Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ten women can not resist the sensual enjoyment

Will allow a woman can not resist the sensory enjoyment from a wide range of carefully to appreciate the fun, you will find pieces with sensitive nerves is how beautiful and wonderful thing.


French kiss, kiss to the tongue, the tongue to connect the impact of the heart, feeling with his tongue rolling, as phosphorus matches rubbed film, a surge of wildfires, it is so unknown hurling Fashao from around his waist, no longer able to open your eyes , that a flexible wave after wave of hot tease vitality, the body's blood into a red suspension of the net let you in the center, thus crashing the collapse of reason and give you a kiss, give you the key to open the passions, give me a kiss, kiss make this into a sweet spring, so my whole body wet Oasis ... ...

Scientists conducted a long-term scientific research kissed found: a kiss to a woman's heart rate increased to 108 times per minute, thus promoting blood circulation and nutrient supply; a kiss, make vital capacity from the normal 20 times per minute, immediately increased to 60 times per minute, and significantly improve the oxygen supply; a kiss can make people excited, will be a large number of hormones to stimulate the body out; a kiss can make people to fully mobilize the nervous system, especially the facial muscles are in motion; 1 kiss, consume 12 calories of heat the human body, often kissing help people to become slim; a kiss, there is surprisingly calm and concentration, the role of the possibility of an accident after kissing will be reduced.

  2 sex

To make a sudden you can not parry attacks, electric shock-like feeling and so begins, without the time and space disappears, the world lost the image of the moment - and even his appearance. The will collapse completely, account for all the pleasure; tremor accompanied by moaning, language lost its effect, a better sex than they had expected; love to do, the climax is exhaled his eyebrows, regardless of everything. Whether it crazy man Yuannv, Everyman, through a blend of love, the quality of life will be to break with the past.

The benefits of sex can not be replaced by other, it can improve people's creativity, people become more intelligent; love the cell regeneration ability to get better, love the skin to maintain elasticity and reduce wrinkles, so that women keep youthful beauty. A U.S. Department of Health Bureau study found that consumption of 350 calories having sex for 30 minutes, equivalent to about 40 minutes on the treadmill. At the same time, sexual orgasm will have people feel good hormones, which is make people happy so-called "psychological cocktail" to enjoy an active and satisfying sex life usually are more tolerant and less suffering from depression.

  3 Music

Listening to soft music, musical notes composed of unruly passions, like a light-sucking the toes of small fish, in this love sucking in, struck a woman most secret heart strings ... ... to listen to the music as a powerful bullet penetration launched into the depths of the soul over the blood to carry out a stimulating sound to travel, playing hard, a warm welcome, sub-points and, and after entanglement, emotional (emotional blog, emotional Well) mature more pure. When the days where waves in a cordial notes, happy memories will be with flying.

Music can be achieved through the role of sound to influence the body's physiological functions. Sound is the vibration of sound waves is a physical energy. And the music is a certain frequency of sound vibrations, which act on the human body in various vibration system to make it beneficial resonance, so that the various organs rhythm coherence. This coordinated, there is an important factor conducive to mental and physical health. On the other hand, beautiful acoustic music act on the brain, increase nerve excitability, the regulation of body fluid through the nerves to promote the secretion of a number of healthy human hormones, enzymes and acetylcholine and other substances, play a regulating blood flow, promote blood circulation and gastric peristalsis and saliva secretion, strengthen the role of metabolism and so on, thus making the energetic, full of youthful vitality.

  4 Painting

Colors of the world is beyond words sometimes can be a woman instantly burning, Van Gogh's fields, the fantasy Matisse, Gauguin's tropical, Fine Arts Museum, quietly letting them silently disappear in the surf with infinite imagination, in the open studio in the red to red to go , with artists soul. You are a response to who is their own loved one, you respond to the call of the colors to witness the eternal moment. Museum of Art is truly amazing in the harsh environment, quiet, static infinite passion.

People tend to appreciate the joy, excitement, or moved. Italy and tested even found that some doctors, the hospital ceiling and wall art paintings and vibrant colors of the patient back to health benefits. Wards the ceiling painted murals, post-operative patients can take advantage of these paintings will soon restore a sense of space and perception. The room is the 18th century building, wall murals of artistic value, these paintings calming people played a reduction in pain, ease emotional role. The use of art and bright colors are not simply hang some paintings in the room can be, but by designers, architects and artists work together on residential design, decorative arts and the atmosphere into the deep places, to give full play to works of art practical significance.

  5 champagne

Champagne drink only when there is more than happy to add to the fun, just like beauty needed some companionship and physical surroundings. "Bang" is heard refreshingly open, is the grand debut, is a strange taste departure journey, sip on a Bijin lips, but for fear of missing a little bit wonderful. Looked like bursts of air bubbles rising from the bottom of the cup like a bead curtain Man on the crystal Qionglu like fingers gently stroked the beautiful lines of glass, who said that the best birth champagne woman's love?

The best temperature for drinking Champagne: Non-Vintage Champagne at about 7-10 ℃ Celsius between the year of champagne is about between 10-12 ℃, as long before drinking champagne into the home of the ice in the ice bucket iced about 20-30 minutes to reach proper temperature to drink.

Slender type or tall tulip-shaped glass of champagne in the most elegant and bring out the champagne, but also better able to maintain the champagne bubbles and aroma. As a regular at the wedding champagne tower is used to stack wide-mouth goblet, although appears to magnanimously, but it is easier to make bubbles in a short time is lost and exhausted, is not very appropriate.

