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Men how to nutritional supplements based on age?

An additional 20-year-old, when the energy

Physical characteristics: in the physical development of the golden phase of bone has been completely formed and grow stronger and stronger. During this period the quality of the man is superb, especially a good move, while a heavier mental energy makes the body more material consumption.

Nutrient supply recommendations: nutritional supply to the main function of a robust physique, it is necessary to guarantee "quality" and also guarantee "quantity." Want to eat sufficient staple food, rich in non-staple food to complement a variety of minerals and vitamins. How to choose vitamin-mineral supplements and vitamin supplements VS a normal diet would also like to do?

Nutritional fortification proposal:

Chromium (CHROMIUM): This essential life-sustaining minerals can lower cholesterol levels and increase a man's endurance, but also can make a man love bodybuilding muscle growth and reduce fat. Need to intake: ordinary men need at least 50 mg of chromium per day, and good sports men need 100 to 200 mg. Tonic ways: taking a multi-dimensional mineral chromium mixture, tablets or enhance chromium yeast for brewing.

Vitamin A (VITAMINA): Vitamin A has the physical health of bone, improve immunity and anti-cancer effects, the protection of eyesight is also very useful. Need to intake: a man of vitamin A, the normal daily intake of 1000 mg. Tonic ways: half a bowl of steamed carrots on the vitamin A content of up to 4000 mg. There are foods rich in vitamin A, liver, dairy products, fish, tomato, apricot and melon.

Recommended dishes: stewed foot circle: Zhushou the biggest feature is the glial contain animal protein, can add more energy, and the sweet salt of cool, fresh and not impatient. Zhushou ruddy soft rotten, thicken after Zhushou show bright color and attractive enough to appetite.

30-year-old sub-health regulation

First Cece you have sub-health?

Physical characteristics: physical condition of the basic shape, whether the period after the peak of health, vary. 30-year-old man is in the eating, when everything incense today, "Chongqing hot pot," tomorrow "boiled fish", the day after tomorrow, "Xiang Laxie"; often at night to drink draft beer until midnight. In short, whether spicy, sour, and hemp, and regardless of fit is not suitable for them, anyway, were all put into the stomach, is the so-called "young people to find disease, old age and illness to find people."

Nutrient supply proposed: It should be through good eating habits and healthy living habits to ensure good health. According to the standard dietary pattern of Chinese residents, the proposed 30-year-old man has to strive for food in the diet diversity; thickness of the mix; three meals a day is reasonable; hunger and eat properly; oil amount; amount of salt; sweets small; alcohol moderation.

Nutritional fortification proposal:

Vitamin B6 (VITAMINB6): This body essential nutrients to enhance immunity and have a good effect, it can prevent skin cancer and bladder cancer. Vitamin B6 is not suffering from kidney stones to protect patients, but also has curative effect on insomnia. Need to intake: only 2 mg per day of vitamin B6, equivalent to about 2 large bananas content. Regular exercise of men consuming more vitamin B6 should be more to add a few milligrams, but the maximum daily intake should not exceed 50 mg. Tonic channels: 2 large bananas a day should be sufficient. Foods rich in vitamin B6 are chicken, fish, animal liver, potatoes, avocados and sunflower seeds.

Vitamin E (VITAMINE): prevention of disease, improve immunity of the most powerful weapon. Can lower cholesterol, prevent the buildup of platelets in arteries gets rid of impurities, to prevent cataracts. Need to intake: 10 mg per day. Tonic channels: foods rich in vitamin E, almonds, peanuts and pecans. In order to obtain enough vitamin E, vitamin E tablets simultaneously.

Recommended dishes: colorful shrimp: Shrimp Ren the oil, the "fried" cooking, thicken. At this point, crisp shrimp, accompanied by corn, carrots, delicious and tasty. Shrimp and warm, sweet, Chinese medicine, there are kidney aphrodisiac, appetizer of the effectiveness of the eat less fatigue, stomach weakness, Yaoxisuanruan and other symptoms of great benefit.

