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How to avoid the baby spits up?

The baby's body is very weak, if the baby spits up frequently, so do not feel bad as a parent, said the baby's body will cause some damage. That should be how to avoid the baby spits up? Baby spits up and then how they deal with it?

Mainly due to physiological causes of the baby spits up

Place the baby spits up children, not only because of changes after feeding due to hold position, but the main reason lies in the physical characteristics of the baby. Newborn stomach, from the front is lying horizontal, was unstable, and cardia (stomach entrance) is relatively loose. In other words, adults eating, when food enters the stomach, the cardia will shrink to protect the food through the esophageal reflux back; but because of the baby's stomach cardia can not be a good shrink, leading into the stomach of the milk, etc. can more easily flow back into the esophagus. In addition, compared with adults, neonatal larynx position is higher, along with their manners with the nipple, resulting in infants with milk when the air easily inhaled stomach, so when the baby burp or body shaking , eat the milk will be more likely to be spit out.

How to avoid the baby spits up?

When bottle feeding nipple attention to the selection, taking into account the suitability of the nipple hole size of the baby. If you have time after feeding your baby spits up, then we need the number of each feeding, and appropriate adjustment intervals. Feeding little and do the best ground. The best way to prevent spits up after each feeding to help the baby take hiccup. Hic method is bristling beat picked up the baby, gently pat the back more than 5 minutes. If the baby can not burp, you can also massage the baby with the palm back. Or support from the baby's chin, and let your baby sit on her lap, and then pat the back of the method. Because the entrance of the stomach while sitting up, so hiccup also easy. When the mother can not fight the baby burp him up vertically, or can give the baby up position to keep the upper body tilted back about 30 minutes.

Note 1 When breastfeeding, do not let your baby to eat too fast, if the dairy expansion, jet out of them feel uncomfortable; 2, after feeding as well as attention to making hiccup eat; 3, erected after feeding your baby the best 20 to 30 minutes and do not rush your baby to play 忽悠.

If your baby spits out how to do?

Bottle feeding baby spits up the upper body when attention is paid to maintain the elevated position, when lying down if the baby spits up, we can put your baby face one side. Spits, the more attention to observe the baby's condition, the baby put the baby head elevated when lying down, or simply put your baby hold up vertically. Spits, the baby's face may be bad, but recovered later on as long as there is no problem. In addition, under the circumstances may be appropriate to add more water to the baby. Add water to 30 minutes after vomiting. Spits up after each feeding to reduce the number to half of normal, but can increase the number of feeding. Persistent vomiting in the baby, we can only give your baby, but can not feed other foods, including food supplement.

Breastfeeding when the baby spits up breast-fed babies usually less than eating place spits baby bottle, the bottle will eat a lot of air swallowing, eating breast milk does not. As spits volume, just look a lot, in fact, most of the gastric juice, baby will not be hungry.

Occurred after the baby spits up, what is in need of special attention?

In most cases, the baby spits up, in fact, nothing to worry about. But after the baby spits up the mental state and physical state is we need more attention. After the vomiting have been alleviated, if the baby there is lack of energy, just want to sleep, agitation, unable to sleep, fever, stomach inflation and so on, it may be sick, you should see a doctor.

What need to tell the doctor when seeking medical care situation?

Doctors need to not only include the case when the baby spits up, but also the overall health of your baby, such as the number of spits, vomit that; is under what circumstances spit milk; after the child's situation: compared with the usual, What state of mind; without fever; the number of urine; abdomen without flatulence, fart, etc. there.

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