Sunday, February 21, 2010

The longest time a woman is 47 hours security

We may consider themselves the confidentiality of the good, such as his thoughts, the secret can be staunchly endured, not to tell people; but for listening to the secret, we are always can not help but want to share with others , like to talk about as natural as a gossip. Why do we always do not control his mouth? Come take a look, can not let our tight-lipped about the reasons for what.

To say we all know the importance of confidentiality, why sometimes they can not do that secretive? If the analysis of them, mainly because there are a few:

  1、People unable to control disclosure of their secret matter, often with people feeling the pinch at the time, emotional conflict, say it is actually a kind of catharsis, tried to alleviate the psychological pressure. Parties in the rush to talk to the moment, worry that the incident involved a partial, often too late to consider "whole picture", including say it will lead to what consequences. In the previous cases, and the sensitivity is better is just one of the reasons Rui speak their mind, but the main thing is the complex feelings in her heart, as well as extramarital affairs produced by the internal pressure to be released.

  2、In interpersonal relationships, emotional excessive "involvement", overdraft personal information from inappropriate disclosure of self-exposure. Between people's self-exposure to moderate (a communication skills), so as to promote emotional affinity more easily recognized and accepted by others. Therefore, in intercourse, they thought it was confidant their advantage, in inadvertently "disclose the secret." In fact, because it close and knowing each other too much to each other a high degree of "infiltration" was not the finest creations of people's social interaction, but not worth a mention for their failure, the outcome of the relationship between man and Rui is a proof. At this point the speaker Zhigu regardless of that time, the listener then the details of the best I know, happy to make friends share those concerns. When intimate friends is understandable, but who can guarantee that the trust will last forever, does not occur between subtle change?

  3、Ignore the importance of confidentiality or inappropriate choice of the listener, some people do not care about "you and I are different," subject to the exchange of non-selective, nor pay attention to find the right people as needing someone to talk and think that you can pour a good relationship is the bottom of my heart a big mistake. Mentally relaxed self-protection awareness, a moment's indiscretion to the self-inflicted troubles, often a cause for regret incessantly. Life is only full-fledged person, only the real secret; less mature, and only a temporary secret, immature people, then there is no secret.

  4、Under normal circumstances, the lack of friends, who easily in the "emotional hunger," we sure do not live their own. To communicate with people coupled with their strong need for the exchange of objects with only a few, so that such people often can not choose to whom their minds full of words, and sometimes the other side a few harsh words slightly so that it can be deeply moved, moved, I will be convinced that no doubt, soon lifted the necessary alert heart. With no guard against mean no fortresses guarding the home, have been cheated, harassed, injured but also to blame?

  5、Some people mistakenly think that the principle of frank and applies to all human relationships, knowing that someone is inquisitive others privacy, keen on rumors gossip who will not adopt a flexible approach can imagine the results tell the truth, for each of us a people, there is no contradiction between the secret and maintain a frank, candid to treat people, the secret to myself and others if we think to be honest all the catharsis of the soul, this is not a misunderstanding, he is demanding.

 tips: a woman's privacy time is 47 hours

What a woman can hold a secret how long? The answer is: 47 hours and 15 minutes. The aged for 3000 women aged 18 to 65 studies have found that for every 10 women will have four restrain secret, no matter how secret privacy no exception. More than half of women are speaking out of alcohol under the action of a secret, but her boyfriend, husband, confidant, and his mother, is often the first to hear a secret person.

Research shows that women's average weekly to hear three secrets, but they at least to a person to disclose a secret. Women are usually nothing to do with the event to the people, and even revealed the secret social circles do so so that they feel more relieved. In addition, women will begin to lay down their defense after drinking, there are numerous secret at this time also "squeeze."

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