Wednesday, February 3, 2010

10 bad habits to make your legs more and more coarse

Why are rough know your legs do? A lot of JM's answer is do not know.

Let's look at 10 to make Tuicu reasons:

1. After dinner often sit

2. Like Alice feet

3. Do not like to do sports or people who hate walking

4. Station a day after the calf is not timely Massage

5. Every day shower bath

6. Drinkers cold drinks

7. Resort to wearing the shoes did not fit to walk

8. Like to eat thick smell of food

9. Stance is not correct, for example, focus on one side

10. Troubled with constipation

This is to correct your bad habits a good way!

1. A good habits is the foundation, but also with a reasonable breakfast, make your day the spirit of vigorous and energetic.

2. Ankle joint, knee, hip joint should be forced to walk is the right way, which is the key to the build legs.

3. Tram ride, just for the muscles do stretch exercise, adhere to a period of time, will be able to noticeable effects.

4. Effective walk, this is the most simple and effective aerobic exercise burn the fat, and key points are: First, take the posture must be correct, then longer.

5. Maintain a correct sitting position, legs to move closer, back straight, to develop good habits, and slowly you will find this posture would make the body more upright capital.

6. Stretching exercises for a long time sitting or standing, we should look at body stretch in a timely manner, so that the muscles and joints to relax, are very effective on the Body Oh!

7. Comfortable baths a day, every day is very healthy Bath oh. This will not only eliminate the fatigue, but also speed up the metabolism, play an anti-obesity.

8. Leg massage, another to tell you a little paste shows: In the bath after a dip in the leg massage can eliminate edema, and this will greatly assist Oh!

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