Monday, February 22, 2010

Female infertility after abortion four times the rate of 92%

China's current annual flow of about 800 million women receive surgery, flow rate of 29.3%, much higher than the average level of developed countries, of which 20 to 29-year-old young women the number of total passenger flow of 62%. Even more noteworthy is that, Shanghai, Beijing and other cities to repeat abortion rate is higher than 50%, to bring serious harm to women's health.

"The reason for this situation are multiple." Experts say, first of all Chinese women generally lack knowledge of contraception, lack of awareness of contraception, contraceptive methods inefficient. Most people there to take chances without contraceptive measures, even though contraception, but also to use condoms, coitus interruptus, calculation methods such as the main rhythm, oral contraceptives very little. At the same time, China has not yet fully operational standardization of post-abortion family planning services, many women are not the first time, timely and effective post-abortion family planning services and guidance, are still exposed to the accident under the high-risk pregnancy. At present, only 52.4% of the post-abortion urban women of childbearing age and 9.6% of rural women received postoperative contraception.

Of abortion on women's reproductive health can be described as a multifaceted and long-term, especially repeat abortion is even more serious harm. The short term may be some complications such as bleeding, infection, injury, irregular menstruation, chronic pelvic inflammatory disease and so on. In the long run may be more dangerous, leading to young women infertility. Statistics show that: secondary infertility in 88.2% patients with history of induced abortion; repeated abortions four times the incidence of infertility caused by up to 92%.

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