Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sleep is adultery, slept of love

All right friends to sit together, they chatted about the derailment of problems. Women will ask, if your wife derailed, and you what will happen? After a few men's study on the unification, the answer is: If that person can bring happiness, I certainly would not stand, I will forever bless you, if you feel tired and come back here I will always be your safe haven. Of course, if the time be able to tear out something, it should be more lethal. Men turn to ask, if your husband derailed, and you what will happen? Ladies, I do not know anything would be as done a good meal cooking in the wine and prescription, enthusiastic Guanjiu until unconscious when taken to the hospital purification, and then in the early morning, when he was out of the house. Finally added that such a well-developed medicine will not be any death of. Kuangyun, not help lamenting: Only bad people and women are also difficult to keep!
  As society continues to open up, no one can guarantee not derailed. The president, too, Hillary charm still exist, but no match for strong Lewinsky's breasts, romantic Clinton, Monica Lewinsky Dan Liuqun finally bowed to the next; Sarkozy's presidential election victory, and his wife Cecilia stood French first lady's seat does not sit, but follow the well-known presenters Richar children run away, though Hussein has taken action to save the marriage, but is still likely to become the first incumbent president to divorce. So in the face of Red Dust, feasting behind, how many people crossed the moral and even legal track, live a different type of emotional life, the society is to frigidity in women and impotence in men also can not guarantee that the spirit is not derailed, there are pen pals that our time is in a "sub-betrayal" era, whether it is "sub-betrayal" or "betrayal" era, the end result is not yet rolled the bed complete the action!
  marriage seven-year itch, men blame Shenmeipilao, so at home as Shuangda of eggplant - fade to. On the outside but inside like the stock bull market in the same firm, so his birthday when he was in his wife, are adults, and also what birthday, bought roses heart also criticize teams and sinister florist flowers up than vegetable market pork faster. And to buy a Valentine's eyes Buzha parked under a gold necklace, and also many years of rhetoric Mianbugaise collection does not jump back out of mind, but also pick up a rare patience, listening Huaqianyuexia nagging lover. Should the change of his wife, as early as the Duke of Zhou as a lullaby would go. Of course, in bed, it is not sour waist, and legs are not numb, no breath of air.
  women, such as tea, Tie Guan Yin Ye Hao, Dahongpao Ye Hao, each have their own taste, do not want to see the water, foam, like Britney Spears, bubble more on the gushing with feelings, and a little man Feel husband's taste, giving the impression is very promiscuous, Valentine's is not gods, a woman afraid of the word. The taste of a woman off the rails a bit tragic, the best there is My Fair Lady in Red Dust waves woman restrained the temptation. "Feelings of emptiness," is a woman off the rails fabricated and the main excuse.
  derailment of the woman is happy, not just this man, as long as you want, Valentine's Day roses sent a car there; derailing this woman innocently, and knowing that this man deceptive rhetoric, but still beat Zhou Yu Huang cover - a wish to say that one Yuan Ting; Gengrang tempting a woman is not just this man is simply nagging the Recycle Bin, how can you all accept nagging.
  do anything to be Shichuyouming, Liangshan hero whose reputation is also doing Bandit rebels, saying: behalf of Heaven. Derailment still have to Shichuyouming, they fight under the banner of love, as if their marriages are the same as innocent hard sell. To put it plainly, and sexual passion that is their most "great" love, but love the name of running off the track and they all know that once the appearance Sri Lanka abide by the final result is split, so it is rarely those who would be derailed because of true love to enter the marriage siege. The so-called love is only under the condemnation of the moral and legal constraints, to this dew Food of Love just vanishing cream coated with a layer of beauty.
  Speaking of love, the people, then the most straightforward and most truth: sleep is adultery, did not sleep that is love. Lovers and Liangshanpo as people, this is love, is sung through the ages. Bryant shuttling between the court and the court is adultery, but also prove a "heartless bitch", that is truth.
  then derailed people have no love, there is, after all, less the cost was great. More of a flirtation of adultery. When the derailment phenomenon of the impact of our continued attention, let some people know what to do: how life has become such a time, a loss is good or bad people. When the moral not to restrain people's behavior when, is not it should calm down and thought about it. Possibly, the phenomenon of today's derailment is still in the "sub-betrayal" era, but the derailment of the high divorce rate, for bringing harm to society caused by discordant voices, but also can not help but worry

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