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Winter cold baths are really lots of other good

Winter cold baths are really lots of other good(2010-01-29 00:43:43)
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Cold bath is a method of exercise using natural factors. Cold bath can improve the body's ability to adapt to the cold stimulation, when the body is a contact with cold water stimulation, a sharp contraction in the skin blood vessels so that blood flow to a large number of deep body tissues and organs; then, the skin blood vessels expand again, a large number of blood flow to re-surface again. In this way, systemic blood vessels have participated in the systolic and diastolic motion.

Cold bath on the nervous and cardiovascular system useful. When the body when the skin contact with cold water, in the nerve under the skin and blood vessel relaxation after the first contraction, thus improving the skin's blood circulation to strengthen organized under the skin nutrition supply to skin glands to increase , the skin becomes flexible lubrication, elasticity, resistance to strengthen, not susceptible to skin disease.

Experiments show that when the body stimulated by the cold, nose and throat swelling and hyperemia of the mucous membranes will occur, these cells physiological parts reduced white blood cell decrease, resulting in partial disease resistance weakened, giving the bacteria invaded by multiplicative ie. However, after cold-water exercise, due physically to be tempered by the cold stimulation in the nose and throat mucous membranes can be well adapted and difficult to place a class of common cold diseases.

The role of the cold water, because the nervous system, cardiovascular system, respiratory and digestive systems to enhance the function of other organizations and organs corresponding improvement in the skills, so that the whole body level of functioning improved. Barrier function of enhanced disease resistance improve. elderly or prime-age adult cold bath regular exercise can reduce fat accumulation and deposition of cholesterol in the blood, so that helps to prevent arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure disease.

  Cold bath implementation methodology

Cold bath the initial stage, may first brush with a towel, to be used to dry brush, may start shower, the water temperature should be gradually reduced. In addition to the shower head, the whole body the skin should be subject to cold-water shower, bath, the same should be the skin rub red. Over time, such as the response is good, cold bath can be outdoors. But we know that the lower the temperature, the shorter the time cold bath. as long as the bath, I felt very warm and comfortable, relaxed powerful, is water ice could persist in cold water bath.

Even: break the ice bath. "Normal winter cold bath in room, starting at room temperature can be around 20 ℃, then gradually reduced. Insist on outdoor winter cold bath (shower or winter swimming) is not a person or something that can be done, due to the winter cold bath in the outdoors, a great stimulus intensity must pass through the system of indoor cold bath, the body's ability to adapt to the cold after a certain increase in order to adapt to.

  After the cold bath to rub the skin red

In the bath, because water temperature is much lower than body temperature, so cold bath during the rapid loss of body temperature. In this case, through reflection, the surface of the body will once again shrink blood vessels, especially in the upper respiratory tract vasoconstriction, so that there's blood reduce the supply of anti-bacterial material supplies are affected, the original germs lurking in these parts, or the virus can become active Cheng Xu.

Respiratory diseases, people are likely to occur. If the bath and immediately rub the skin red, can help skin temperature quickly return to or exceed the pre-bath levels, the body will feel the body heat, warm and comfortable.

  Cold bath implementation time

At first, you can use every day, after morning exercises, 1-2 minutes, quickly brush with wet towels, and then rub the skin dry towel until the reddish date in order to promote the body warm and comfortable. If there is no time for the morning, noon, PM can also be carried out. General should not be cold bath at night. Bathed in their daily life, preferably a fixed.

Because it allows the body to form a conditioned reflex, a time to exercise, the body one organ system immediately mobilized and ready to meet the needs of exercise. Of course, exercise time, if not fixed, nor irrelevant, but as long as the exercise is timely, method is reasonable, there will be no adverse effects on the body

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