Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mobile health-damaging seven deadly sins

In recent years, mobile phone radiation on the different conclusions of the study, resulting in people also know what to do. ABC published on the website of the mobile phone damage the health of the "seven sins":

1. Walk dozens of multi-car accident. Distracted by cell phones most likely to walk, causing people to cross the road down likely looking at about 20% experienced increased risk of traffic accidents by 43%.

2. A louder voice and ear injuries. Many people set up cell phone microphone sounds great, the sound of over 80 decidable damage hearing. And normal conversation is 60 decibels, cell phone headsets are usually reach 100 decibels.

3. Frequently buttons, thumb sore. Excessive use of mobile phones, send text messages frequently cause thumb pain, numbness, or swelling symptoms.

4. Handset lead to allergies. Some people used the phone just did not how long, they inexplicably took place skin irritations. Thorough investigation, it discovered that the phone's nickel and certain metals to blame.

5. Easily distracted driving with the phone. Carnegie Mellon University in 2008, a study found that use of mobile phones when driving, even if only to answer the call, will lead to focus on driving, to reduce brain activity of 37% hands-free phones are no exception.

6. "Cell phone magic hyperactivity" disturbing. Many mobile phone users that even though the phone does not ring, but also always felt the phone rang. Neuro-psychologist at New York University School of Medicine said Dr. Weilianbaer This psychological problem is caused by frequent use of mobile phones rely on disease manifestations.

7. Doctor's largest mobile phone virus. In the "Clinical Microbiology" published a recent study, researchers tested 200 hospital staff mobile phones, found that 94.5% of the phone is some kind of harmful bacteria contamination, some are even dangerous "superbugs."

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