40-year-old fight against savings of "volcano"

Physical characteristics: 40-year-old man is at the peak of their career. But it is equally noteworthy is that this stage is the formation period of the disease because of physiological functions began to fall from the peak, some organs began to decline, and many diseases are emerging at this time, or the outbreak. So, not so much a man 41 to spend, might as well say a man 41 Hom. The Jilao, such as thermal storage for many years, "volcano" could erupt at any time. "Chronic fatigue syndrome" is the end as the 40-year-old man, back pains, drowsiness, memory loss, nocturia increased, loss of appetite, sexual desire chain reaction sluggish, and many other psychological anxiety symptoms. Continues, the stomach, coronary heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, prostatic hypertrophy have anything to do with himself.

Nutrient supply recommendations: prevention and treatment of various chronic diseases to become the top priority at this stage nutrient tonic. Dietary diversification, in order to cereal-based; eat more vegetables, fruit and potato; eat milk, dry beans and dairy products; eat the right amount of fish, poultry, eggs, lean meat, less Chi Feirou and Hun You; to be salt and light; the same time drinking limit. The health benefits grain cereals VS how much salt to eat healthy every day.

Nutritional fortification proposal:

Cellulose (FIBER): rich in high-fiber diet can accelerate intestinal clearance of toxins and carcinogens, reducing the incidence of colon cancer (colon cancer in men susceptible to the third); dietary fiber can be control of diabetes sugar index, lipid-lowering blood pressure; be able to increase peristalsis, stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria to treat constipation, which will help to improve gastrointestinal function; also be able to clear the bile excretion, a stable proportion of bile components. Dietary fiber is divided into insoluble dietary fiber and soluble dietary fiber types. Insoluble dietary fiber mainly in vegetables, the main function is to give people a sense of fullness and delayed gastric emptying time; soluble dietary fiber found primarily in oats, konjac, buckwheat, fruit and other foods, it is absorbent strong, can delay and reduction in sugar, fat absorption speed and absorption, reduces the postprandial blood glucose. Need to intake: the ideal daily intake is 18 to 35 grams, equivalent to about 500 grams of vegetables. Tonic ways: more foods containing fiber whole wheat bread, black rice, strawberry, pear and a variety of stem edible vegetables, such as broccoli and carrots.

Magnesium (MAGNESIUM): magnesium intake of normal can reduce the incidence of heart disease, lower blood pressure. Magnesium can also enhance the reproductive capacity, due to their ability to improve the vitality of sperm in semen. Need to intake: meal, including two bowls of cereal plus skim milk and a banana for breakfast available in the daily magnesium requirement of 2 / 3. Tonic ways: Kaobai Shu, legumes, nuts, oat cakes, peanut butter, green leafy vegetables and seafood are rich in magnesium.

Recommended dishes: Western Black Pepper Beef: Beef can provide a large number of heat energy, is rich in protein, essential amino acids, peptides. Their sexual temperature, sweet, with a spleen and stomach, benefit qi and blood, strong bones and muscles of the efficacy of coronary artery disease suitable for human consumption.

45 ~ 60 years of age to the time most people only understand the regulation and supplementary nutrition to their bodies how important it is. Therefore, according to the illness and physical health of a reasonable diet. Such as for Alzheimer's disease, we recommend eating food containing antioxidants vitamin E foods, can reduce the symptoms of development; high blood pressure must eat less salt, eating potassium-rich foods, such as stem apricots, beans and dried fruit. In the diet to increase fruit and vegetable components, reducing meat intake, fat intake should be reduced by 30%.

60 ~ 65 years old and middle-aged nutrition requirements the same, but requires less heat, require vitamin D. Elderly edible fats, protein, carbohydrate ratio is almost the same for adults.

Over 65 people in this age group lack of magnesium and potassium, and some elderly people have a lack of vitamin C, iron, vitamin D, β-carotene, and most of the B vitamins. Recommended fruits, vegetables, vegetable oil, cellulose, oily fish and low in fat and animal meat

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