Saturday, January 23, 2010

Nine kinds of bad habits hurt your kidneys

In recent years, many people through a variety of drugs to protect kidneys, in fact, the formation of life, a variety of bad eating and living habits are constantly hurt your kidneys, but you just have not noted. So, to protect your kidneys, it is necessary to change the bad eating and living habits begin.

  Do not love to drink water

Most men have no much interest in drinking water, or even do not think it is important, but in fact this would be very likely to cause significant bodily harm. Metabolic wastes in our bodies is mainly handled by the liver and kidneys, accounting for only 1% of body weight of the kidneys have to accept the body 1 / 4 of cardiac output, every minute there will be 1 to 2 liters of blood through the kidneys, therefore, to accept kidney waste is far more than other organs organs. Kidney of the most important mediators in vivo is responsible for water and electrolyte balance, metabolism, physical activity waste, side by side in the urine, but these features in their time, need to have sufficient water to provide additional information.

Solution: develop the habit of drinking more water to dilute the urine, so urine quickly discharged, not only can prevent stones, eating too much salt is also beneficial when the urine smeared out to protect the kidneys.

  Beer drinkers

If you have suffered from kidney-related ailments, but also unrestricted access to a large number of drinking beer, would lead to deposition of uric acid renal obstruction, resulting in kidney failure.

Workaround: If the blood test when there are problems found in kidney, I am afraid at this time has been impaired renal function is not a light, and with other blood tests to understand the kidneys, are not usually on a regular basis, such as urine, because urine is to understand the kidney of the most simple and quick method.

  Inappropriate consumption of vegetables and fruits

Eat more fruits and vegetables healthy, which is most people's conception, but for chronic renal dysfunction of people, they usually are considered fruits and vegetables can help lower blood pressure natural foods containing high-K composition, but would result in their long-term consumption renal damage. In fact, on renal function poor people, potassium is also working components will add to the kidney, right kidney would severely hurt.

Solution: If you are suffering from chronic renal dysfunction, they should pay attention to proper eating fruits and vegetables and avoid impact on the kidneys. Do not drink too strong of vegetable juice, hot pot soup, vegetable soup, catering to light is appropriate.

  Drink water instead of using

Most men do not love the bland boiled water, compared to soft drinks, cola and other carbonated beverages or coffee, drinks, drinking water naturally become the best replacement for him. However, these drinks contain caffeine, often lead to high blood pressure, and high blood pressure, that is an important factor in renal injury.

Solution: try to avoid too much drink in order to replace drinking water, maintain a daily consumption of eight large glass of white water in order to promote the timely discharge toxins from the body.

  Eat too much meat

The U.S. Food Association has suggested that the human daily intake of protein per kilogram of body weight amounted to 0.8 grams, meaning that a person weighing 50 kg, only intake of 40 grams of protein a day, so do not eat extra day, 300 grams of meat so as to avoid causing too much damage to the kidneys.

Solution: If the urine protein found in urine, but also eating too much meat, so the long-term renal function would be compromised. Of meat and soy meal intake should be controlled in the palm of your hand the size of about 0.5 cm in thickness, if there are people with chronic nephritis, this quantity should be further reduced.

  Lan Fu painkillers

Some studies have shown mixed long-term use of analgesics, the body's blood flow velocity will be forced to decrease, so will seriously affect kidney function. In addition, it is noteworthy that the painkiller caused by renal failure patients also more prone to bladder cancer.

Solution: No matter what kind of taking painkillers, only suitable for occasional use can never be long-term use, if long-term need to rely on painkillers, it is necessary to do a thorough examination of medical care.

  Eat too much salt

Salt, is to make a significant factor in kidney burden. The salt in our diet is 95% metabolized by the kidneys, the intake of too much, was forced to increase the burden on the kidneys, and coupled with the sodium salt can cause the body water can not discharge, but also further increase the burden on the kidneys, resulting in impaired renal function.

Solution: The scientific control of daily intake of salt should be less than 6 grams, of which there are 3 grams can be obtained directly from the daily food, so the food should be kept at less than 3-5 grams. It is noteworthy that particularly large number of instant noodles in salt, often people who eat the best food reduction.

  Too much pressure caused by high blood pressure

High blood pressure, has become a major threat to the health of modern people, a large part because life is caused by excessive work pressure, and thus indirectly affect the normal operation of the kidney. Pressure most common symptoms are insomnia, men on average than women, higher blood pressure 5-10 mm Hg, but sleep can cause high blood pressure an average of 2-5 mm Hg.

Workaround: young people are generally very difficult to find their high blood pressure, therefore no matter how old, it is best conducted at regular intervals on a blood pressure measurement, and to prevent excessive pressure on staying up late, and the Ambassador of high blood pressure.

  Consumption of food and medicine of unknown origin

Because eating snake or exotic foods such as grass carp bile caused numerous cases of acute renal failure, many people because of curiosity, or even taking the Chinese medicines to help the blind impotence. In fact, many Chinese medicine contain aristolochic acid composition of renal toxicity, not only will bring enormous harm to the kidney, and some even would harm the body.

Solution: While the fish gall bladder or gall bladder often claims to have aphrodisiac, you can heat the efficacy of detoxification or treatment of acne, but even traditional Chinese medicine used in fish gall bladder or gall bladder, must be specially fabricated in order to clear its toxicity, not blind take

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