Thursday, February 4, 2010

10 ways you know that medication errors

Error 1: three meals a day before and after the medication

Drug insert a simple read, "1, three times, taken before meals," so. Some people have three meals a day in a timely manner before the medication. In fact, this approach is wrong.

"1 3 times a day" is a pharmaceutical scientist based on the experimental determination of the drug in the human body's metabolic rate of the Regulation, which means an average of 24 hours a day is divided into three paragraphs medication once every 8 hours. Only time and medication can guarantee the stability in vivo plasma concentration (the concentration of drug in the blood), to achieve therapeutic effect. If the medication three times during the day time arrangements will result in high blood concentration during the day, giving the human body at risk, while at night they should not reach the blood drug concentration.

"Before meals taking" refers to drugs need to be fasting (fasting l hour or two hours after the meal) to take in order to facilitate absorption. Therefore, if a lot of snacks to eat before meals, then the 'at this time, "before meals" will not equal to "fasting." On the contrary, "after meal" refers to fullness (after the meal and a half hours), the medication, to take advantage of food to reduce gastrointestinal drugs on the stimulation or the promotion of gastrointestinal absorption of drugs. Similarly, if just before supper to eat a lot of snacks, but also does not have to wait until after dinner before medication.

  Error 2: lying medication

Lying medication, drugs easy to adhesion in the esophagus wall, not only affects the efficacy, but also may stimulate the esophagus, causing coughing or local inflammation, a serious injury or even the esophagus wall, planted the hidden risk of esophageal cancer. Therefore, it is better standing or sitting medication.

  Error 3: Dry Tunyao film

Some people in order to save trouble in the medication without water, but rather directly to the drug dry swallow. In fact, this is very dangerous: on the one hand, the same medication may damage the esophagus lying down, or even more severe; the other hand, there is not enough water to help dissolve some of the formation of stones in the body of drugs easier, such as cotrimoxazole such as sulfa drugs.

  Error Four: Breaking the tablets crushed or dissolved in water, taking

Some people Tunyao difficulties or fear of children choke on self-assertion in the tablet crushed, or dissolved in water before breaking off to take, so that not only affects the efficacy, adverse drug reactions will increase. To aspirin enteric-coated tablets, for example, after breaking off pieces of the protection of the absence of enteric coating, drugs can not safely reach the gut was dissolved in the stomach, not only can not play effects, but also easy to cause irritation of the gastric mucosa. After taking the drug dissolved in water have the same adverse effects.

However, when taking a number of Chinese medicine is different. For example, a large grain pill for the common, you should use a clean knife or hand will be divided into small grain pills with warm water after the delivery service. In order to speed up the resulting efficacy, but also can be a little warm water will be transferred into a thin paste ramming pills with warm water after the delivery service.

  Error 5: The beverage delivery service

Milk, juice, tea, cola and other beverages will interact with the drugs which may affect efficacy, or even dangerous. For example, drinks with fruit juice or acidic compound to send clothes and other anti-inflammatory drugs and aspirin, berberine, such as sugar-coated Acetylspiramycin of antibiotics, will accelerate the drug dissolution, gastric mucosal damage, in serious cases can lead to gastric bleeding; delivery service aluminum hydroxide and other basic governance stomach medicine, will lead to acid-base neutralization, so that drug is totally ineffective; delivery service such as sulfa drugs sulfamethoxazole, it will reduce the drug solubility, causing urinary tract stones. Tea delivery service treatment of anemia in iron, tannic acid in tea will be with the iron-binding, reduced efficacy.

The correct way is to use boiled water temperatures moderate to send medicines, but instead contribute to the following special cases to play a pharmacodynamics: green tea water delivery service blood pressure, diuretic medicine; to dilute brine to send clothes Liu Wei Di Huang Wan, Qi Ju Di Huang Wan, Zhi Bo Di Huang balls, Chinese traditional medicine; with hot ginger delivery service Huoxiangzhengqi films Xiangshayangwei balls, Chinese traditional medicine; with hot gruel delivery service Spleen and Stomach of proprietary Chinese medicines.

  Error 6: opposite the mouth of the bottle He Yao

This is particularly prevalent in the drink syrup. One hand, this easily contaminated liquid, to speed up its deterioration; the other hand, can not be precisely measured control is difficult to achieve the best efficacy.

  Error 7: Multi-drug with the service

Of multi-drug with the service, drug interactions can hardly be avoided, may even cause some unexpected trouble. For example, unintended pregnancy contraceptive services may not be missed, but in taking the pill at the same time taking the anti-TB drugs or drugs to prevent stroke, leading to contraceptive failure. Symptoms of depression is not under control are not necessarily bad, or individual differences in drug efficacy, but in taking the drug treatment of depression while taking the anti-allergy. Lead to treatment failure may be due to heart disease drugs are those used to treat cough licorice pieces.

  Error 8: drink too much

After drinking too much medication is not OK? Yes! Because it would dilute the stomach acid is not conducive to the dissolution of drug absorption. In general, the solid drug delivery service on a small cup of warm water is sufficient. For the syrup, this particular formulation, in particular, is a cough syrup, need drug coverage in the inflammation of the throat mucosal surface, the formation of protective film to reduce the mucosal inflammation, blocking stimulation to alleviate cough. Therefore, the finished syrup will not drink water within 5 minutes.

  Error 9: medication immediately after the movement

And after meals, as medication can not be immediately after the campaign. Because the drug generally takes 30-60 minutes after taking the drug in order to be dissolved gastrointestinal absorption hurt, play a role, during which the need for adequate circulation of blood to participate. The immediate cause gastrointestinal and other organs of blood sports in short supply, drug absorption through the naturally declined.

  Error 10: medication not pay attention to food taboos

Medication during the diet will reduce the unreasonable efficacy, may also be a serious life-threatening. If taking the drug during the treatment of headache should Jijiu, because alcohol into the human body needs to be oxidized to acetaldehyde and then acetaldehyde is oxidized into acetic acid metabolism in the body. The treatment of headache type of drug would prevent oxidation of acetaldehyde into acetic acid, leading to accumulation of acetaldehyde in vivo, thereby increasing the headache

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