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Ten of the most magical quick weight loss remedies

Want to slim down quickly, try the following ten quick weight loss recipe bar!

  Weight loss recipe: egg diet   

Eggs also enables high-density lipoprotein in the blood increased to protect blood vessels to prevent hardening. Egg weight loss is very useful, when you meet the weight standards, and then make balance between calorie intake and calorie consumption, you can make a lasting weight loss results.

Eggs, eat to lose weight:

Is a continuous two weeks to eat Baizhu Dan, grapefruit and a few vegetables weight loss recipes. 5 to 9 a day to eat eggs, eat three installments. Each day kcal intake is about 1OOO around.

  Weight loss recipe: Watermelon diet

The amine acid watermelon machine, there is diuretic function, but not urinary frequency, but to help you reduce the number of Shishi water, the body of toxins can be discharged smoothly, metabolism naturally good for drinking causedDizzinessFatigue, it is the effect of solution drunk is also very good. 10 a month you can thin a few catties!

Watermelon eat to lose weight:

Take Shaodai red rang the watermelon rind, remove the outermost crust, cut into small pieces, and then according to their own taste, sugar, salt, various spices can be not only refreshing, but also the beauty they lose weight. Note that after 21 o'clock should not eat watermelons, who tend to lower abdomen, and Xiao Duzi.

  Weight loss recipe: bitter gourd diet

Bitter gourd contains a highly biologically active lipid energy Qing Su, this substance acts on the human body is only an important part of the small intestine to absorb fat, intestinal cells by changing the hole net, to prevent fats, polysaccharides and other macromolecules of material heat absorption, but does not affect the vitamin,MineralsThe absorption of other nutrients.

Eat bitter melon Weight Loss:

If you do not have juice conditions, can eat, but it is recommended you eat bitter gourd approach is to cut in half after seeded, cut into 1.5 centimeters wide, small, and then non-stop eating, eating when you chew carefully until after the swallow was bitter Juelan, it seems like eating cucumber in his hand a tone finish, you can only eat the equivalent of one third of the bitter melon, natural, lose weight a good Dongdong, you can only receive 3 one-or less. Similarly, you will be bitter in the three hours before going to sleep after eating, consumption comparable to the same are also concentrated in large meals before.

  Weight loss recipe: yogurt diet

To buy low-sugar yogurt or low-fat yogurt (fat content of 1.0 ~ 1.5%) Of course. If not, with the protein content of "2.3% of the ordinary yogurt does not matter. Be careful not to buy a protein content of "1.0%, and that's not really yogurt.

Eat yogurt to lose weight:

In general, the meal 30 minutes to 2 hours between the consumption of yogurt, the best results. Person's normal conditions, gastric juice between the PH value 1-3; fasting, the gastric acid rendering, PH value 2 below is not suitable for the growth of lactic acid bacteria in yogurt. PH value only when the stomach is relatively high, in order for the full growth of lactic acid bacteria in yogurt is conducive to health. About two hours after a meal, the human gastric juice diluted, PH value to rise to 3-5, then Suannai on the absorption of one of the most beneficial nutrients.

  Weight loss recipe: milk diet

In addition to drink plenty of water each day, there is a drink that she can not be separated from childhood drink - milk, she was fond of the degree, almost to a cup a day, because beans are rich in protein and fiber, has a good metabolic role, another beauty whitening effect.

Soy milk to lose weight eat:

Fasting or meal in the drinking milk in the process of digestion and absorption, and continue to play slimming effect, so a better meal in the drink. If you want to use soy milk to eat three square meals a sense to prevent overeating, but also in the fasting drink. The best time to drink each day is a large amount of muscle activity in the morning to the evening. The activities of a small amount of the night, because there is accumulation of body fat, it should be avoided.

  Weight loss recipe: Konjac diet

Konjac foods main active ingredient by people are consumed not in the stomach to digest, can be effective adsorption of cholesterol and bile acids, and can inhibit intestinal cholesterol and bile acid absorption. With lipid-lowering, lowering blood pressure, appetizer, laxative, anti-cancer, weight loss, beauty and other functions.

Konjac eat to lose weight:

Konjac flour recipes

Flush Reference

1, detoxification laxative by: 5-10 grams of konjac flour, add about 200ml boiling water stir even drink! Day 1-2 times!

2, body fat weight loss: early morning fasting, 5-10 grams of konjac flour, add about 200ml boiling water stir even drink! Day 1-2 times!

3DiabetesPatients: 5-10 minutes before meals, konjac powder 5 grams, add 100ml boiling water, stirring evenly drink! 3-4 times a day!

  Weight loss recipe: on the 7th thin soup diet

In 7-8 years ago, the popular 7 thin soup, because they were considered "effect amazing", and boiling down must put all ingredients together throw into the mixing, also known as "witches soup," said Faye Wong's bamboo pole figure, In addition to Cassia tea slim meritorious, the witch is said to soup to help a lot.

Eat to lose weight:

Witch thin soup pot Brewing is 2 to 3 large tomatoes and a whole cabbage, together with two peppers and a little celery and 2 onions put into a big pot of boiling down all the food until softened, In the drink according to their preferences before the salt, pepper and parsley, in addition to daily recommendations can eat food, the one witch feel hungry to drink soup, and a large drink for seven days.

  Weight loss recipe: meat-eating diet

Carnivorous diet, also known as the Atkins diet, low-carbon diet is the United StatesDoctorsRobert Atkins created ways to lose weight, their request is totally eat carbohydrates, but eating high-protein foods, that is, do not eat any fruits, vegetables, starchy foods, but eat meat, fish. This diet much controversy, but there is evidence that they have a certain effect.

Eat meat to lose weight:

Weight loss during the Jishi starch and sugar, even fruit that can not eat. Best to meat with vegetables or meat with a large number of eggs; to completely quit sugar and starch, even drinking coffee, tea, nor sugar; to lose weight to drink a lot of water during the period.

  Weight loss recipe: vinegar diet

In traditional Chinese cooking vinegar seasoning in a wide range of applications, can go to Anabaena, oily solution, which provides additional flavor of fresh, raw incense hair color, refreshing appetizer, while there is convergence of vinegar, Guse utility that can help gastrointestinal digestion. Here are several common therapeutic method of vinegar.

Vinegar to lose weight eat:

Honey + white vinegar:

An effective method of weight loss beauty, in their daily diet without changing the law to 1:4 ratio of consumption

Specific methods:

1, an empty stomach 20 minutes before breakfast drink; 2, immediately after lunch and dinner drink

It is noteworthy that in the selection of choice when white vinegar through the rice, sorghum, soybeans and other processed, and try to avoid products containing chemicals. Also recommended not to use vinegar because the vinegar is a vinegar, compared to less weight loss on these. At the same time, the proportion of honey and white vinegar can be adjusted according to individual needs, if you can pay more attention to beauty appropriate increase in the proportion of honey.

  Weight loss recipe: honey diet

Honey detoxification, whitening effect in the morning drink a large glass of Managing honey water, that can "wake up" the large intestine small intestine, can also be a night of the deposition of toxins excreted in exchange for refreshing, following the Body introduce some method of thin honey.

Honey eat to lose weight:

Before breakfast, when in the water by adding honey, lunch and dinner is to eat a small amount of porridge. Most people feel that eating honey, two days after the body relaxed and happy. Five days later to eat noodles and other easy to digest things, and then slowly returned to their original diet.

Adoption of such weight loss methods, many people lose weight in 3 days on 3 kg. Secondly,ConstipationSymptoms, as well as the feeling of anxiety also be eliminated

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