Saturday, January 30, 2010

Gold breakfast must have four elements

Breakfast time "is not the best effort we can fortification period," the U.S. Penn State University nutrition professor Barbara Rolls said, "give themselves a bowl of cereal costs simply can not be long."

A healthy breakfast meal of gold must have the following four elements.

1, a number of multi-fiber intake. Study confirmed that resistance to digestion of high fiber foods can easily gave people a feeling of fullness. Several studies in 2001 found that if more than a day of fiber intake of 29 grams of about 4 months, body weight will reduce the nearly 4 pounds. Both cereals contain fiber and is very delicious, and the same time, the heart of the experts also recommended adult daily intake of 25-30 grams fiber.

2, enrich your breakfast. Rawls suggested that when you eat cereal with low-fat milk, also add some fruit. Fruit is not only nutritious, in a note to bring you a sense of fullness at the same time does not increase too much heat. Study confirmed that the use of such measures to increase food intake not only to meet the appetite, but also can achieve the effect of diet. If food is relatively thick, some, who feel that they eat a meal are more common.

  3, more intake of some proteins. It seems the nutritionist, protein, called the breakfast of choice, research confirmed that the protein-rich food could easily satisfy the people, have significantly reduced the calorie intake. In 2005, the research staff to 19 for adults for as long as 12 weeks of the experiment, they found that protein content of the diet accounted for 30% of the people, than those in the diet protein content of only 15% of the daily intake of less 440 calories a day. Experts recommend that people drink a mixture of milk or soy milk beverage, in which the added whey protein powder. Fruit and whole-wheat cereal, toast or muffins are an excellent choice

4, sugar and refined cereal consumption should be controlled. Experts recommend that people eat eggs at breakfast, oats, or bran tablets that slowly release heat food, but do not choose corn flakes because it wanted to keep the mind agile. In 2003, in the 106 female college students, tests found that if you eat breakfast slow release of glucose, memory will be relatively strong. This is most likely because these foods contain protein and fiber slow down the release rate of glucose, which then eliminates the level of blood glucose and insulin instability. Since the glucose and insulin to avoid the occurrence of the phenomenon of transient increased, it is no wonder that people would say that eating whole grain foods can contribute to weight loss and mortality

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