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Thirteen people died long before the mysterious feeling

Thirteen people died long before the mysterious feeling
1. Knowing death: They heard the presence of a doctor or other person a clear declaration of his own death. He will feel that failure to reach the physiological limit.

2. Experience the joy: "near-death experience" in the early stages, a calm and serene feeling of pleasure. First of all will feel pain, but the pain flashed, then found himself suspended in a dark dimension. Most had never experienced an uncomfortable feeling surrounded him.

3. Into a black hole: they reflect the feeling of being suddenly into a dark space. You will begin to be perceived, then there is no air like a cylinder, I feel it is a transitional zone, one side is the life, he is a foreign land.

4. Soul from body: find yourself standing in the in vitro observation of a Department own body. Recalled that a drowning man, out of his own body, alone in a space, as if he is a feather.

5. Language is limited: they want to tell other people their own plight, but no one heard them. One woman said that, I tried to speak with them, but no one can hear.

6. Time lost: from physical state, feelings of time gone. It was recalled that during that time, he was kept out of their flesh.

7. Sensory sensitivity: vision, hearing more sensitive than before. One man said he had never seen such a clear, visual enhancements to the incredible level.

8. The sense of isolation: After that, there will be a strong sense of isolation and loneliness. One man said, no matter how hard he can not communicate with others, therefore, "I feel very lonely."

9. His "people" with: At this time, around the emergence of other "people." The "people", either to help them survive the transition to the country of the deceased, or to tell them not yet sounded the death knell, must first go back some time.

10. There is light: in the "near-death experience" last time, there will be light. This light has a certain "human" very clear "human."

11. Looking back on life: this time, the parties will make a panoramic life review. When the witness by the time the phrase to describe it, the general is "a scene and then act, in chronological order by moving things happen, even accompanied by pictures of some of the feelings and emotions have to re-experience."

12. Border barrier: At this point, people encounter one can be called "marginal" or "limit" or something like that, blocking a place you go, on the form it has a wide range of expression: a pool of water, a cloud of smoke, a door, a fence in the wilderness, or a line.

13. Back to life: If you had the honor to be saved, in the "near-death experience" to a certain extent, people must "come back." In the beginning, many people want to go up back to the body, however, with the deepening of near-death experience, he began to reject back to the original body, the case of the presence of light, the mood is even more strong.

Then, you really "back" of the.

The spirit of man is a very dependent creatures, when the people "dying" when a faint white light can make become less fearful of death. Died, the entire life will be re-evaluated, this evaluation does not depend on whether you wealthy, is a prominent status, but only depends on where in your life to share with others how much love and warmth.
Superior of the women looked at his chest through the streets, you finally decided to fall in the breast, showed off the chest of Live Flesh. Lost sexy summer, come back to win in the fall! But there are also risks to pursue Allure stunning, plastic breast physician to correct the fall beauty of the female breast were four false "rumor" so you do not pay sexy.

Fall breast with less?

Wrong people saying: Autumn is the best time of fat free, by clicking the body acupuncture points, and clear the female body meridians, regulate and stimulate the breast blood circulation, stimulate the secretion of female hormones can promote the development of secondary female breast.

Said the fall did not leave the right breast, autumn, people's appetite to increase more than summer night rest quality is better, this season for breast augmentation surgery, is very conducive to recovery, is the golden period of breast augmentation surgery. But it is worth noting that women's breasts to a 20-year-old completed the basic development of the body of the female hormones, breast fat and glandular distribution tends to be stable. Acupuncture massage method not shake the adult female hormone balance, blood can only play the role of daily health care. Want to be full of women through massage, be sure to care for the physical development period, and should choose a professional medicine.

10 minutes full speed injection breast?

Wrong people saying: breast injection safety materials used are imported, not surgery, just a small needle can be easily upgraded to D from A cup cup.

In fact, China does not have any injections breast injections to obtain approval certification. Therefore recommended that the majority of women choose breast carefully, especially by injection breast, Do not try. Recognized at home and abroad safe and effective method only breast prosthesis and autologous fat breast.

Go to beauty salons to do half of breast augmentation surgery cheap?

Wrong people saying: breast is a beauty, big expensive hospital charges, is attached to the environment, the brand costs, we invited experts in the famous hospital, to ensure that technology is also a physician may bring their own materials, effects, and specialty hospitals, as prices are more affordable.

Modern technology is very mature breast, but not everyone can do well. Breast prosthesis is a specialist plastic surgery, plastic surgeon need professional operation, and regular specialist hospitals to ensure that equipment, prosthesis informal channels. It is worth noting, beauty salon, beauty of life can only carry out the project, surgery or needles are illegal.
Breast bigger the better will?

Wrong people saying: breast implants is the same as the price of different sizes, the abundance was greater the more worth it!

The chest is too large not only unexpected, but also humpback, Xiuting is the key word. Not only big, but also beautiful, set breast enhancement, shaping, enhancing the Trinity, create the perfect breast shape. In addition to sexy, but also to feel, the use of dynamic design, moving or still have the most realistic shape and feel, a very fine cover the wound but also let him know it. In fact, breast find a good hospital, surgery 30% successful, to find a good doctor, the success rate increased to 100%. Find a strong plastic surgeon for you from the height, breast development, thoracic, cleavage comprehensive tailored to you to find the most suitable kinds of style.
You have breast experts 7 "Lust, Caution"

I quit: hasty choice of hospital. Breast technology is very mature, but not every hospital can do well. For those implants, the body should be free annual health check to ensure the safety of your state to be the most carefree style woman.

Second Commandment: re Hospital fame, do not attach importance to the doctor. Find a good hospital, surgery 30% successful, to find a good doctor, the success rate rose to 80%. Find a strong shaping expert for you from the height, breast development, chest, cleavage fully tailored to provide the most suitable solution.

Three ring: the bigger the better. The chest is too large not only unexpected, but also a hunched back, should be set Xiuting breast augmentation, shaping, enhancing the Trinity, not just the big and beautiful.

Fourth Commandment: postoperative results untrue. In addition to sexy, but also to feel! Xiuting breast unique dynamic design, moving or still have the most realistic shape and feel, wound fine, let him know it.

Five Precepts: bodily harm. Must be painless anesthesia, more than an hour easy ride, the rear prosthesis implantation pectoralis major, not hurt the breast and breast-feeding function.

Six ring: freeloaders. You pay for, without much to say.

Seven quit: the more expensive the better. Of course, sexy, do not let the wallet was seriously injured. Not suitable for you, can bring the best results.

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