Saturday, October 30, 2010

6 small annoyance used to make a woman stay away from body odor

Appreciate, is everyone's features. Everyone has their own taste. But the taste does not mean that the body fragrance, body exudes some of the taste, is not that people welcome. The most typical is the armpit of a bad smell, which is commonly known as body odor.

Scientists study body odor, have never stopped. Indeed, this disease a lot of people helpless, serious, affecting normal life. Nashville, Tennessee, a Vanderbilt University study, researchers found that people can recognize, a dress worn by which people, even if the dress was not worn for several months before. Experts also concluded that body odor by environmental factors may be significant, such as diet, health habits and other factors, such as genetics.

Anyway, if we can by what a good easy way to alleviate this situation, is the best. There are many everyday life can pay attention to details, can effectively reduce the bad body odor, the following points, you do it?

Details are: to keep my high level of cleanliness

Shower at least once a day. If necessary, the frequency of bathing can be more. In this case, you can wash away the sweat and the resulting reduction of bacteria on your skin.

Because some minor sweat itself is almost not apparent. But when carefully observed under the microscope, you can see the subtle body of your skin to mix with sweat, the bacteria multiply in this environment very quickly, resulting in localized bacterial growth, proliferation, death, and accumulation. This is the basic principle of the formation of body odor.

Therefore, a thorough cleaning, in particular, the site is easy to sweating, can effectively reduce the body odor.

There is also a phenomenon, if you have body odor, you will find that the amount you sweat more than normal. This shows that you have hyperhidrosis. Will lead to more excessive sweat accumulation of bacteria breeding. So, this time, you will need to be treated for hyperhidrosis.

Details of the two: use of antimicrobial soap

In the shower when the selection of special products, to the mall or the drugstore to choose a formal "antibacterial" soap. Thorough cleaning to the skin, and reduce the number of bacteria, thus reducing the body's bad smell.

Details of the three: a towel to dry thoroughly after use

There is also a very easy to breed bacteria is the place damp towels. Many people used the wet towel on the wet bathroom directly, rather than to clean up after drying. This is very detrimental to health. Because, in the humid environment, it is not easy to dry towels. Moreover, this environment is precisely the fine place of bacteria. When you re-use the towel filled with a variety of bacteria, even though the shower and then do a perfect process, will also be contaminated by the towel.

If you can keep towels clean and dry it, can effectively reduce the incidence of bad taste.

Details of the four: using a dedicated deodorant

If you feel that you are clean, dry and every aspect has to do good. However, this still can not remove bad body odor, then you can choose to use deodorant dedicated to the taste of your body were removed. These agents, in general, contain fragrances, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial ingredients, can play a deodorant effect.

Of course, the choice of product, be sure to pay attention, it is best to the hospital to allow doctors to issue you a real scientific and effective product.

Details of the five: Keep the closet clean and tidy

When you sweat, when a clean change of clothes, can effectively reduce the bad taste of the flavor. However, we must ensure that your closet is clean, otherwise, the wardrobe of clothes when you have bacteria on it, is likely to intensify the production of bad taste.

Again, is to keep the socks clean. Because your feet are bad body odor produced an important reason. If you have the habit of not wearing socks, then keep the foot and shoe cleaning.

Details of the six: to reduce the intake of spicy food

What to eat can affect the body odor? In one study, researchers tested the 17 from the Czech Republic suffers from body odor of men. One group of people eating red meat, another group of people do not eat red meat, after 24 hours, to observe the status of their body odor found that eating red meat smell body odor of people is far greater than not eating.

Not only is red meat, and some food, to appreciate the impact is great. Such as peppers and other spicy foods, or onions, garlic and other pungent foods, is to promote increased body odor of food. So, at dinner time, we must be concerned about.

If you try the above ways, still do not work unless the case, then you need to consider the treatment of a medical practice. Fortunately, the height of the current development of medical technology for the treatment of body odor is already a very simple operation....

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