Sunday, February 21, 2010

Thought to be a woman than physical fullness of the soft

Woman with a pair of figures appears to be natural enemies, the number can be exposed to a woman's age, number of women able to crush the pride of self-righteous. However, in some cases, the number they are so intimate, it can the performance of China and the United States a woman's delicate head.

Truly understand the life of a woman should not evade the figures, when the mind of the charm of that string of characters, presented in front of a woman, a woman should be used to fill the number of fullness thoughts.

Numbers are afraid of women. They are just a code name only, a woman is on facial movement. If the woman turned a cold shoulder to those figures, they will come strongly to please you, sometimes the fate of this kind of thing. Women Do not believe the so-called fate, must have the right to refuse to believe that only their own rocky road, Do not want the difficulties encountered as a matter of course, your firm is an impregnable fortress.

2-year-old woman, is a tender and beautiful flowers, you can self-willed, you can make a man love you pay for your indulgence, but this time the woman will not do too much, you can do a little woman Zhicuojiugai , but can not put a man on a lifetime, because you are still a long road.

When the woman's age, more than three years old, do not continue to hang on the face of senseless comparisons, this time, woman is an exquisite novel writing, she is no longer a 2-year-old that year writing pompous prose. Appreciate their own the most beautiful woman. 3-year-old woman is a treasure, they enjoy life, but also know what they want. If you are a man, should start looking for such a woman to love, the three-year-old woman will be filtered emotion, only those sincere and lasting love, is their choice.

40-year-old woman to start outrightly life cumbersome, not to virtuous character with the simple superposition of the dress together, your beauty is internal and external display of integrating their combination. Do something to save those cosmetics, and the Huang Lianpo hat worn on their own heads, the occasional luxury is necessary. 40-year-old woman, to have their own circle of friends, your family is certainly very important, but you must be a more exciting world.

50-year-old woman should wear underwear more than a beautiful coat. The plump body of resources, rational and effective use of them. Do not worry himself too sexy, this is your charm other women age better than those offered the remains charming. 50-year-old woman give a man a sense of distance, the men were born a perfectionist, and they are undesirable sorry, but this woman but can create a beautiful landscape. Generated from the United States, saying that the little sentence right.

60-year-old woman is a symbol of luxury, give yourself some beautiful jewelry to wear these things belong to you, your beauty, no need for words to explain, you laugh is the world's most pleasant melody, your eyes is the ink blue sky, the most Ming-jie moonlight. At this time a woman a great degree of happiness in life has been bred out of a woman's sweet, do you like to do, to warm your little tricks to pass to future generations.

70-year-old woman is the most glorious time of life, when love you and those you love around you, when people around the life they gave you the most precious things in this world - love. At this time a woman is the kind old lady that age is a child concealment in mind umbrella, is uppermost in the hearts of children, a good mother.

A woman is inherently used to love, loved the time Do not ask why, love is no reason, and enjoy the warmth is a woman loved to do with this.

Women should not shy in front of their own men and women can be like a baby, you can play the fool can be angry, but not without their own ideas, love and be loved is the need to capture the wisdom, if you are still not a good plump woman, then you we should strive to be thinking of plump women, plump body may become bloated, but the fullness of thought, but always be proud of belonging to your charm.

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