Thursday, February 4, 2010

How healthy and natural way to extend the time of intercourse

In the vanity driven, each man hope that they can Yuezhanyueyong, a night battle 10 rounds, but unless you are over 10 two-year-old young people, otherwise, when you're young the greater the non - the year of the Yong Fu. Here are some tips for a natural, perhaps really enable you to golden spear, every night Ecstasy. But you first need to understand is that there are two men Yuezhanyueyong performance, one lasted longer, and second, refractory period (twice the time required for an erection) short. Different people have different performance, you should be according to their own circumstances in deciding to enhance which aspects of their own.

Focus on foreplay

If your duration is very short, generally making it difficult for her to orgasm, mouth and hands to help you is the best approach. When the first scene for her clitoris to reach a climax in her brewing the second high tide, when, suddenly gave her a genuine impact, and sent her to the clouds. Time to grasp the good, you can enjoy the pleasure of orgasm simultaneously.

With one mind

Distraction at a time when sex can be an appropriate reduction to stimulate the penis, so that you will be much longer duration. Of course, the distractions have to pay attention to skills, we should never act while watching TV fiction, or else a huff Buddha cuff His wife away in trouble; must not think of other, more exciting, for example, while sex fantasies with such and such a sexy actress, this only makes you a faster orgasm. You can think about work, a matter between friends, but not too much resources, they should pay attention to her feelings in order to adjust the frequency and intensity of their movements.

Multi Protection

Said here is the use of condoms, two or even three ways to reduce the stimulation of the penis. Although many men do not like using condoms, but safe and considerate woman's point of view, you better use the better. And, if you lack staying power has always been, it should use. Put on two or three condoms can be more effective contraception, but also can effectively stimulate the less friction on the penis to extend the duration of your

Basically, now the majority of men have been more emphasis on foreplay, but if you are bent on quantity rather than quality, then you are in the first round, it is best to avoid rooms.

Shorten the refractory period: straight to the point in addition to all pre-show, to a straight to the point, because, according to the report findings, the faster the first time ejaculation, the second the staying power of erections will be stronger. And this sudden dash, for a partner who is also very stimulating.


In the lingering after the next World War, preferably converted to places such as Shufa living room, bathroom, kitchen and so on, because the new environment can certainly stimulate your desire to sprint again, so you can quickly looked up.

Let It

According to medical surveys, men sleep an average of one night will be a natural erection of three to eight. So you can take advantage of this feature in the finish after a relaxing nap, alarm clock tone in two to three hours playing, so you might suddenly have a windfall.

Of course, these are tricky things, the most fundamental thing is to look at a man's body, if the body well, basically does not require any skill can be extremely fierce, so to enhance their daily exercise is the most fundamental way. The evening when she accompanied to join you in half an hour jogging, can increase feelings, but also the physical fitness

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