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100 strokes for a woman with less than a decent life

For in addition to their financial backing there is no other single women, the money events, how frugal life is also a decent first-class events fine. Remember that frugality is not Koumen, thrift, you can live in a face-saving. MISS now tell you how to spend money on knife's edge, how can you have in the bank keeps the case alive Youziyouwei high, there are norm-like.

Province, one of money than earn money, a lot easier, saving 10 percent of their daily expenses, life in fact has not changed. Compared with the open-source, cutting much easier, you do not need to lose time to spend with friends and family, but also not advocating that we have lowered their goals, on the contrary, in fact, hope that we demand of life, and then increased a little. What we need is just some small skill, time and money spent on those who really want and value for money on things, rather than wasted on useless place. Once we have done this, you will find: thrift, is in fact pieces of a happy thing.

The details of the training course, before that a few general principles of

1. Monthly salary after picking up the first thing is to save as on a regular basis as part of salary. As for how much per cent, on his own to master it, but do not be less than 10%, otherwise the matter no meaning.

2. To make friends to be careful. Your circle and to a large extent influence your consumption. To pay more have a goodHabitsFriend, not just those wild spending to pay for fashion, in order to chase famous as the face of a friend. Regardless of their actual spending power and blind comparisons can only lead to "deficit." In addition, do not make friends, and a stingy man, do not easily lend money to a friend.

3. Perhaps you disdain of men as ATM, but do not become a man's ATM.

4. To set ourselves a goal. For example, within a year to buy fur, within two years, a car, buy a house within five years.

Next, MISS is necessary to the details set out. Start learning bar.


Thought of your monthly spend to purchase a variety of magazines How much money? In fact, a few thought that the magazine can be like MISS this really make you happy also teach you do to save money? Those thick heavy magazines may simply be useless to send you a little cosmetic bag, do you not also a drawer is still a few useless packets 10 do do? Now that your friends or colleagues will buy it, why not view? Also, do not look at what is the relationship? Do not worry about keep up with the pace of fashion home with google, no worries about everything.

- If you see the magazine as "a letter that brings in gifts" and other similar words, do not believe it. This does not trouble, but also have much to gain.

- ADSL at home will be changed monthly timing. This at least has two advantages --

1. Saving. You do not have the money in order to recover the cost of monthly night driving DOWN the computer stuff.

2. Do not waste time. Do not sit in front of the computer all night, you have a lot of time to do something else. Even if it is to sleep, this was the mostAffordable beautyMethod.

- I remember the door to be locked out all the lights, if the fear ofHome late at nightWhen the door will be afraid, put all the lights are replaced by energy-saving light bulbs.

- If possible, put all the appliances are replaced with energy-saving type.

  We help you count pen off

  Lamp:An ordinary 40-watt incandescent bulb 1.5 to 3.5 yuan, the same intensity 8-watt energy-saving lamps of 10 yuan. 6 hours daily light meter, 8-watt energy-saving lamp energy saving 70 degrees each year, one-year savings of 40 yuan. Considering the life, the ability to save money more.

  Electric Ice箱:In the same material, the same volume, the same level and function of circumstances, a energy-efficient refrigerators in general higher than the average refrigerator 300 yuan ~ 800 yuan. However, the daily consumption of 0.5 degrees was 0.9 degree energy-efficient refrigerators and power consumption compared to ordinary refrigerator in one day would save 0.4 kWh a year, savings of around 89 yuan.

  Air Conditioning:Present in the same specification, general air-conditioning and energy-saving inverter air conditioner, but the difference between a few hundred dollars. A total of summer and winter by running 120 days, 5 hours per day boot count, power 2500 watts, 3.0 EER energy-saving air-conditioning and energy efficiency ratio of 2.5 the ordinary hanging air-conditioning compared to a year can be saved more than 180 yuan, energy-saving air-conditioning than the ordinary 1.5P Hanging Air Conditioning fixed speed can save 120 yuan each year.

  Washing Machine:Under the same capacity, water-saving washing machines difference with ordinary washing machine around 500 yuan. To 5 kg capacity, washing three times per week on average terms, water-saving 7.2 cubic meters a year, saving water around 12 yuan. With ordinary cylinder washing machine, do not use rollers, at least you suddenly think there are clothes to put to it without not open the door.

