Friday, January 22, 2010

Women diet to lose weight or lead to memory loss

In order to maintain the slim shape, many women have been very thin, or eat very little, always worried that it will eat a little fat, and even some people will eat a little one to go to the bathroom on their own vomit, this phenomenon is very worrying, Tun did not know of course, will increase the fat, eat more than an annoyance, but eating too little can cause a lot of trouble.

British researchers concluded that the adoption of a scientific research results, those who successfully minus the waist a few inches of fat people who diet to lose weight, but also risked the danger of the loss of an important memory cells.

The researchers had 55 women in the health effects of diet on the brain research, 13 people are dieting to lose weight, women who participate in research experiments, accept the dieting behavior and diet, body too, concerned about the degree of body image assessment and measurement, and then test its response to identify the number of pairs of single. The results found that women who diet than the slow reaction, memory poor, especially those committed to a diet to lose weight will become forgetful, and even simple task like this can not cope.

One researcher said: "In an interview with the experiment of women, diet and body were cut the oldest the most people, the worst." The reason for dieting to lose weight may cause damage to the brain.

A large number of medical studies suggest that dieting to lose weight because of eating the return of reduced intake of protein, fat, vitamins and minerals, nutrition is also reduced. The anti-fat in the lecithin, cephalin, sphingomyelin, etc. in the protein amino acids, such as styrene-acrylic acid, leucine, histidine, etc. For, as well as vitamins a, b, c and calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and other substances, either directly or indirectly involved in the composition and organization of the brain cells, metabolism, and mental development are closely linked. Thus, women blind diet detrimental to the brain, the negative study, work and life.

Brought about more than just memory loss diet, but also have the following consequences, so Baicao to remind our friends to be alert to diet啦!

  A large number of hair loss

On the body too thin for people who have body fat and protein shortage, so frequent shedding hair, loss of luster. If the excessive dieting, hair, lack of adequate nutrition supplies, including a lack of iron intake, it will brown matt, leading to a large number of hair loss.


Body lean women the incidence of hip fractures than the standard weight of females more than doubled, it is too thin because the body estrogen levels in the human body under influence of calcium and bone, unable to maintain normal bone density, therefore prone to bone osteoporosis, and fractures.


To starvation weight loss women often feel loss of appetite, flatulence, pain, it could be a sign of ptosis of the stomach. Gastroptosis obviously are common abdominal discomfort, fullness, heavy fall flu, in the postprandial symptoms get worse when standing or exertion. Accompanied by a serious Shihai gastroptosis liver, kidney, colon and other organs sag phenomenon.


Do not have enough muscle or fat to protect the uterus from its normal position easily fall along the vagina, cervix sagging, and even vaginal prolapse in extraoral form a prolapsed uterus. Serious infections may also lead to cervical mouth, and even cervicitis.


Because of excessive weight loss caused by endocrine disorders, leading to irregular menstruation or menopause, leading to infertility, to a serious impact on normal life.


Makes a balanced nutritional intake is not iron, folic acid, vitamin B12 intake of substances such as blood insufficient; eat less, basal metabolic rate is lower than the common people, so gastro-intestinal movement slower, less gastric acid secretion and affect nutrient absorption. These are the main cause of anemia

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