Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Body waste to a woman aged five

In the case of normal metabolism, the food we eat through the esophagus, stomach, duodenum, small intestine, large intestine, and finally excreted from the anus, the whole process is generally in the 12-24 hours

Complete, so you can ensure that the waste does not stay too long in the intestine. Because exposure to the intestinal wall for too long, the waste will inevitably be re-absorbed by the body, causing the body poisoning.

Although the body has such anti-virus function, fatigue, stress or other physiological reasons, can lead to metabolic dysfunction of human emergence, endocrine disorders, resulting in long-term stop the body's waste

Remain in the body. This residual waste in the intestines began to decompose, colon bacteria break down the waste will continue to produce toxins. The re-absorption of toxins through the colon, the body constantly seeping pollution

The environment enter the body via the blood circulation after the different organs, which cause various diseases into the body, so that women appeared memory loss, fatigue, sallow complexion, constipation, hemorrhoids and internal points

Bleeding disorders, and obesity.

1 stool

Stool that is a long period of deposition of the old intestinal stool, stool and understand the general 3-5 to stay in the intestine called the fecal stool. Stool of all toxins in the human gut is the source of its production

A large number of students toxins absorbed by the body, it will reduce the body's immune system to induce production of various diseases, serious harm to human health.

2, lipid

Regular intake of modern food with high nutrition, plus a large amount of exercise, lack of water added, can easily lead to blood viscosity. As the blood concentration, it will cause big

The amount of lipid deposition in the vascular wall, so that organs not getting enough oxygen, causing cerebral embolism and other diseases.

3, uric acid

Uric acid is a product of human metabolism, primarily by renal excretion. When the concentration of uric acid in the blood than normal when the easily deposited in soft tissue or joint inflammation caused by acute


4, lactic acid

Fatigue people will appear in back pain, whole body fatigue, exercise slow, clumsy and other symptoms, which is caused by the accumulation of lactic acid. Lactic acid is produced in the body in prolonged exercise

, It and coking gluconic acid continue to accumulate in the body, can cause the blood acidic.

5, water toxicity and congestion

The formation of water poisoning because human consumption of food or too much cold water in the body caused by abnormal metabolism of uneven distribution of body fluids. Congestion is the body of the old, old, disabled, pollution

Blood, is a gas, blood, water is not flowing sick and the product of poor peripheral circulation. Water poisoning can cause sweating, abnormal urination and edema, congestion will cause cells, muscle nutrient deficiencies, building

As obesity and other symptoms.

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