason is the lack of information on clinical trials of vaccination of pregnant women, pregnant women, vaccination risks of uncertainty. For lactating women, is currently no human vaccine is inoculated into the milk of the relevant research data to decide whether on balance, should be fully used.

The Ministry of Health is closely following the progress of clinical trials of the vaccine at home and abroad will be timely organization of experts, made pregnant and lactating women, the vaccine use policies.

Reporter: How to prevent serious adverse reactions after vaccination, the occurrence?

Zhao Kai: China and other countries also did not receive a stream of serious adverse vaccine reactions and rare adverse reaction information. Experts speculated that this area should be similar to seasonal influenza vaccine. Inoculation of specific staff members should be in strict accordance with standard operation, in the pre-vaccination should be informed by the kinds of persons or their guardians of the vaccination species, role, contraindications, adverse reactions and precautions, check the health of those affected by species; right no contraindications shall also be informed consent before vaccination; inoculation must be strictly implemented vaccination safe injection, the site kept under observation for 30 minutes after inoculation. (Hu Feng

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