  6 Caviar

Familiar with the restaurant, the piano faintly discernible silver tableware almost hear a slight collision. Caviar was brought in, collections of translucent crystal, in crystal lights and red candles shine, like a black pearl, but also like a garnet. In its mouth, teeth gently Pengpo them very fresh taste of pan-opened after the ambiguous associations rise in my heart: caviar smell, sexy smell, life illusion of Qiongjiang had a little salty, a little fishy, there is a little hard to explain but fascinating.

The so-called caviar, in fact, refers to sturgeon eggs. Currently, worldwide more than 20 types of sturgeon fish, which only produced in the south of Russia and Iran to the north of the Caspian domain Beluga, Asetra, Sevruga three kinds of sturgeon eggs, which can be produced as we know it precious caviar.

As for the eat, the simple and basic principles not to be too heavy, too much pressure over yuan smell of style, but also to avoid the impact of the quality of high-temperature cooking, spoon a spoon directly outside the entrance of the most is the Earned dripping, just grilled white bread , boiled eggs, raw cream, raw leaves, sushi, are also a good match.

  SPA 7
SPA's intention, is Latin for health through water to produce. Petals floating, floating hot air, was filled with the faint aroma of marble soaking tub with your body, like smooth like a fish - like a fish elusive. Your face with Cleopatra's pride: There was a moment that every woman feel beautiful, Mongolia favorite spirits. Love to confuse from the water flow away, hesitation is restrained or regrets? When you come out from the SPA, when everything can happen, God's true.

SPA is the one where deposits of mineral springs, which means there are hot springs where people use natural spring water gush treatment of diseases, improve health, reduce the psychological pressure. SPA is doing the treatment, there must be water treatment, in order to be called a SPA, the same time, it should have an easy nature, music, and the air will be released into the atmosphere with flowers fragrance. It should also be a multiple jet massage tub, all kinds of water column pressure, nozzle size, the three warm and basic equipment boxes, etc., and then stroked through the water to reach the entire body relaxed feeling. Time of tension in the city, so they produced DAY SPA, to people in the city, in just a few hours in the release of the pressure to achieve results.

  8 Massage

Under the fingers of the touching in a strange, in a strong rhythm, like a little snake hibernation elimination of hardness, a little bit to wake up, a little detour to get used to and anxious to fight out of the rebellious passion collusion troubled more and more peace of mind . Skin lazy instead of nervous exhaustion, the blood flow to revitalize the muscle to echo with great accuracy, the body heats up more and more warmer, like volcanic magma surging in the granite under the heat inside the body by inhalation, given tolerance calm reflection wave.

Massage by means acting on the body's muscle form to adjust the various sensory and physical state of the human body. Its mechanism is closely related with a variety of techniques. The right massage can promote blood circulation, to the organization nutritional supplements; increase in oxygen delivery, the promotion of normal cell metabolism; to help the skin excrete waste and carbon dioxide, to reduce the accumulation of oils and fats; so dense and elastic skin; exclusion plot in the skin too much water, eliminating swelling and skin relaxation and effectively delay skin aging; so that the skin nerve relaxation, well-deserved rest and eliminate fatigue, relieve muscle pain and tension, it is refreshed. Thus, in addition to beauty salons to professional skin care and massage, it should be at home to make their own facial massage.

  9 perfume

With the smell of men think that they will be able to identify a woman, what they know, the fragrance exudes the fragrance can be ever-changing, like a private room, designer perfume, shamans, modulated the lure of countless men's secret LSD. Fragrance is just a small part of the conspiracy in love, your brain is the birthplace of sexy. Give the taste of perfume men, perfume bottles hidden in their unknown destination, favorite perfume will always be your next bottle.
0.0000000000001 grams of musk, can really rise to sexual desire, can subconsciously arouse the other's feelings, adjusting incense masters like in their work by adding the pornographic material. In addition, Tuberose obscene stimulus Amboyna can eliminate the tension and implied sexual function of chestnut wood, cinnamon, or lemon scent will inspire confidence. In short, a good perfume can enter the work state of mind can be open, to stimulate the subconscious, so that mental and physical excitement up, while the fragrance through the autonomic nerves affect blood pressure, breathing, circulation and hormones, so that we are excited, excited, calm, or intoxicated.

  10 Sunshine Holiday

Or on the beach, living in the room could see the sea, eating beauty Jalan flavored seafood, swimming in the sea, and friends playing in the water by waves, and then buried in the sand itself up. All-pervasive golden sand dry and warm and comfortable. Then there is the skin that is far from handsome black man walking toward you, rapid heart beat, blurred vision: everything began, each a good start is always the same vigorous charming his voice is the favorite of that imaginary Species:

"Miss, you can help me for some change?" Do you smile to: This is the true reason or excuse to strike up? Oh, today's sunshine terrific!

Holiday has become fashionable to enjoy the sunshine. Sun holidays, unlike so tired of sightseeing hard work, tiring, but the pursuit of comfortable, cozy. It enables a woman to fully appreciate the fun of natural sunlight, thus digestion fast-paced modern society, as a result of intense competition brought about by the work of the physical and mental tension and fatigue, reduce or eliminate the prevalence of high-income segments of the sub-health situation and restore a good living and working condition. Sunshine is a characteristic of holiday travelers general economic conditions are good, the pursuit of comfort, convenience, travel spending more generous time to stay longer

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