Thursday, February 4, 2010

What to eat fish and make you more healthy?

People know that eating fish good for the health of the multi-fish-eating can make you smart and healthy. More and more evidence suggests that fish oil has a cardiovascular protective effect. In marine fish liver oil and body oil contains a very valuable highly unsaturated fatty acids, especially the fish in the omega -3 fatty acids such as eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) prevention of crown The role of heart disease has been clarified, while the fresh-water fish contain are mostly 16 or 18 carbon unsaturated fatty acids, and its role in the effectiveness of the natural inferior fish. The study found that patients suffering from myocardial infarction to select only high-fiber low-fat diet, then, does not significantly reduce mortality, but if the fish meals per week, persist in more than two years, the mortality rate would drop 29%. Scientists had 18,000 patients with hypercholesterolemia for a period of five-year study to patients every day to increase 1800mg of eicosapentaenoic acid, results in patients with coronary artery risk of high cholesterol significantly decreased.

In view of the role of omega -3 fatty acids in health care, the American Heart Association recommends people with coronary heart disease should increase the intake of omega -3 fatty acids. You know what? Whether you're eating a natural wild fish or farmed fish, there are heart protective effect, because the two fish contain omega -3 fatty acids. Even once a week, eat only fish, but also protect the heart, of course, if five times a week to eat fish, the effect will be better.

However, this simply a change of eating habits to prevent cardiovascular disease will be able to feel the joy of been some information about mercury-contaminated fish can cause poisoning in the central nervous system to inhibit the reports. If someone stubbornly to believe that too much emphasis on mercury poisoning, then you have to be doing in a place like Einstein, smart as people are still able to do a short-lived long-lived to make a choice between a silly fool.

What is the truth? Fish safe? Mercury poisoning caused by eating fish really do? Let us first take a look at mercury in fish come from, to human health may be affected.

Waste or produce small quantities of mercury in coal combustion, industrial or domestic waste may contain some mercury, mercury through the air, soil, water into the rivers, the ultimate import ocean. Of mercury in the ocean after being micro-biological uptake in the body is transformed into methylmercury, and then will pass methylmercury tiny organisms - fish - big fish, so a constant enrichment of the food chain to the big fish in vivo. Because methylmercury is not a fat-soluble substances, like dioxins, it will not remain in the fat tissue. Neurotoxicity of methylmercury has a strong in Iraq have occurred after eating bread containing methylmercury appears infant mental retardation, epilepsy, microcephaly poisoning incident investigation by experts found that the bread is mixed with methyl mercury kill mold agent polluted.

As the content of methylmercury in fish to eat into the body already contains the amount of methylmercury in fish increased. So there is no predatory habits of fish, such as sardines, salmon and shrimp very low levels of methylmercury in the body. On the contrary, those who eat fish, small fish such as shark, tuna, swordfish body may contain more methylmercury. Interestingly, many were defamatory of methylmercury in fish farmed for at least, this may be because farmed fish to feed the main, do not eat, or eat small fish, coupled with a short growth cycle, the body can not enriched a large number of methyl mercury, so the meat is naturally low levels of methylmercury. To introduce a surprise finding was that, despite the methyl mercury itself is highly neurotoxic, but the body of methylmercury in fish and cysteine are often combined, this combination only after the toxicity of methylmercury toxicity of the material one-tenth.

So whether there have been examples of fish led to methylmercury poisoning? Will definitely not eat fish poisoning?

In the Faroe Islands, scientists have on the local-born babies 14 years of observation, they are by checking those who eat whale meat every day mothers of infants born to nervous system development, and found that mother gives birth to a child before the intake of methylmercury quantity and infant nervous system dysplasia is a clear link. On the contrary, in the Seychelles Islands, the women on the 12 meals per week were to eat fish, but their reproductive well-developed nervous system of infants, did not find any problems, even though the island's residents, including infant hair levels of methylmercury higher than the U.S. population 10 to 20 times. And this in vivo fish around the island contain methylmercury content of fish the waters close to the United States, are between 0.05-0.25ppm, so residents of the Seychelles Islands, with higher levels of methylmercury in vivo reason for this is because they eat more fish than Americans. However, the giant whales of other marine fish methylmercury levels 10-fold, to 1.6ppm. Clearly, resulting in the Faroe Islands and the Seychelles Islands, the nervous system development of infants reasons for the differences is that the residents of the Faroe Islands with more intake of methylmercury because they eat whales, mammals, not fish. Note that the hair mercury content reached 50ppm may occur when poisoning. Seychelles population ate 12 meals per week of fish, but their average levels of mercury in hair was only 6.8ppm.

We should eat fish do? How to eat it safe?

Needless to say, methylmercury is toxic, but not all fish contain a sufficient number of people poisoned, the majority of low levels of methylmercury in fish, usually the small number of people a week to eat fish more than 12 times, while the plug Seychelles islanders fish meals per week, 12 of them, but they do not appear methylmercury poisoning. Can see that eating fish is safe, the premise is to eat science rational eating. Try to eat those low-pollution fish, such as sardines, salmon and shrimp, do not eat, or eat less high-pollution of marine mammals, it will greatly reduce the possibility of methylmercury poisoning.

Fish other potential pollutants such as dioxins and PCBs increases the risk of cancer. But the scientists of these carcinogenic pollutants and omega -3 fatty acids may be health benefits to the human body were compared, by comparison, they think of dioxins and PCBs in fish concentrations are very low on health the potential impact of small, far less omega -3 fatty acids, the benefits to the people's great.

The American Medical Association seriously suggested that pregnant women should strictly limit the High methylmercury contamination of fish (such as shark, tuna, swordfish) of the intake, up to twice every two weeks, but the weekly consumption of 2 to 3 meals of other fish (such as sardines, salmon, shrimp). Most people eat one meal a week of sharks, tuna, swordfish and other fish 2 to 3 meals. In North America, people like to credit the wild or farmed salmon, which can achieve the purpose of reducing risk of heart disease, but also to avoid methylmercury poisoning, is indeed an ideal choice. Because whether it is wild or farmed fish Malaysian methotrexate, are equally rich in omega -3 fatty acids, but low levels of methylmercury. Of course, if really want to insist on the concept of zero pollution, methylmercury, it can only give up eating fish, and the choice of artificial extraction of purified fish oil product

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