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How different age groups in the maintenance of the breast?

Breast feeding is a function, sensual features and unique symbol of female beauty as a whole organ, beautiful and healthy breasts so that every woman dream. However, breast problems during development, as well as a variety of breast diseases have plagued many women. Experts point out that in order to have a healthy beautiful breasts, women need to master at different times in different maintenance priorities.

"Venus statue, although the broken arm, but the two breasts of the structure is almost perfect. From a sociological point of view, the importance of breast health, human performance in civil society, respect for women." Beijing Military General Hospital, cosmetic surgery center Deputy Chief Physician Wang Peisen a way to explain the importance of their breasts. To protect the breast, first of all we should correctly understand the various periods of the breast. According to Wang Peisen introduction, from a physiological point of view, the body changes in a few periods of breast development varies.

 ★ early childhood

Newborns were born within a month, breasts developed, only the main ductal Jigen. 60% of the infants were born about a week when the beans reach the nipple under which a large induration and swelling. Even a small amount of milk outflow from the nipple-like secretions, this is the mother through the placenta left in the body of neonatal estrogen results of the activities to promote breast newborns. This phenomenon disappeared after the birth of two weeks to a month.

 ★ puberty

Girls from 12 to 13 years of age, the breasts began to increase. Gland and duct, as well as connective tissue, alveolar development, 15 to 17 years of breast development are basically ripe.

  ★ menstrual period

Menstrual period was the proliferation of breast changes, so that breast has become larger and the quality and tough, touch the summary was like, at this time can feel the swollen breasts, discomfort or slight pain and tenderness, menstrual period, these changes disappeared.

 ★ Stages

Gestational the greatest impact on breast development, breast development to achieve the final maturation. In the breast-feeding, breasts began to increase last one year later, began to recover to narrow glands, breasts may appear obvious retraction. However, breast feeding can not be completely restored to pre-shape.

 ★ Menopause

Increases with age, ovarian dysfunction, breast and tubular atrophy, lobular and tubular shrink or even disappear. Breasts to lose elasticity, shrink and sag. To the old age of breast glands and duct, as well as less and less surrounding tissue, or even shrink, finally leaving the skin and nipple areola shrinkage.

 Routine maintenance

At different developmental stages of the breast, maintaining the focus and methods are also different. Wangpei Sen told reporters details of the various periods of focus and methods of breast care.

 ★ puberty

Should pay attention to development of the breast with bra will hold up, can not be fastened to prevent breast growth restriction, breasts too small. Can not give up the use of bra, so that at the sag in the breast development, breast becomes ptosis, elongated shape, appearance not pretty. At the same time pay attention to cleaning the nipple discharge, to prevent the formation of secretions and irritating inflammation of the nipple.

★ reproductive period and lactation period

Female breast and breast-feeding period in the reproductive period of their glands, breast ducts, breast tissue surrounding the proliferation of the period are in the extreme, glands began to secrete. Thus, during this period should pay attention to breast health cleaning, doing the nipple cleaning, to prevent the breeding of bacteria in the nipple. Must also hold up to the breast do care.

Breast-feeding to do well in the local massage the breast to prevent the appearance of lumps within the breast tissue and breast-feeding after going to squeeze the remaining milk, do a good job nipple clean, to prevent the generation of acute mastitis. Similarly, in breast-feeding should also pay attention to the enlarged breasts do hold up, to prevent sagging breasts free passage of time the breast under the effect of gravity will be stretched larger.

 ★ old age

Into old age period, while paying attention to sanitation, while the breast, but also often make self-test, the early diagnosis of breast lumps touch to achieve early diagnosis of early treatment of breast lumps.

Disease Control and Prevention

Many outstanding women are killed by breast cancer, a beautiful life. Wang Peisen reminded, once found to have abnormal breast tumor, a timely attention and addressed immediately.

According to Wang Peisen introduction, adolescent breast fibroid breast tumor Frequently, such tumors are benign tumor can be resected. Middle age is commonly found in mammary glands of breast tumor proliferation and glandular duct hyperplasia, given different circumstances according to surgical treatment. Cosmetic surgery is now the technological development of the tumor can be subjected to surgical removal of the areola, in the breast to reach the surface without scar treatment. As for the treatment of breast cancer are now advocate the use of modified chest muscle to retain the size of the surgical method for the removal of breast cancer organization, you can at the same time defects in breast reconstruction.

Wang Peisen said the adolescent female breast shape should be conical, nipple forward to straighten, flexible, volume at between 250-350 grams. Is less than 250 grams can be diagnosed with breast dysplasia. More than 350 g may be diagnosed with breast hypertrophy or Boobs. Small breasts are often the causes of genetic disorders and congenital abnormalities related to breast grow too large or macromastia is a congenital malformation, often genetic history, the cause is unknown.

Wang Peisen explained that currently a small cosmetic surgical treatment of breast disease has reached the mature stage of clinical treatment. The treatment method can be divided into autologous tissue transplantation and medico-biological substitutes for breast augmentation breast augmentation treatment of materials. Breast augmentation with autologous tissue transplantation organizations can be self-body adipose tissue, muscle tissue may also be a fascia organization or omental organization.

As for the breast is too large, Wang Peisen said macromastia treatment can only try to Cosmetic Surgery Boobs surgical methods to reduce the correction. Boobs need to reduce plastic surgery deformity correction of three basic elements, namely: excessive breast tissue, drooping displaced nipples, loose skin of the breast.

A very small part of the women will appear at the side of the side of the breast big breast small asymmetry, such situations are often related to abnormal breast development and congenital, in which the disease is often accompanied by the side of the breast over the chest bone and chest muscles defect. Although the method of treatment of the disease complex, but the use of breast and muscle transplants or fat substitutes filling or the filling of Medical and Biological material can be treated

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