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Health Analysis: We are eating each day the number of food additives

In recent years, due to Sudan, melamine, clenbuterol and other illegal for non-food substances added to food safety issues raised so that people can see a "food Add" words on the nerves.

  What are the diet additives

In fact, three meals a day is very difficult to completely avoid food additives. If the state allows the use of the species, dose and scope of compliance, under normal circumstances the body will not have a significant risk

早餐. Nowadays a lot of milk, bread as a breakfast combination of white-collar workers. Pure milk in theory there is no food additives, but the additive is a wide variety of bread, which may have added to the flour-oxidants, emulsifiers, mildew, yeast nutrients, enzymes, nutrition enhancer, pigment, flavor, etc., involving up to 20 kinds of compounds.

However, if you eat a traditional Chinese hand-made breakfast, which contains additives will be much smaller. Take "+ milk + tea eggs, steamed buns," a combination of terms, which may have a maximum of only flour additive oxidant benzoyl peroxide, medium, and sodium bicarbonate used in the dough (baking soda) and sodium glutamate (MSG). If eating fried dough sticks, then, it may contain alum.

Lunch and dinner. If you are diligent enough to buy a home the fresh cooking ingredients to do so, daily intake of food additives is very less. But seasoning was also intended as food additives. FAN Zhi-hong said. Such as chicken and meat containing refined sodium glutamate, flavor nucleotides disodium, edible spices, pigments. Complex soup, sauce, seasoning powder packs contain more food additives. Take now doing advertising material for the overwhelming flavor soups, which have a variety of flavor enhancers, food flavor, thickener, acidity regulator, turmeric pigments. FAN Zhi-Tip, if you use semi-finished products for cooking, then eat the food additive will be more. Many housewives habit of canned ham, or other type of food and vegetables along with fried, and these foods would have complex phosphates aquasorb absorb water plant gum, with antiseptic and hair color and the role of nitrite, sodium erythorbate, Monascus pigment, milk, preservatives including Nisin.

Snacks and beverages. Snacks and drinks are the most young people love the food, but also the gathering of food additives. FAN Zhi-hong, said: "The more long shelf life, and excellent taste, color, beautiful, open the package will be able to eat the food, the more indispensable in the ingredients in the food additive." Potato chips may contain: sodium glutamate, sodium diacetate, citric acid, tartaric acid, anti-caking agent, monoglycerides, phosphate, β-carotene and so on more than ten kinds. The crisp cookies will certainly want to add complex leavening agent, is also frequently used sweeteners, emulsifiers, antioxidants, pigments, and flavorings. A variety of candied fruit is a cluster of sweeteners and preservatives, and some colored candy is the crowding together of various colors and flavors of the local children.

  Rough doing we eat per day hundreds of kinds of food additives, but this is only a basic amount.

  The additive was not "illegal additives"

In the recently adopted "Food Safety Law" is defined food additives: the "means to improve food quality and color, smell and taste as well as anti-corrosion, preservation and processing technology to join the food needs of synthetic or natural material . " However, these chemicals are often misunderstood is that we have raised food safety issues, "Sudan Red", "Clenbuterol", "melamine" and so on, so some experts believe that "food additives back a black mark against them for illegal additives." In fact, for processed foods, many food additives are essential, such as low-salt pickles and soy sauce in the preservative, instant noodles and a variety of cookies and other snacks in the anti-oxidants, as well as to prevent the bread and mildew in propionate and so on.

A large-scale modern food industry, is built on the basis of food additives. If you really do not join the food additives, I'm afraid the majority of processed foods, can become an ugly, distasteful, it is today. Some experts believe that the provisions of China's food additive, or more conservative, and it is safe. Any country on the use of additives, there are stringent requirements to implement the 'list system allows the use of', China is no exception. Many in the United States allow the use of food additives, and does not appear in China's list. Compared with Europe and the United States and other countries, Asians fears of food additives is much stronger. Asian Food Information Center told, including China, Indonesia, Thailand and other countries carried out a survey showed that the vast majority of people think that food additives is the biggest or the most concerned about food safety problems. However, in Europe and the United States and other countries, this concern does not exist. "

So, why not let the Chinese people on food additives, such a worry? The following three main reasons: First, the negative media coverage in the press too much speculation, for example, referred to as "saccharin toxic", etc. There are also media practitioners themselves mistakenly "illegal additives" is equivalent to the problem of food additives; second part of the enterprises to meet consumer psychology, play in this product "does not contain any additives," "no preservatives, coloring," confused the guise of ordinary people, people mistakenly think that these things are harmful; third, the government, experts, the interpretation of negative information on the additives go far enough. "If a problem, even if it is not the fault of food additives, at least explain to the public 10 times to be effective, but we sometimes even we can not do it again."

Although China's food additives do not cost a precious life, does not mean there is no problem. The most conservative estimate, there are approximately 500,000 food production and processing enterprises, mostly small businesses, use of food additives in the process, prone to excessive use of ultra-range or problems.

  How to avoid excessive intake of

Although food additives are very safe material, but if you are still a bit worried about it, then FAN Zhi cautioned that there are ways to reduce the intake of additives:

To buy raw materials, make their own home. The best way is to buy food materials to go home, do it yourself. A drink than to eat fruit (but not advocate juice). Should also be eating highly processed foods such as potato chips, cookies, sent, etc. (halogen is not highly processed products and pickled vegetables, though a bit dangerous, but they are not much used by the additive). Roadside stalls throughout the barbecue, cooked meat products such as better not to eat because of the lack of supervision, by adding non-food substances or misuse of food additives opportunity is relatively large. To select the rich in all kinds of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in food, if in accordance with this principle, a number of additives can also be excluded.

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