  Toilet:Domestic prices in the 6 liters flush toilet 700 ~ 900 yuan, mid-range 3 / 6 liters dual-use toilet prices in the 750 ~ 1,100 yuan. 3 per person per day in order to flush 5 times total, 6-liter toilet more than 9 liters per month can save 2.24 yuan, a year with the double bond can save 27 ~ 40. That can automatically high-tech products such as washing their bottoms a good husband you have married after the re-use passes.

  - Looking for part-time job.For example, on Taobao open a shop, things will be useless at home on the web, maybe next month you can buy that piece admire the long coat. Part-time office workers is a common phenomenon. Part-time jobs and there is need, according to their ability, the opportunities may be. However, regardless of any part-time, can exercise capacity, gain experience, but also you can accumulate a certain amount of capital, not occupation working hours, do not give up the current work, just to make up for office workers who want to venture a short board, can be said to achieve both objectives a good thing. However, when part-time office workers in the choice, we must pay attention with their expertise and direction for the future development of combination.Part-timeTheir own businesses in order to shorten the distance, shorten the distance between migrant workers to the bosses, if plunged into the part-time and part-time, petty profits preoccupied with the immediate point, but forget the exercise of their abilities and resources to the accumulation, then a little bit not worth the candle of.

- Smoking, alcohol.


- Do not eat snacks, chewing gum may be necessary, but even the bar chips, 200 grams of potato chips calories you need 5 hours of shopping can be consumed. Who packed colorful delicious, natural enemies of those who actually lose weight, healthy stumbling block. Moreover, the fool all know how expensive weight-loss drug.

- When dining out package, can be used as a lunch the next day.

- Who can treat you to dinner. An hour or two of time can have bored it?

- Try to cook their own food. As a friend to come over to dinner. Before inviting the guests, go to the supermarket to buy ordinary红Wine, go home later loaded into a beautiful bottle of red wine based wine vessel or advanced. Do not worry, no one drank out of, unless he is a wine expert. Also, do not read this magazine people do not think you would do so.

- Having spoken at home, the guests, on the way, tableware, home purchase and the details of layout, it is very important. Fine bone china tableware store inside the bar, the price is also nice. However, trade tableware shop can be purchased only half the price. Believe me, this will make your family dinner is particularly lovely. And even if the dishes do not taste so good, put this tableware years, and large restaurants have become as attractive in the dishes.

- Buy a full set of the Nordic home is not necessary, the details of the office in order to see a person's taste. Usually look at the life of many types of television programs, I believe they have two hands, turning waste into treasure just around the corner.

- Do not go to the supermarket to buy food, go to farms to buy food when they should not wear too dressed, inconvenience, and will be vendors make exorbitant demands.

- Let food counters keep almost empty state. You can eat how much? Waste food is a waste of money, but also quite shameful.

- Do not buy an off-season fruits, such as the winter strawberries and watermelon. Did not benefit the body. Know what the best fruit on the body do? 5 money samgun National Light - know what is the best Do? Their own pot of soup and make their own mask, as well as adequate sleep.


First of all want to emphasize that, never self-indulgent emotional bad time to shopping malls or supermarkets. There are many ways to vent, or very little money, a lot of flowers will be able to achieve the desired effect method, Shuabao credit card, will only make us more than the pain of the addition of the anxiety. If you do not worry about the credit cards, no money, then why has read this article?

- Go to the supermarket before you spend an hour carefully to confirm what to buy their own in the end, and written on a notepad. Prior to the closing, if we find that he is indeed a shopping list in accordance with the implementation of the shopping, you can reward yourself a little luxury, such as on the checkout near the exit of the small piece of chocolate.

- You stand on paper towels and toilet paper to the first counter carefully calculated what brand more cost-effective, no one would laugh at you, Faye Wong also've done it.

- Shampoo, soap, washing powder ... ... be able to buy "Family Pack"And bought home equipment.

- Go to the supermarket, when to bring a small calculator. There are newspaper discount coupons.

- Let's talk about the non-daily shopping, for example, to the mall SHOPPING. This inside knowledge is even greater.

