Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Grilled wings 400 kinds of carcinogens

"Barbecue style" in popular again this winter, in addition to the traditional street-side grill wings, kebabs, various patterns of the Korean barbecue and more prosperity. Satisfy their appetites in a same time, you realize that swallowed a barbecue how much insecurity? Nutrition Society executive director of Dalian, Dalian Medical University Second Affiliated Hospital, Dr. Xing-Guo Wang, director of nutrition explicitly told "Life Times" reporter, out out of a roasted chicken wings, a mutton string, contains at least more than 400 kinds of carcinogens.

"Direct-fired barbecue, it will produce large amounts of carcinogens - polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which is the first to be recognized, and so far the most important, the largest number of chemical carcinogens, including a total of more than 400 kinds of carcinogenic effect compounds such as benzopyrene, 4 toluene, etc., which is the most harmful benzopyrene. "Hsing-Kuo Wang said benzopyrene either through the barbecue into the digestive tract, can also barbecue the smoke into the respiratory tract. Benzopyrene accumulate in the body, can induce stomach cancer, colon cancer and other cancers. While the other carcinogens - heterocyclic amines, in animal experiments can cause breast cancer, colon cancer and so on. Relevant data indicate that women who eat barbecue suffering from breast cancer than women who do not like barbecue food than 2 times.

In addition, there may also be due to barbecue meat, not grilled the risk of contracting the parasite. The use of nitrite soaked, so that flesh colored, taste good, and even shoddy, the pork, horse meat and other add lamb and mutton pretending precision and so on, are not exactly fresh news.

"In fact, the more fat grilled meat, fat, the more carcinogens produced by the more. Carcinogens contained in the burnt pork skin than meat. Vegetables, organic content due to fewer carcinogens produced by fewer. "Thus, Xing-Guo Wang suggested, barbecue to eat healthy, first, a layer of aluminum foil barbecue when the parcels, so to avoid excessive smoke contains carcinogens into the food. The second is to choose the right barbecue means, Ming roasted carcinogens and more should be selected hearth-baked, electric grill, if specified roasted, then select the kind of smoke should also be take away from the following way. Third, eat less fat, baked with pork skin when roasted, but when you eat pork skin removed. Charred must not eat, because the burned part is the most abundant carcinogen. In addition, many barbecue restaurants is to eat meat on the grate on the grill, which need to be reminded attendants must be frequently changed grate

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