Saturday, February 20, 2010

The difference between little girls and women

Daphne remember the classic advertising slogan is this: old girl, today's woman! Take a look in the mirror is a girl or a woman.

1 You only need to spend money to buy a lollipop 10 will be able to let a little girl happy; but you need at least 100,000 to buy a diamond in order to impress a woman's heart.

To see you and the other two little girls together, the little girl will be happy to be friends with her; to see you come together with another woman, a woman will be rejection you a slap in the face.

Three pairs of little girl, are you up to say you Haoguai, cute, etc. mean that sincerely; for a woman, you need to say "I love you for life," and so disgusting hypocritical words.

Sleep at night, as long as the four little girls can be accompanied by a bear; woman shall sleep at night, to accompany you.

5 The little girl's heart is very easy to understand; to understand a woman's heart, and that more than building a link between China and the United States four-lane bridge it's harder.

6, if you have a love can be, and a little girl together; and women together, but you also have to add with aViagra。

7 night, you only need to talk about the story of 10 minutes will be able to coax a little girl to sleep; and right woman, you say something apart from the sweet talk of unrealistic things, have to fight for 30 minutes, although you should start tomorrow morning.

8 a little girl at home, she would quietly watching cartoons, playing with toys; put a woman at home, for a long time, she would be over the wall

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