Monday, February 1, 2010

Interpretation of Women 6 EQ low moment

Songs to sing "let love a way out," In fact, this so-called "way out" is everywhere, reflected in every detail of life inside. Is not just some big event is the root of the end of love. If the woman does not know how to attach importance to these details, and from time to time to make something like thisBehavior of low IQCan only be a suicide.
  In order to test a man deliberately late
Do not know where this is learned of the problems, obviously you can potential rendezvous points or arrive earlier, but had to do so deliberately and excessively bureaucratic, on time. The length of time depending on the extent of female mental deformity, and this woman is inversely proportional to the level of intelligence. Reason to ask with great confidence to one: the test of the feelings of her boyfriend. And they regard this as "art", I really do not understand this a Na Menzi art. Men encounter this situation, usually to come to a smile: "It does not matter, I have just arrived." But that smile whether Jiangyanhuanxiao, saying that "it does not matter" whether the strong pressure of the anger behind it, not clear about the . Over time, this woman is absolutely obnoxious.
 "How you love me?"
Is not only asking you love her, but also to ask you how love her. What is love? Is a liquid do? Yes gases? Is a solid? If not, how measured? Guess I did not taste one of those super-man, anyway if I encountered such a problem is absolutely silent. Because this problem is simply a mistake proposition. Can be seen asking this questionWoman IQHow many. Even more incredible is that some women this way, today, tomorrow, I asked and asked and now ask for a moment and asked, calling such a trance-like nerve to ask a man, but also thought you were speaking machine it automatically.
  Disciplining her boyfriend in public
In my narrow-minded thinking that the man's face more than anything else, do you dare to pull his face, you are your own to find uncomfortable. To make the move do not know what kind of woman is out of the psychological. Show your "well-taught husband"? That he was a tigress? Or tell you that you are a weak man? No matter how kind, clearly indicated that all of you do not do any good.
"Payable to his wife bow Han Dynasty, not a single decent egg", if you do, and congratulate you, you The couple put both the image of the whole account. IQ? Come on, ferocious animals, there is no intelligence to speak of.

  If playing alone, pays for packages
Mistrust. This is the behavior of these two motives. Words alone is suspected of playing style you have problems to see what strange telephone calls to more than five minutes, and send text messages more than 10, and then began surveillance placed on file.Pays for PackIs your source of income cut off, so you do not Zeixin thieves force, stare anxious. Once men have this wrong side of a woman, then this man condemned to a life depression, depressed, not that there is no point her own space, just let you have this suspicion without cause headaches. But once a man went back taste to want to open, and let go to find freedom, and this woman also left the matter at the Mayan Lei dry.
  Out Rivers
This question I do not need more words, that is, that is no longer a rotten rotten, "I and your mother at the same time you are out to save the river who" question. Here do not want to explore what is the best answer, just want to tell the woman asked that question, you have to force a man into lying in the road of no return. Obviously that will provoke you to save his mother unhappy, you are so ask, do not just want to hear the "first to save you," these three words do?
But in fact it? Think you use butt all know, one side isAt his birth and his mother raisedOne side was talking about a few months of his girlfriend, as long as this man is not a beast, you must first save his mother. Anyway, if it is me, the absolute first save my mother. A result, many "fitters" Unlike the male of the 250 so I will lie to you say "Of course, by first saving to you." Such things are all lying addiction, consequences, you want to go bar.
  In order to break up the threat of
Some girls special children themselves seriously, as if you will not live like a man to leave whenever theyIn order to break up the threat of. I estimate that this woman has never read the book, do not know "crying wolf" story of how the child going on. Is either for the purpose of putting on a show, eager to see a man because of his possible departure of panic-stricken expression. Men for the first time attention, the second attention, more of the would not work. This woman is basically no difference between habitual abortion, flow over you no reproductive capability

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