Tuesday, February 23, 2010

You also questioned the details of the kitchen five healthy body

1.regular cleaning or replacement dish cloth. Studies have shown that: 20% of the dishes hidden within the fabric can lead to disease, bacteria, wash with detergent or disinfecting cabinet disinfection of sterilization.

2, immature do not eat meat, offal and egg. Suffering from liver disease, cancer, diabetes, long-term gastro-intestinal discomfort of patients, pregnant women and suffering from asthma, arthritis steroids should avoid eating raw seafood, especially the contamination of seafood, which will aggravate the illness or death. Consumption of raw fish only in the health facilities have a certain reputation for good restaurants, do not make their own sushi at home consumption.

3, at the time of purchase were the meat and seafood into plastic bags, at home, wrapped and then frozen, so that drops of juice if they are not everywhere, chaos, or touches the other food. Is best consumed within a day or two.

4, it is necessary in a timely manner the remaining perishable or cooked food into the refrigerator, if left exposed to the air as long as 2 hours or more, harmful bacteria will begin to keep the growth. If the two days after consumption, should be checked before eating to see if deterioration.

5, let the refrigerator temperature is kept at 4 ℃ refrigerator below the freezer temperature is kept below 0 ℃, and often with a thermometer to be checked.

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