Saturday, February 20, 2010

9 allows you to drag on intelligence have details of life

Many older people find themselves with a lot of bodily functions are constantly dropping, and some people even found himself a drag on intelligence, and this seems related with the age, is not really big with his own more and more stupid so it ? Fact not the case, your body in the degradation of part of the reason may be related to your usual habits.

  Lack of sleep

The primary way to eliminate the brain fatigue is sleep. The long-term lack of sleep or sleep of poor quality, will accelerate the decline of brain cells, smart people will become very confused.

  Neglect Breakfast

People do not eat breakfast blood sugar below normal levels, brain nutrition, shortage of supply, Hisayuki harmful to the brain. In addition, the breakfast quality and intellectual development are also closely linked. According to the research, eating nutrient-rich and varied breakfast, children in the classroom of the best thinking of a relatively long time, while the breakfast varieties of a single children's emotions and energy down relatively quickly.

  Long-term smokers

Annual smoking will show varying degrees of brain atrophy, susceptibility to senile dementia. This is because the long-term smoking can cause atherosclerosis, the course of time lead to insufficient blood supply to the brain, nerve cell degeneration, and subsequent brain atrophy.

  The long-term satiation

Modern Nutrition study found that eating fullness, the brain known as the "fiber bud cell growth factor" will have more substance. The fibroblasts growth factor, enabling an increase in capillary endothelial cells and fat to promote atherosclerosis occurs. If long-term satiation, then the brain prone to premature aging and mental deterioration and so forth.

  Hooded sleeping

With the quilt of carbon dioxide concentration, oxygen concentration decreasing the oxygen content of the blood drop would harm the brain.


The brain has the leaf area solely on the language, often speaking will also promote brain development and function of the brain exercise. Ought to say something rich in content, there is a strong philosophical or logical words.

  Unwilling brain

Thinking is the best way to exercise the brain. Only rack our brains and hard thinking, people become smarter.

  Ill with the brain

Physical discomfort or suffering from disease, reluctantly adhere to study or work, not only inefficient, but also likely to cause brain damage.

  Excessive sweets

Easy to eat excessive sweets damage to children's intelligence. This is because the brain development of children to adequate food is inseparable from the protein and vitamins, while the appetite for sweets damage, reduce appetite, resulting in malnutrition, the body, affecting brain development

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