Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sexologists recommend the best "help" of the Food

Year Viagra entered China 1:00 outcry, impotence drug could have been selling the street in broad daylight! Since Viagra, the Wei brother, Hugo and other drugs, such as bamboo shoots peeping over one thousand men, and Meisha have found this is not normal. In fact, every day a man on the table to eat inside, there are a lot of the role of the equivalent of Viagra, remember, and eat more point, Paul would not fall in your glory!

Modern medicine and nutrition that some of the food and nutrients can promote sexual desire, sexy, and nourish regulating sexual function. Science from the dietary intake of some nutrients, it can make sex between men and women to achieve the desired state. Europe's most prominent family of Sex Research, Dr. Airola out by the study indicated that a number of filters that can "help" of the best food. They are:


Onion has long been perceived as the embodiment of love and sexuality, the Balkans, young men and women of some ethnic groups will appear on the wedding ceremony, onions, and expressed the hope that new health and happiness, the groom never charge a man's temperament. Onions are very rich in nutrients, it can stimulate the libido. Modern medical research shows that onions of various vitamins can guarantee that the body's normal hormone secretion, thus impotence yin tonic.


German doctors found that in some people often eat pumpkin seeds, no prostate disease. This is because the pumpkin seed contains a kind of male hormones can affect the mystery substance. In addition, wheat, corn, sesame, sunflower seeds, walnuts, almonds, peanuts, pine nut, also beneficial to sexual function.


Sulfur-containing algae more than other plants and animals. The sulfur will lead to a lack of or inadequacy of abortion, male sexual function decline, decreased libido. Therefore, we should always take some seaweed foods, such as kelp, seaweed, Undaria dishes.


The residents of coastal areas, eat fish food, so they are often many children and grandchildren. In fact, in ancient Rome, people have found the ideal fish food to nourish sexual desire, especially the shark meat, as the sex of the "catalyst" is still renowned. Research shows that fish is rich in phosphorus and zinc, for male and female sexual health is important, the "husband and wife sex Harmony Su-do." In general, where the body zinc deficiency, male will appear and the decrease in the number of sperm decline in the quality and accompanied by a serious sexual function and reproductive dysfunction, while women place weight loss, vaginal fluids during sexual intercourse to reduce the symptoms.

Wheat germ oil: a serious lack of vitamin e will lead to degradation and shrinkage of the penis.


Honey contains a gonad endocrine hormone, has obvious biological activity of the active gonads. Because of frail health, the high and the sexual function has been impaired, could insist on taking the honey products. Reduction of sex hormone secretion, and loss of fertility. The malt was able to prevent the oil and change this situation, so we should eat it regularly in their daily lives as wheat, maize, millet, etc. Oil-rich foods containing malt.


Many sexologists point out that an egg is the power of human nutrition, most of the carriers, is recovering after sex the best "reducing agent." For thousands of years, the Arabs have been circulating prior to marriage in the new few days, the custom of eating eggs fried onions, which aimed to ensure a happy wedding night sex, egg is a protein-rich foods, which contains 14.7% protein, the main for egg albumin and egg globulin, including the eight essential amino acids the human body, similar to human proteins complementary to each other.

Egg protein in the human body absorption rate of up to 99.7% (milk only 85%). These high-quality protein is an essential nutrient sex. It can be strong refined gas, eliminating fatigue after sexual intercourse, and it can also be converted to arginine in the body, improve men's sperm quality, increase sperm motility, while accelerating the healing of the woman's hymen broke.

Enhances sexual function in health and nutrition of food much more than this, as well as pepper, mulberry, dried fruits, mushrooms, black Maibing, shrimp, Donkey, dog and so on.

Finally need to be reminded that Viagra and other strong a miraculous nature of drug taking at the same time, it also brings all sorts of worrisome side effects. Therefore, the real cure in a reasonable diet.

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