Sunday, January 31, 2010

Little trouble from frostbite in winter coup

Frostbite is a well-known winter common skin disease, though not a serious disease, but can seriously affect the work, study and rest. Therefore, knowledge about prevention and treatment is necessary.

Frostbite is mainly a long-term cold (10 degrees or less) applied to the skin walls have cold after the subcutaneous artery contraction and expansion of long-standing paralysis of the blood vessels, venous stasis, so that localized poor circulation, cause malnutrition, organization, and even tissue necrosis can occur. This disease is cured in the exposure and the site of poor peripheral circulation, hair fingers, back of hands, face, dorsum, foot edge. Heel, ear, etc..

According to severity is generally divided into three degrees to frostbite.

Once: start can be due to a temporary leakage, color purple, or green. Can be accompanied by edema, cold touch of a cool feeling. At this point the event of warm, color can be converted to redness, swelling, and the emergence of itching, pain.

SECOND: If the cold and heavy, small artery contraction time is too long, tissue injury aggravated in the blisters occur on the basis of erythema, or bullae, content, clarity, blisters formed after breaking erosion leaking fluid or scab.

Three times: As the cold and heavy and the weave necrosis and the formation of ulcers.

In general, the typical frostbite can easily be recognized, but the symptoms and recover from illness is not a typical case of the Department should pay attention to and erythema multiforme, erythema, lupus, erythema nodosum, erythema induration differentiated from other skin diseases.

Due to lack of exercise over the disease, local humidity, local skin pressure, cold temperatures warm mutation, obesity and malnutrition and other factors hair, so preventive measures should be developed for these reasons, it is necessary the following aspects:

1, early winter weather suddenly getting colder at this time of the most vulnerable to frostbite, paying particular attention to warm, especially the site of frostbite occurred in previous years.

2, persist in physical exercise, can improve the whole body blood circulation, improve the capacity and the body's resistance to cold, is the best way to prevent frostbite.

3, adhere to wash their hands with cold water, wash face, feet, or cold bath, winter swimming, etc. can obviously necessary to avoid the Ministry of judgments blood circulation, improve cold tolerance.

4, wear a spacious and comfortable, sweat resistant and the insole seepage to keep dry, avoid local compression.

5, as in a cold environment in the time is too long, such as biking to go out, go home soaked in cold and warm water immediately after the remote and local compression of the Department of heavier accompanied by, or rub massage ways to strengthen local friction and movement, to rapidly improve local blood circulation.

6, better nutrition, attention to weight reduction is an important part of prevention of frostbite.

The event of a treatment as soon as possible to strengthen the thermal cut out to prevent disease progression. Once frostbite may be 3% tincture of iodine partial erasure and massage a day several times, effective. 5% camphor or alcohol, turpentine, pepper tincture (fresh pepper 3 - 5 only on 75% alcohol or 250 grams of white wine, the seal 7 days branding for such erasure and massage affected area. Or cold water (10 degrees Celsius ), water (38 long or so) alternately soaked, daily number of production and marketing. can also be used garlic stems, eggplant stalks, chilli stalks first boiling water until the water temperature dropped to 40 degrees when the thermal bath, 1-2 times a day . second degree, three degree frostbite should be treated under the guidance of a doctor in order to avoid infection, so that disease progression

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