Tuesday, February 2, 2010

90 seconds to change to a healthier you

At least 8 hours sleep a day, exercise three times, eating five fruits and vegetables ... ... sounds like a hard full-time job. However, according to the latest issue of Taiwan's "Healthy" magazine reported, the study found just 90 seconds to make a change, we can let you go further away from health.
  Strengthening the immune system
1. Eat apples to eat leather. Cornell University study found that Pingguo Pi there are many chemicals that can inhibit breast cancer, liver cancer, colorectal cancer cell development.
2. Take a deep breath. "Get rid of stress" Niulunboge Ph.D., author of recommendations should learn the baby's breathing: slow, steady and deep. Breathing with the diaphragm between the chest and abdomen, rather than use the chest.
3. To eat mushrooms. Institute of Washington found that herbs, mushrooms to increase the number of white blood cells and vitality.
4. Daydream. Daydream for a happy mind drifting away from the screen, can increase the number of immune cells.
5. Laugh. The study found that watching one-hour TV Comedy show, the body's immune chemicals will be significantly increased.
1. Stretch look. Sitting at his desk can be extended. The body upright, his hands cross buckle placed in front of exhaled, it will be holding hands, the higher the better.
2. Hing Wah Street West line-up toes. Aging start from the legs. Try to line up, the secretly Dianqi Jiao tip, and shoulder width, Microbend knee, will focus on the lower abdomen to protect the lower back. Hold for 10 seconds, then gently down.
3. Brew a cup of green tea. Newcastle University, United Kingdom found that multi-aging tea can inhibit the enzyme secretion of the brain to reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease risk.
4. To call friends. At least once a week to participate in social activities, to outlive long. The University of California at Los Angeles professor of epidemiology at Seaman, said as long as the call to a friend, we can immediately lower blood pressure.
5. Rub hand cream and wear a ring. Moisturizing hand cream ingredients inside the proliferation of collagen can also make blood vessels less obvious back of the hand. The United States also found that people would think that wearing a ring or a younger people who rub nail polish.
6. Lift up your head. Can be real tight neck muscles, but also to avoid the double chin.
1. Drink black coffee with milk and coffee substitute. Washington State University professor of human nutrition, said Massey, which piled white foam coffee not only reduce feelings of guilt, but also can reduce the loss of calcium due to caffeine.
2. Climbing the stairs "good" to "bad" the next. Frequent use of the knee will first degradation, if the knee soreness phenomenon, to reduce the number of upstairs and downstairs, upstairs a good knee first, on a bad knee when down-empt.
3. Kiss the person you love. American Dental Association spokesman Dr. Murray said, kissing to increase saliva, could clear the cause tooth decay bacteria.
  Away from the pressure
1. To tell his family how much you love him. People who have strong family ties, lack of emotional ties than those who handle stress better.
2. A cup of Chamomile tea. Tehran University School of Medicine study found that Chamomile tea flowers and tea have anti-anxiety effects, but no drug side effects.
3. Say thank you. United States social psychology professor at Loyola University, Bryant said that happiness may come from an invitation, or strangers to help sliding door. To your friends, strangers, say "thank you", and you will establish the attitude of gratitude, thanksgiving everything from habits.
4. Before going to bed turn off the TV. Osaka University survey 5875 adults found that every night before bed, watching TV or using a computer more than 3.5 hours of people than those who less than 2.5 hours of sleep, poor quality tripled.
5. Smell lavender. The study found that lavender smell 5 minutes, allow the pressure to reduce 24%, but also clear the cancer and aging free radicals

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