We all like to go crazy when the discount mall shopping, but at this moment, is more sensible than the bulging wallet is what we need. Like go to the supermarket, like before, so at the mall also has to consider carefully their own in the end what is required. Original price 1,800 yuan a pair of boots to buy now only 500 yuan, I really attractive right? Think about your closet in the end there are no clothes to match, if not, do not even try all trial. Miss eloquence and shopping guide to buy cheap goods, pleasure is not worth the money 500.

- Pay close attention to your liking, but then can not afford the clothes, the reduction of the time flew win.

- Do not buy off-season fruit, but it can buy off-season clothes.

- When shopping, make full use of Card. Many credit cards have discounts in many counters. But do not believe that "interest-free installments."

- Instead of buying body sculpting underwear, we might sum of money to report a fitness program.

- In the counter test clothes do not need to spend money. After a good try at the counter on to the small shop Amoy style is almost exactly the same.

- Do not buy clothes off trying to learn on-line losses than gains. If you insist on this, I suggest you buy online you really tried that in reality, and know the size of the numbers and texture, and the price cheaper than the mall thing. Do not believe the photos. A few days ago one of our editors on freeloaders on Taobao 30 yuan to buy a piece of the bikini, it looks very beautiful picture - but get the kind found only a slight one movement, immediately3:00 absolutely shattered. 30 money just to fly.

- Available online to buy daily necessities, the small things. Remember shop around.

- Available online buy 12 brands of small accessories, such as key cases - LV, even if we had thousands of blocks it, you can not say for sure whether it is A cargo.

- Can be free of charge a variety of shopping malls, supermarkets, membership cards, do not harm one. Points cards are also pretty good, I remember that wherever you go.

Gift-giving and receiving gifts

- We often need a gift. Thought to produce their own gifts? For example, the hand-baked cookies. Wrap with plastic wrap, placed in cartons house, with ribbon marked with ribbon bows.

- In the need to send expensive gifts when friends or colleagues such as marriage, children, find a few people and send with you.

- Is there someone at home to send a gift? If not, has a special significance, as a gift can be sent out - do not give it as long as the original owner.

- Do not give expensive gifts to men. Do not ask why, just remember do not send on it.

- To encourage men to send a gift to you. In an interview, when expressed appreciation gift, and he smiled.

- And men after the breakup, not to show their personality into a gift is also back. He took also of no use, not as good as you give them to find a more suitable owner.

- Happy to accept a friend sent them through or to buy back that inappropriate clothing.


- Take full advantage of the discount period entertainment, as we all know that in the non-weekend night time periods toKTV singingBest buy.

- Select Guide, save money, but also personality.

- A child had any dream? For example when a painter? And now attend classes on the bar. You can go to learn a language, studying sculpture ... ... it makes you add intellectual charisma, and there is no time to spendthrift.


Investment risks, the market need to be cautious. It is a maxim. Moreover, the investment is very individual pieces of behavior, MISS not many here say. Investment opportunities in many things in Taiwan, but no one will lend you eye. If you really want the golden rooster lays golden eggs, we explore the bar across the river, you can try consulting a number of investment advisers, money well spent Debu wronged.

Some of that money is not the province of

Heard a word do? Take life change money before the age of 30, after 30-year-old money-for-life. So, do not save money in the insurance above. A health insurance is very necessary. Without it, a small tuck surgery are likely to make your deposit instantly cleared.

The price of second-hand goods is indeed tempting, but in some cases, we need to stay away from second-hand goods, such as Laptops,Mattresses, color TV.


Finally, we account for that. Perhaps many people will feel that accounting is the only pieceBoredAlso shameful thing. To immediately abandon this idea! Out loud to myself, bookkeeping is a very meaningful and very personal thing!

First of all, we want to establish a detailed accounting directory record amount spent for each spending category, and many people think that this would be very troublesome, remember one probably on it. Is not true. The purpose of accounting is not just because we are in total spending to record how much money, but also to find out from their daily spending irrational propensity to consume, we can learn from the process of recording visually see the various periods, the Class proportion of total consumption, and timely improvement.

Behavior is now the most fashionable online billing, in Baidu enter "accounting," we can find a lot of bookkeeping website, or download a lot of convenient easy to use accounting software that requires only 10 minutes a day get the absolute More than you can imagine.

Remember: a detailed record of just a good foundation, it is important to analyze.

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