Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A different blood type, different "sexual" Love

A different blood type, different "sexual" feeling. Just read this back to break down they can not ignore the letter, but not the whole letter, only willing to love you from a more intimate.

A-male sexual

A-Men will continue our efforts to enable women to orgasm if you get the key to time, you can say to him: "Terrific ah!" Then he must love the you, needless to say, the greatest men of the A-type weapon is like a baby.

On the contrary, "Although we love each other, but why do not think it is always appropriate," also often occurs doubts.

A-men and women, the appropriate degree of A-type

Do not need too much effort, you can enjoy the sexual pleasure, this is a very good combination. It is noteworthy that must be varied, even if the husband and wife Ye Hao, and occasionally on the hotel dating some very good, or in the car can also enjoy different sexual pleasure, in short, do not immutable.

A type-B men and women, the appropriate degree of

Women can not pretend I do not know, we can not shy, love two people disrupting the atmosphere, A-type men, of course, may not be an erection. Straightforward to accept his love, if we can Pinmingdexiang he coquetry, perhaps he became a strong man transformed.

A-men and women, the appropriate degree of 0-type

A strong self-suppression-type men and women should take a bold attitude, and actively enjoying the fun. So will be able to cope with very well.

Physical and mental relaxation can be able to have a happy sex life, women, men, if you want to how to do, we should say it bluntly, do not pretend I do not know.

A-men and women, the appropriate degree of AB-type, if two people are quite indifferent about sex, then there is little, except that men may be mistaken, "We are not inappropriate," and discontented. Breakthrough in the path that women take the bold attitude of coquetry, which would allow self-suppressed A-men open their hearts.

  B-male sex

B-men like to enjoy an open sex life, do not like dark, stiff, or having marital problems, sex life. To put it simply, love and sex are totally different things, you can enjoy sex without love, life, or may not confirm through sexual love.

If a female is able to blunt demonstration of their joy, and perhaps will be able to enjoy a happy marriage.

A type-B men and women, the appropriate degree of

Be able to enjoy happy, fulfilling sex life, but a strong A-type self-consciousness of women, if men faced contempt sex, then sex may be a result of both anxiety and failure, but the combination of sexual terms, or a very good pair.

B-type men and women, the appropriate degree of B-type

Both the number of sexual satisfaction in general and can be, but if the two sides can better understand is in better shape.

B-type 0-type men and women, the appropriate degree of

"Oedipus Complex" this sentence may not be suitable for women, but if women have a motherly love like a great love, then the B-Men will be happy to use all kinds of body position changes and and caressed technology to enable women to be met.

B-men belong to the more emotional people, the morning in the kitchen, perhaps we are asking you to have sex with him, if requirements are met every time you refuse, then he might get his temper bending and torsion.

B-type AB-type men and women the proper degree of suitability is also true that if you have more thoughtful, then the fun will be able to enjoy a variety of position. If the couple quarrels arise, it may be due to B-type caused by wayward men.

Such combinations must be with the men's personality and individuality, so the degree of difficulty has increased.

  AB-type male sex

AB-type men, a relatively serious nature of doctrine, and they should not be difficult to meet with him, and he likes dirty jokes, but in fact, they have got a little older sex, and so it is a good natural way.

Which was also suggested that it must be a partner a virgin, otherwise he will have no active response.

At this time or in the form of a natural atmosphere and create an excellent best.

AB-type men and women the right degree of A-type

Standing in a passive position of the A-type female sexual intimacy occurs, always felt very bending and torsion, no way to relax and enjoy sexual pleasure by women must be very skillful to take the initiative, which is secret, otherwise the parties would feel anxious and dissatisfied with the desire.

AB-type men and women in the appropriate B-degree

He belongs to the type of attention to the atmosphere. In other words, even if the relationship does not occur with each other, but as long as mutual understanding, but also a matter of good companion.

In sexual behavior, the time is shorter, less physical desires can be satisfied, if you want to enjoy fulfilling sex life, then you must take the initiative to create a pleasant atmosphere with Caihang invited him.

AB-type O-type men and women with the appropriate degree of intensity in the AB-type on a fairly good man, you could request, he can also adapt to co-satisfaction is not bad. However, AB is really two-sided nature of sexual excess, if interested, you will become as airflow, otherwise, that is a good companion.

AB-type men and women the proper degree of AB-type double-side in coordination with the good on both, so long as any one side are those who belong to love sex, the two sides enjoy a happy sex life.

However, it is surprised that such combinations of the two people, usually are not very concerned about sex itself can be said to frigid group. But regardless of how others think, as long as both glad to be no problem.

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