Thursday, February 4, 2010

Office Family Farewell Yaosuanbeiteng 4 Gonglue

Yaosuanbeiteng has quickly become the owners of all occupational diseases in office. To the office every day and immediately sat down on a chair, and then right hand grip the mouse, the eyes stare at a computer screen, a little inattentive, more than half of the morning or even spend a full day passed on quietly. Over time, hard as a stone shoulders, waist and back is not straight up, followed by listless people are always complaining about dizziness ... ...

After work, although they collectively spend millions to do essential oils SPA, body massage, then would think immediately "relaxed", but for an instant, still can not escape the feeling exhausted, arthritis and cervical disease might rapidly followed.

In order for white-collar and networks can and sedentary fans to give the "Computer Disease" good-bye to see how the Weapon of experts, so that office and trying to bid farewell to Yaosuanbeiteng.

Gonglue an improvement "gesture"

A long time to maintain the same posture, will most certainly cause Yaosuanbeiteng; but if the computer itself, put the location of high and low tables and chairs, as well as "work routines," there are problems, then it would make the situation worse.

Try the following several ways.

To re-place the computer monitor:

Computer monitor should be in front of line of sight so as not to left or right side. The monitor height should be kept in place with the line of sight relative to flat, or slightly higher.

Replace office chair:

Do not covet comfortable, while the selection of the chair is too soft. Back with a certain degree of curvature of the best in maintaining the posture of sitting is when the lower back can be a natural fit back. Experts suggest that although the lack of old-fashioned wooden chairs will sell, but it is not easy to make you the most back problems is wearing.

Adjustment "office routines":

Is not buried to write a report, soon knew sitting there three hours? Should know how to remind ourselves that change from time to time about sitting, from time to time to stand up Shengelanyao.

  Special tips:If you're really too "focused", expert advice is to let computers understand to be a friend to give you a simple little software. Every half-hour to an hour, it will pop up on the computer screen to remind the box - the stand up and shilly-neck curved waist, or take a short walk to the Dao Beishui Yehao.

Gong Lue two sports, then sports

Office of the sedentary habits of people in peacetime should be some slower tempo, but also can be effectively the activities of each joint movement. There are 18 traditional law and practice tai chi, of course, is now being fashionable can also try yoga. The most significant effect of movement, then none other than swimming, the muscles of the neck and waist have been tempered, and the intervertebral disc in the water will not cause any burden and injury, be tempered approach to the cervical spine the most pleasant and safe.

 Gonglue three do now Kejian Cao

Students have their Kejian Cao, the office should also be cultivated across the crowd some time to "move their muscles," habits. Experts, the following actions.

1, fingers touch the shoulder, arm, before and after the rotation was m-shaped;

2, arm straight, and substantially done before and after the rejection shoulder movements;

3, head to maintain integrity, will slowly lift the shoulders as far as possible close to the ear, then slowly put down, and so repeated several times;

4, palm Rotary around the waist, and then try to go down, but also contribute to low back muscle exercise;

5, hand-Fu Zhu desktop, so reversing the waist, and then do up and down kick action.

Special tips: If the shoulders and back has been sore bear, you can use some sort of Voltaren ointment, or hot pepper paste; still can not be relieved should immediately see a doctor without any improvement in the cervical spine suggested the issue of oral health care products.

Home 4 to find acupuncture points, press down

Experts remind Do not try those who "pull" the arm sort of way, of course, the occasional foot massage about, doing the soft-tissue body massage to relax Daoshi harmless.

If you do upside down in the office action, a bit unsightly, then a few acupuncture points themselves also help to improve the neck and back fatigue.

Our own way, naturally can not be compared with the medical professionals, but the location in the direction according to the Suanzhang feeling, they should be looking for pairs of acupuncture points, and then rub the severity of a modest pressure can be under 50.


Fengchi hair in the back of the neck on both sides of depression, the location between the two muscles. Rubbing pressure Fengchi a minute, can alleviate the pressure caused by cervical dizziness and other symptoms.


With one hand the first joint of the thumb stripes and alignment of the tiger's mouth the other hand side, and then press down the thumb flexion, finger pointing to the location of that Hoku has. Hoku push to ease the sedentary office often have a headache and eye pain.


Zusanli in the calf and the outer three inches below the knee position. Stiff sore waist, and even sedentary due to stomach discomfort, are available through massage Zusanli get some adjustments

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