Monday, February 1, 2010

Winter street vendors and eat their way to four "crimes"(

Beijing's winter, cold, but the street snacks is still booming and fragrance of the Tangchaolizai, hot Chuanchuan Xiang, crystal of the origins of rock ... ... Haidian District Health Authority comprehensive law enforcement team leader Zhou Fengwu to remind the public that these attractive may be hidden with a street snack foodHealth risks, Greedy consequences could make their body "suffer."
  "Cosmetic" chestnut - Beware of industrial paraffin
Chinese diet is very particular about the color, flavor and taste, while the winter streets of the popular sweet smell, it appears the bright lights of chestnuts is undoubtedly the most appetizing and tasty snacks in line with one. Zhoufeng Wu pointed out, however, it seems the more attractive Yuepiao Liang chestnuts, the crisis may be more lurking. Because some unscrupulous traders to make chestnut black shiny looks and will be added in Chao Lizai not allowed to use in the food industry on the paraffin wax, industrial paraffin contains carcinogenic substances, eat a lot of nerve and liver may lead to brain lesions.
In addition, the sweet taste of chestnuts is not good, because these chestnuts are likely to be allowed the same used in the Chao LiziSaccharinFried out, rather than sugar, honey. This chestnut entrance just feel particularly sweet, but the aftertaste is short, and even the mouth after eating there will be bitter.

  Sharpen your sweet-smelling stinky tofu - mostly from the Black Workshop
Grilled tofu street string these years, "enduring" one of the street snacks, in the winter no less, especially among young people of all ages. Incredibly, however, is that these are basically tofu black laboratories produced. Zhoufeng Wu told reporters that almost no formal food-processing plants to produce the street snacks. Processing points in the black, the stinky tofu production environment, production processes,Hygiene standardsRaw materials, quality, and preserve the environment and the production staff are all state of health can not be guaranteed. In order to reduce costs, the black-processing are also often repeated use of oil-fried stinky tofu, while the repeated use of cooking oil, peroxide value exceeded, there is the risk of cancer.

  Open candied fruit - eating the dust of bacteria Xiadu
In the bleak winter days seem prosperous festive sugar-coated haws yesTraditional Chinese snacksOne of the varieties now candied fruit from hawthorn fruit, Chinese yam and other developed into a variety of fruits, and many street food stalls in the live production, it seems more attractive. However, experts pointed out that the on-site production of candied fruit on the streets are often subject to environmental constraints, can not be cleaned in accordance with the requirements of health standards and then drying of raw materials, while the cleaning is often sticky do not live off of fruit syrup, many vendors omit the washing step, which consumers have can expect in the "unclean, not eating disease" of the. This production of candied fruit not only the existence of the problem of raw materials are not clean, and often in open or semi-open environment, production and selling of the candied fruit, and can not achieve dust requirements. Beijing's winter is often dusty winds, the candied fruit in this case are exposed to bacteria.

  Street Chuanchuan Xiang - Pesticide residues in cooking can not afford to
Today, the streets fragrance of Chuanchuan Xiang, Mala Tang popular to young people, in the winter is also booming, business is booming. However Zhoufeng Wu pointed out that these streets Chuanchuan Xiang, Mala Tang difficult to meet the state requirement of health food stores, due to limited space, combined with peak hours of business in short supply, food supply of large, and the lack of proper cleaning, disinfection facilities, the health situation of these street vendors is difficult to ensure that: failure to clean the vegetables that may exist on the sand,Pesticide Residues, Bacteria, and boiling can not be entirely eliminated; common utensils after washing disinfection procedures are often not; of these added to the lack of monitoring of food seasoning, though tasty, but it is possible additives, exceeding the issue boiled a long time but harm more.

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