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Ten face wrinkles indicate health problems

Wrinkles is a sign of aging, many women saw the eyes of the crow's feet, forehead, forehead wrinkles, nasolabial folds to the mouth of the frantic, "ah! And old!" In fact, wrinkles and more importantly, indicates that health and disease.
Medical experts pointed out that different wrinkle formation can reflect the different health conditions. Experts suggest that we can look in the mirror, the wrinkles from the surface to understand their physical condition, let us together to face wrinkles to it!
1, forehead wrinkles: and depression related to
Forehead wrinkles
Hint of wrinkles: horizontal wrinkles on the forehead is a sign of whether the hard thinking, of little wrinkle is that it represents the owner is a keen observation and positive thinking attitude. For the brain, the most important thing is memory, and it needs nourishing diet.
If the wrinkles on the forehead is not coherent, wavy, so that people will soon appear unsettled situation, there may be mental suffering, may be suffering from depression.
2, nose wrinkles: and memory related
Nose wrinkles
Nose and forehead wrinkles that the person is probably doing the mental work often requires wrestling with, such wrinkles are easy to commit migraine. If there is significant cross continuous wrinkles, such people rarely get sick.
Should approach: enhance memory of food variety, you may wish to brain biscuits baked yourself: will a spoon of thyme and 10 key add a little water, knead in wheat flour dough, then baked in the oven a delicious brain biscuits, because thyme and wheat flour are rich in trace elements in food, to enhance memory is good. Facial skin also needs additional energy, skin care products containing creatine with enhanced skin's natural ability to work.
3, cheek wrinkles: blood vessel problems can be seen
Face wrinkles
Hint of wrinkles: facial skin is more vulnerable cheek areas, it is easy to see vascular problem. If the right cheek, left cheek wrinkles than the depth of the liver is probably not good. Cheek there twill, look without hypertension. If the sickle-shaped wrinkles appear on the cheekbones, the feet may be sick.
Ways to cope: with meat and vegetables in the diet on the note, you can also engage in regular physical activity of moderate exercise. For facial skin itself, should pay attention to moisturizing and exfoliating.
4, nose wrinkle: the representative organs of the heart
Nose wrinkle
Hint of wrinkles: wrinkles are genetic to the nose wrinkles with age, old age will become more apparent. Nasal organ is the heart of representative wrinkles. Bifurcation of each subdivision of wrinkles on the facial wrinkles diagnostic clinicians, have a corresponding meaning.
If there were many cross on the bridge of the nose wrinkles, spine or kidney does not exclude the possibility of serious disease, people who have such wrinkles are usually deformed spine.
Response method: In order to enhance heart function, a daily consumption of a small amount of red wine, best known as the heart of this nourishing beverage. Rich in vitamin C using both pure skin care products can prevent skin sagging effect.
5, glabella wrinkles: may represent the tension and stress
Wrinkles between the eyebrows
Hint of wrinkles: wrinkles between the two eyebrows pattern commonly known as anger, when people rapt contemplation or angry, there will be between the two eyebrows so-called angry wrinkles. In addition, if under the weight of tension or in the physical and mental health, anger wrinkles will follow. In addition, lines between the eyebrows may also be a sinus not good signs.
Response: If you would like to improve attention, then eat 5 to 10 Almond, best known as the neural this food food.
6, eye wrinkles: Representing emotion
Eye wrinkles
Wrinkles hint: a very delicate skin around the eyes, the wrinkles often referred to as a smile or emotional wrinkles wrinkles. However, we prefer to call it emotional wrinkles, not only in the mood for a good smile, but also in the concern, worry or sadness when there will be emotional wrinkles around the eyes.
In the optimism of the arc will appear around the eyes, "laugh lines" and that the wrinkles are the connective tissue within the body weak and hearing may decline to sign, so that people may have hemorrhoids. Wrinkles on the eyelids close, is a sign of a bad heart. Crow's feet close, is hearing loss, migraine headaches performance.
Ways to cope: It should be a lot of control over their emotions, to relax.
7, wrinkles now: a sign of detoxification capacity
Wrinkles now
Hint of wrinkles: wrinkles under the eyes of the kidney and bladder capacity eliminate toxins from the body signs. The skin under the eyes is extremely thin, dry very fast speed. Serious need for kidney pouch. The following half-moon eyes, wrinkles appear, in the kidney, bladder and heart sick symptoms.
Ways to cope: Diet should be rich in alkaline foods, drinking water. Wheat class food magic of the kidney with a thorough cleaning. To make thin skin under the eyes of early relaxation, however, should give careful care, early use of appropriate eye cream.
8, vertical lip lines: lower hormone levels mark
Mouth vertical lines
Wrinkles hint: the menopause and after menopause, when the body lacks estrogen, the mouth will be a vertical small wrinkles, so it Biaozhi Zhao lower hormone levels. Wrinkles above the nose and below the mouth that the person may stay in a rut, not very friendly to the people, which is the sign of a weak hormonal activity. From the nose to the lips if there was a long slash wrinkles, your heart may be bad.
Ways to cope: soybeans, wheat and many vegetables (such as broccoli, gourds, etc.) have improved the effectiveness of hormonal balance. Since 40 years of age, the skin needs as efficient as the soy protein material to care, to moisturize dry and mature skin and reduce wrinkles.
9, labial lines: It may be the characteristics of stomach
Labial profile
Hint of wrinkles: wrinkles began in the side edges of the lips, down tilt. Revealed wrinkles right liver and gallbladder are overburdened, the left side of the wrinkle problem is the signal sent spleen. Mouth small wrinkles may be arrogant and stomach characteristics.
Ways to cope: doctors that the liver at 1 to 3 points is the most active, if you often wake up in the middle of the night, Bugan drugs and sleeping pills to help you fall asleep. Diet, chestnuts tonic effect on liver spleen.
10, chin wrinkles: is closely related with the people as a whole
Chin wrinkles
Hint of wrinkles: chin skin is closely related with the people as a whole, but also a comprehensive reflection of the gastrointestinal health. If the wrinkles between the chin and lower lip may also have hemorrhoids. Chin of the "cat's claw-shaped" wrinkles, indicating that the subcutaneous fat layer is damaged. A mouth pattern, chin deep wrinkles may look up the stomach.
Should approach: often the way with some stretch pulling chin chin wrinkles, collagen can add some more food, such as chicken feet and other trotters. Bad stomach conditioning needs.

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