Thursday, January 28, 2010

What are the adverse effects of a single long

Rush earthly chaos, and we are eager to fate to come. However, we have the ability to find the other half different, some people left the Tao Huayun easy, and some people are stupid like a toddler baby.

Too long for single days will produce very bad results, the impact is not only your body. Solo for too long, you may not even eligible for the game and finally lost the final to self-inflicted a variety of biological - for example, a look of Frankenstein looked like Brad Pitt.

If you are single have been dating for some time, and often fails, then look for the reasons bar. There are 10 signals that: Are you single years has been too long.

  10th Large-signal: Appointment to abandon you

This is most evident, however, even Valentine's Day because you do not remember which day. February 14 On this day, you have absolutely confuse the situation, do not understand why the red rose suddenly flooding the streets. Valentine's Day is to verify the status of precision single ruler, because this day is what we need most girls. If the last Guoqingrenjie when you wear second-grade overalls, then you really need to study it a bit romantic skills, and that your single days indeed too long.

Another manifestation has been dating is to abandon the old romantic comedy as a source of inspiration for your appointment. If you use these tactics when the people are laughing, it also shows that you have a problem.

  The ninth largest signal: there is no sex life

You not only not dating, usually do not, and the opposite sex, a female friend did not. Female colleagues, and even dodging you and your friends will not talk about women is that they do not find it embarrassing that you do not contribute to this topic.

If you are in contact with the only woman is your mother, then you really need to change the status quo. Very harmful to the long-term maternal effect, especially for an old bachelor is concerned, you will wittingly or unwittingly encountered compared to women and mothers. If your ideal target wearing big flower shirt, burning 70's hair, will help you tuck the quilt at night ... ... hurry to find a psychiatrist bar.

 Eighth-largest signal: despair

Alone is very bad, despair is bad. There are signs we can see that a variant of despair, like a huge octopus, are entrenched in your mind. E-mail like a mail-order bride is one extreme example. No matter how you think, this is actually not that romantic.

Of course, be some other potential indications. Take inflatable doll when the partner is undoubtedly considered one. You should clearly realize that he was not so any longer.

  The seventh largest signal: do not pay attention to etiquette

The impact of women make men look like the book knowledge but I know that some ceremony. In the absence of this effect, the grade would be like a man strayed into a black hole, like an asteroid is gradually disappearing.

First of all, you will be disheveled. Then, table manners have been thrown behind you. Quickly, you eat like a pig compared to the full, and devour, hands and feet, accompanied by belching farting noise. And female colleagues at work, you, regardless of time occasions, with both hands at the crotch Naoyang, finishing underwear in public. This is enough to allow any heterosexual pairs you flinch.

  The sixth largest signal: indulging in sex

Recognition of your biggest entertainment is pornography bar. In the sex shops and adult video stores, you have upgraded to VIP customers, New goods will be for you this "big customer" reservations. If you as a porn star Hilary Swank, Kate Winslet as an actor, which is the performance you are addicted to pornography.

It is time to adjust your preferences in. When the sex entertainment eroded all of your leisure time, the impact of it is very dangerous.
 The fifth-largest signal: counting on science and technology

You gave up looking for a real idea of the female partner to do the hope that the world's advanced science and technology can bring you one. You excitedly attention to the field of biological engineering, the development of every point. In fact, you are not already in the napkin painted a lot of his own blueprint for it?

You may be aware of this hidden desire, but in general it is all hidden in the subconscious. Changes must be made in this way, it is unhealthy.

  The fourth largest signal: people think you are gay

You never stay around in the President does not demonstrate that they are interested in people so that you have other sexual orientation. You probably find that your friends start and his gay cousin out of the same into the same, and people always let you alone with both.

Do not fly into a rage, do not want to discuss what the argument. Now that you have used all the time with friends and leisure, rather than and women, dating, and you can count on someone else how to think?

  The third-largest signal: always wanted too much

Unfortunately, on the sex of Humanity, so that you live in all women love to your false imagined. And the opposite sex every regular contacts have been given a special meaning you.

Automobile restaurant waiter handed you will be burgers and fries, said: "I wish you happiness." You hear is: "I now want you." When the elevator girl's meal on your lips looked a multi-residue do you think it was a passion for watching the soul of communication, and immediately the two began to fantasy sex scenes in the closet.

Every time a friendly nod gestures and politeness are so you feel love, it seems that you are a winner in each round. However, look at your trump card, it is only Zhang J.

  Second signal: in the female face of endless shy

Why do not you and female contacts, the best explanation is that you do not know how to conduct itself in front of them. When you watch the women and that they also found your watch, you feel that you are not pleasing them, but spun them (addicted to pornography, another bad effect). When you just live with a girl for some time, you use some outrageous results of the relationship, for example, the third date, when Jiusong her tight underwear (you are too out of date, as a result of progress in the relationship between the normal forgetting steps).

If this is not enough outrageous, you begin to deal harshly with your girl. Friends in front of you on their Zhuangku, just to prove to other men, you are indifferent to these little girl.

The case again, the real despair will come to you.

  First Large-Signal: Do you find that all women have the wrong

Another single for too long is too critical of adverse effects. You can be found around every woman who shortcomings, in fact most of the criticisms you have no basis in reality. In the most beautiful woman of her, and you can nit-pick: irregular teeth, pores too big, nose too sharp elbows too thin ... ...

Perhaps you had he was a senior critic of the illusion. More likely, you are afraid to pursue female, so fastidious about using these artificial as an excuse

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