Friday, January 22, 2010

Women Zhangdou or harbinger of disease

Often hear girls over the age of 25 complained of Changdou, some say that they do not Changdou for several years, and how suddenly begins to grow up. Let's first take a look at the location of the predicted Zhangdou different reasons.

Acne different positions, the specific reasons are not the same

Forehead acne often long and may be endocrine disorders. Such as menstrual disorders, eating hormone-containing supplements, etc.; Another example is a breast lump, uterine fibroids who already abnormal hormone levels, eat beans can cause hormonal high, easy-Doudou;

Long chin acne, mostly by eating spicy, fatty food-borne. Because the human digestive system, gastrointestinal meridian map in the chin skin, gastrointestinal discomfort, jaw there is performance;

Long nose acne and get angry about. Eat a lot of fried, fatty things, congenital physical side who will be hot on the nose long acne.

The cheek on the long-Doudou, probably by a bad mood, stay up late and so induced. Because emotions directly affect the liver and gallbladder, liver and gallbladder meridians through the cheek, emotional anxiety and tension before menstruation can cause liver qi stasis.

30, 40-year-old woman Zhangdou is likely to be reflected in the body lesions

30,40-year-old woman in the face of acne and grow a big difference in their twenties, when he was young acne mostly excessive hormone secretion or caused by excessive secretion of oils and fats, while the approach that is carefully and face wash clean, then rub points, anti-acne medicine will soon be well, may be 30,40-year-old woman's acne treatment together is not that simple.

"40-year-old woman Zhangdou endocrine disorders, a relatively high level of androgen, estrogen levels are declining, but here the situation is more complicated." Ruled out the diet, after the spiritual and other factors, uterine fibroids, ovarian dysfunction , irregular menstruation, etc. will affect the endocrine. For example there is a kind of endocrine disorder polycystic ovary syndrome is caused by ovarian lesions, bilateral polycystic ovaries was increased in patients with an increase in the body because the male hormone secretion, clinical symptoms of acne, hirsutism, irregular menstruation and so on.

Liver depression and Qi stagnation is the 30-40 year-old woman out of a situation often, but also affect the endocrine disorders, liver depression should first conditioning smoother this time, and in order to cure. Conditioning liver Qi stagnation, with the traditional Chinese medicine is the best way, but now they made the simple tea bag, such as the Xinan tea is a good response to a product everyone. At the same time, maintain a good mood, more communication with people is very important.

In addition, there are many other triggers, such as work pressure, stay up late and lifestyle is not normal, eating disorders, emotional instability, but also produced an important reason for acne. Proposed 30,40-year-old woman who is old and a long face acne, it is best to look up the reasons for the hospital.

Prevention Tips:

 Food taboos:  
1, high-fat groups: fried or greasy foods;

2, high-sugar: cake, chocolate, ice cream, candy, preserves and other sweets;

3, high-carbohydrate: potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc.;

4, over-sweet fruits: watermelon, sugar cane, etc.;

5. Spicy spicy food and alcohol.


1, maintaining regular work schedules, less stay up all night to ensure the quality of sleep;

2, eat high-fiber foods, drink plenty of water to keep the stool smooth;

3, do not have access to computers a long time in order to avoid excessive radiation.


  Skin Care:

1, choose a suitable cleansing product, wash with warm water, 2 or 3 times a day is appropriate;

2, do not squeeze with your fingers lesions;

3, disable the topical ointment containing hormones;

4, using fresh, or more delicate texture of skin care products, avoid using powder type cosmetic cover to prevent blockage of hair follicles.

 Mood adjustment:

1, not be so anxious and actively cooperate with medical treatment using combined Chinese and Western medicine treatment course of 3-6 months;
2, adjusting the mindset, to reduce the pressure of work and life, so as not to increase the endocrine disorder;

3, work and rest for a happy and maintain optimism.

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