Tuesday, February 23, 2010

10 kinds of food most suitable for a woman to eat before going to bed

Many woman would want to eat or drink before going to bed, but also something to eat before going to bed will be fat again they are most afraid of, that have something to eat before going to bed without either gain weight it? Specifically, concluded the following 10 kinds of food, very suitable to eat before going to bed, not only does not gain weight, you can also let you sleep better!

1 banana

Weight loss is actually wrapped in banana peel of "sleeping pills", in addition to a smooth serotonin and melatonin, it also contains may have the effect of magnesium for muscle relaxation elements. In addition, eating bananas before bed does not cause weight gain because it is a low calorie, and fiber-rich foods, can promote bowel movements.

2, chrysanthemum tea

The reason why the preparation of tea, chrysanthemum tea and a bedtime drink of choice, mainly because of its role in soft Sleep is the static gas concentration, the best natural remedy.

3, warm milk

A cup of warm milk before bedtime helps sleep, to say has long been well known, because the milk contains a tryptophan, which can be played as calm as the effect of amino acids.

Rest assured that drinking milk before bed will not only not fat, but can also complement the body of calcium.

4, honey

Go to your warm milk or herb tea into a small amount of honey, some glucose can encourage your brain to stop eating prime produce, eating hormone is a recently discovered and maintaining a sober-related neurotransmitters.

Excitatory role in a lot of sugar, but a small amount of glucose in a timely manner suggesting the brain secrete orexin (phenyl-dihydro-quinazoline), which is a newly discovered reaction and thinking related to neurotransmitters. So, a few drops of honey to warm milk or herb tea before bed also helps to relax.

5, potato

We all know that potatoes can lose weight the recipe, but you know what? It can also help you sleep oh!

It can get rid of the sleep inducing effects of tryptophan to interfere with the acid. In order to achieve this effect, you simply baked mashed potatoes mixed with warm milk after eating can be.

A small baked potato will not destroy your gastrointestinal tract, on the contrary it can remove those that stand to play a hypnotic effects of tryptophan acid compounds. If the mixing temperature of milk made mashed potatoes, the result will be more of the stick Oh!

6, oatmeal

Oats are valuable bedtime Jiapin, containing plenty of N-acetyl--5 - methoxytryptamine. A small bowl of cooked cereal, add a little honey mixed in which is very appropriate. Try Taikoutaikou the munch, enough to fill the holes in your teeth. Anti-obesity!

Oatmeal can be induced at the same time produce melatonin, a small bowl can serve as a catalyst and sleep better, if a large number of chewing oatmeal, it would be better.

7, Almond

Almonds also contain tryptophan and muscle relaxation medicine - magnesium. Therefore, a heart-healthy eating a small amount of nuts is also a hypnotic yet another coup Oh!

8, linseed

As long as pre-bedtime drink to your oatmeal in thrown into the two large tablespoons of flaxseed can play such a wholesome expected in the results. They are rich in omega -3 fatty acids.

9, whole wheat bread

In the time before going to bed feeling hungry, if the above does not allow you to meet, then you can choose whole-wheat bread, plus a toast, with tea and honey, can help the body to release a kind of insulin, the insulin can be made L-tryptophan to the human brain, and in those converted to serotonin.

10, Turkey

Every Thanksgiving, people can be marked with the nap Xiangxiang children, which are attributed to turkey, it is considered the best source of tryptophan. But it also is just a modern folklore. When your stomach instead of the basic state of fullness in the fasting, there are quite a large number of proteins rather than carbohydrates, the tryptophan will start to work. Middle of the night in a number of whole-wheat bread put 12 thin turkey slices, perhaps in the kitchen, you will begin your journey to sleep

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