Sunday, February 28, 2010

1 day diet plan in the spring by a jin

Outside the taste of spring weather, more and more, loss of appetite are you? Do not forget the spring of weight loss plan ah, the following spring, weight loss tips to teach you how to thin a pound a day, healthy and rapid weight loss!

 ● 1, enjoy cooking Chinese food for cooking methods such as steaming vegetables, fish, shrimp, chicken, etc.
For example, look at: Do you like draft cooking do? Many people would say NO, so do not taste 啦, in fact, seen following the MM, you'll know that boiling vegetables can be done not only delicious, but oh so slimming effects of both!

 ● 2, with low-fat vegetable oil cooking, or watering can to use when cooking spray oils, rather than a way to use dump

Low-fat sugar-free nutrition Catering: four hours before going to bed, do not eat the menu, such as can not find a similar look for food. In addition to the number of DIY can also be purchased directly if no indication, for the glass bowl or a (size option small) drinks If you do not specify, then the greater use of low-calorie low-fat sugar-free (hot and cold Jieke

 ● 3, Xiang Chirou row or meat balls, then would prefer to use deep-fried instead of baked in! Meat selection, it is best to replace the beef with chicken

Chicken than pork, beef and other meat, obviously has a low-fat low-heat characteristics, meat quality and more refreshing Xiangnen. Use any cooking method, with a variety of accessories can be made with a delicious cuisine, and the nutrient-rich, almost can be a dieter's choice of animal protein intake of food.

 ● 4, normal to eat breakfast, do not eat greasy, such as eating a banana, containing only 8 calories of heat can really fill his belly

Recently more and more people do not eat breakfast, while the day's energy sources, but also breakfast, so an immediate nature, and can maintain the energy of bananas a long time, has become the most suitable food for breakfast had. In addition, because bananas are low-calorie foods, even those who are to lose weight, but also to enjoy food without fear

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