Monday, March 1, 2010

Eat the healthiest four kinds of cabbage and

Leavened cabbage vinegar

Ingredients: 300 grams whitening outer leaves

Accessories: Water-fat 2 grams of dried shrimps, fresh green peppers 50 grams, wet starch 15 grams, 50 grams of lard, pepper 5 material, 10 grams of sesame oil, vinegar, monosodium glutamate, garlic slice, the amount of soy sauce.


1. Cabbage to help cut 4 cm long, 2 cm wide strip of the word blocks, green pepper and cut cabbage pieces smaller word compartmentalization.

2. Pan put oil, heating troughs twelve months later, when placed in hot peppercorns, and purple into pieces (not paste), the fish out peppercorns do not, then duplicating the cabbage pieces put in a few years, came alive again inGingerSilk, sliced onion, dried shrimps, Zaichao several times, speed vinegar, sugar, monosodium glutamate, salt, soup (50 grams), seal stew, after 1 minute to cover, add green pepper and cabbage broken health block, stir fry a few Under the tune good taste, with the wet starch, starch, sesame oil pan point of transfer to a plate.

Features: taste sour, sweet, salty, tender rich flavor clear.

Note: If the green peppers into a sharp green pepper, sesame oil into the oil that is sweet and sour red peppers spicy cabbage approach.

 Milk by cabbage

Ingredients: Chinese cabbage 500 grams, 100 grams of fresh milk

Accessories: ham at the end, the water-fat dried shrimps, starch, each 16 grams, 125 grams of lard, MSG, salt, sesame oil is not the amount of ginger.


1. The cabbage leaves to cut into 1.5 cm wide and 5 cm long pieces.

2. Pot heat put lard, oil temperature reached Qicheng hot, it will block the pot cabbage fry 1 minute or so, see Chinese cabbage was beige block four weeks when the fish out and charged the net more than oil, the oil remaining 25 grams of the original pot, put did not cook in soy ginger into the pot, pour a good deep-fried cabbage, milk, dried shrimps, salt, monosodium glutamate, and a little soup, with relying on the slow fire until the juice a little ham when you put the end of starch Long qian, qian cooked, pan-point turn sesame oil can be a transfer to a plate.

Characteristics: color, appearance, fragrance palatability.

 Chestnut burning cabbage

Ingredients: Chinese cabbage heart 300 grams,

Chestnut 100g

Accessories: ham, bamboo shoots, each 10 grams, wet starch 15 grams, Shuzhu You 25 grams, 125 grams of peanut oil, salt, sugar, sesame oil the amount of MSG.


1. The cabbage root whittled acuminate with Xiao Yin, a break of two and a half, cut into 7 cm long and 0.6 centimeters wide of cabbage (cut lengthwise Jidao cabbages Department so that the whole dish heart-Linked), ham, bamboo shoots Cut ribs cut 10 pieces of each chestnut on the word small mouth (cut chestnuts skin can be broken), pot add water, add chestnuts to cook skin soft, still hot to chestnut skin peeled off.

2. The peanut oil into the into the pot and heat on the fire as Liu Cheng, the next into the chestnuts, Chinese cabbage, slightly fried look, remove and control Absolute.

3. Wok on the fire and put it into lard 30 grams, then the next into the cabbage, chestnuts, ham, bamboo shoots, films, salt, MSG, sugar, boil with fire, and then simmered low heat 5 minutes, water transfer starch thicken, point sesame oil pan can be.

Features: juice flavor the United States, Su Lan palatability.

  Cabbage juice

Ingredients: Cabbage Heart 2000 grams

Accessories: Nenxiangcaigeng Duan, red bell pepper each 100 grams, boil the orange juice concentrated, sugar, salt, MSG, refined the amount of bananas.


1. The heart cabbage, red bell pepper cut into 4 cm-long filaments.

2. The cabbage red bell pepper silk, parsley stems refined salt in paragraph 20 minutes, control out of salt water, add MSG, boil the orange juice concentrated, sugar, bananas, refined stopped leveling, Fang Bingxiang refrigerated room for several hours, you can eat.

Features: Bright color, crisp, sweet and sour, cool and refreshing

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