Monday, February 1, 2010

Ferret out hidden indoor air in winter "killers"

Indoor micro-climate suitable temperature :18-25 ° C

The weather gradually cools, it is more and more in the warm spring and indoor activities, indoor latent "invisible killer" should arouse people's attention.

Doors and windows closed in winter, indoor concentrations of harmful substances will be gradually increased. Decoration hazards caused by indoor pollution will get worse. Indoor sources of pollution are mainly formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and radioactive substances.

People in a short time to absorb high concentrations of benzene, there will be symptoms of central nervous system, anesthesia, light were dizziness, headache, nausea, fatigue, confusion, severe cases, will appear as well as respiratory and circulatory failure, coma and death. Ammonia is colorless and has a strong irritating smell, often attached to the skin, mucous membrane and conjunctiva, resulting in irritation and inflammation, weakening the body's resistance to disease.

Decoration distributed out of radon and other toxic gases is different is that radon can not see, smell, and even a high radon concentration in the environment, people have no sense of it. However, the dangers of radon on the human body is a life-long, it is the second major factor leading to lung cancer.

Winter went into public places, a surge of hot air will be rushing toward us. Prolonged exposure to them, then I think there is a feeling of suffocation. Terminal, bath center, hotels and other public places when there are excessive levels of carbon dioxide. According to experts, carbon dioxide is to determine whether or not a comprehensive air-polluted indirect indicators, carbon dioxide levels in public places should be less than equal to 0.15%.

Every winter, the climate is very dry, indoor lack of moist, clean air. According to doctors, in the dry winter, diphtheria, influenza, whooping cough, meningitis, asthma, bronchitis, etc. The incidence was significantly increased, leading to the above diseases, there are many reasons, in addition to the low winter temperatures, temperature variation in the human body leading to decreased immunity addition, there are two reasons

Firstly, the ambient humidity is too low to make strong pathogenicity of influenza viruses and Gram-positive bacteria breed faster, and with the proliferation of dust, causing epidemics.

Second, low humidity can decrease people's respiratory system resistance, induce and aggravate respiratory diseases. Therefore, in a sense, to overcome the drying is to overcome the epidemic. In winter, the best micro-climate room temperature 18 ℃ -25 ℃, humidity 45% -65% RH.

Response to air pollution in winter

Humidifier can be humidity control the humidity in the most appropriate within the framework of the human body not only can inhibit the emergence and spread of pathogens, but also improve immunity.

Should pay attention to a reasonable ventilation. Office space and shopping malls and other public places should pay attention to increase the indoor air quantity. Home ventilation window at least twice a day, each less than 15 minutes. Heating with coal stove and the use of gas water heater family should pay more attention to install ventilation equipment. In addition, to make use of the indoor air purification equipment to eliminate indoor pollution, improving indoor air quality. Want to do more outdoor activities, fewer trips to crowded public places

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