Saturday, February 20, 2010

Not control the mouth of the how to lose weight?

Many people who wanted to lose weight mm have the same problem, that is unable to control greedy appetite, "not control mouth." Sum up, strong appetite people have two common characteristics, eating too fast, eating too much taste. Sodium bicarbonate re-spicy eating habits, not only likely to cause the body water accumulation, but also sharpen go well with rice, appetites. To teach you some control appetite tips to help you succeed to lose weight oh.

  Want to eat something, drink a glass of water before

Drink plenty of water to the mouth and stomach through the feeling of something, the moisture can prop up stomach space, reduce hunger, relieve an impulse to eat slowly. In addition, the water can fill the stomach, so that decrease of food intake. In addition, drink plenty of water is also beneficial to detoxification it.

 Selection of snacks Jiechan

Is greedy much and feel uncomfortable, you can eat something that is Jiechan, low-calorie snacks. However, we must slowly, controlling the aggregate. Can eat a small quantity of dark chocolate or a small to nuts, yogurt, and fruit are all good choices.

Yogurt contains a number of fungi can promote the health of the digestive system, reducingBloating,ConstipationTo make your belly look even more flat. If your office have a break, you can cut a small piece ofLemon(Skin), chopped, added to yogurt flavor inside. A small cup, eat about 15 minutes.

 Brush your teeth immediately after dinner to resist loss of appetite

Qi Cheng bread to eat every meal, brush your teeth immediately after a meal, not only make your teeth healthier, but also to suppress your appetite after a meal, whenever you want to eat something, must imply that they are brushing the. Mint-flavored toothpaste with only the hungry, the best effect. In addition, remember to brush your teeth when you brush a tongue brush. Put out his tongue to see, the above is not covered by a layer of white Shetai carefully this may result in increasing your appetite, one of the culprits. Regular alcohol and tobacco, eating processed foods, heavy taste of the people, the phenomenon of Shetai light than people who diet severely, which means less saliva, taste buds sensitivity is low, eat feel more satisfied and eat enough alkaline enough oil to been met, it is prone to the phenomenon of appetite out of control.

  Light diet

Re-taste people love to eat salty foods, eat a high fat foods, these foods more often is delicious, easy people appetites, a long time, moisture and fat accumulation in the lower body of both. So, to give up these high-calorie food bar, eat more fruits and vegetables, eat cooked food, salt and less oil. The study found that as long as three days, with dietary records and behavioral changes, your taste buds can be corrected, from overeating, bulimia eating habits.

  Ensure the quality of sleep

High-quality sleep can also help you control the irrational appetite, because a good night's sleep can ease the pressure, while women a lot of appetite because of stress-induced. In the course of sleep, the body will automatically generate repair role, and continue to consume calories, rather than insisted on non-exploration and tired body, braved the risk of intake of excessive calories is better a good night's sleep, it would not want to eat indiscriminantly things La

  Compression are also able to control appetite ear acupuncture

Point is like a human body organs, there are several points on the ear is connected to the center of the brain that controls appetite, and stimulate the appetite of those points can be reduced to achieve weight loss. Ear principle of traditional Chinese medicine that is so affixed to lose weight. If you do not want to go to the hospital, at home on their own also can help you lose weight pressing it.

Control of hunger: the hunger index finger pressing the right ear point 1 minute, for the left ear to do the same action.

Principle: When the stomach to control appetite in the hypothalamus send "I'm hungry" signal when the people will have the desire to eat, while pressing the corresponding points can play a role in preventing signal transduction.

Under pressure to avoid emotional eating: those of the right thumb and index finger of God the door to keep a minute, then change to the left ear to do the same action.

Principle: that people often eat too much, do not really need the body, but the pressure Shi Ran. Be able to appease the gods push the door body, reduce tension, to stimulate the appetite of the nerves to relax.

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