Monday, January 25, 2010

Teach you know bad breath and oral odor treatment!

Bad breath mouth odor, troubled by a lot of people's problems not only affect the health and even affect the psychological and social activities. But many people have the misunderstanding that I brush their teeth every day why I still can not solve bad breath problems. In fact just the disease in the oral halitosis performance, let's find out the causes of the common causes of mouth odor:
1: mouth odor for more than 90 percent is mainly caused by gum disease gingivitis. Gingivitis is a dental gathered around a large number of plaque to form calculus, stimulating gum inflammation, manifested as red, swollen gums, easy bleeding, long-term this situation will lead to the absorption of alveolar bone, gingival atrophy. Lead to loose teeth, periodontal pocket overflow pus, accompanied by many as a foul mouth odor.
As gum inflammation, gum inside there is always bacteria in the reproductive growth of corruption and its metabolites decomposition of fermentation to produce indole-sulfur, and amine-based substances such as hydrogen, leading to mouth odor.
2: The mouth may also cause other diseases, mouth odor, such as dental caries led to post-necrotic pulp inflammation will produce the smell of corruption, another bad filling body, dentures and other adverse factors such as inappropriate treatment would not conducive to the surrounding teeth clean, plaque accumulation produce odor.
3: acute necrotizing gingivitis can lead to corruption of bad breath. Oral infection and mucosal erosion, ulcer secondary infection can produce moderate bad breath, there is a wound infection after tooth extraction will cause bad breath.
4: Another bad breath may also be a systemic disease, such as gastrointestinal tract disease or systemic manifestation of the disease in the oral cavity. Such as the Chinese believe that bad breath is due to stomach Huo-wang, food plot or wet muddy due to transpiration. So doctors may be considered to be gastritis or ulcers, and then, or the performance of gastrointestinal diseases and so on. However, the oral problems were only after the exclusion of things to consider.
Primarily directed at the treatment of bad breath cause treatment of gingivitis or periodontal disease if it is completely regular dental scaling is necessary (and simple terms it is scaling).
Only a thorough cleaning that had led to gingival and periodontal inflammation of the dental calculus or plaque bacteria, then the inflammation will subside naturally, will naturally fresh breath.
Also works with a number of measures to alleviate bad breath, such as multi-drinking water, brush your teeth, gargle, gargle the use of aromatic agents, chewing gum, etc. However, these methods must never replace the bad breath caused by the basic treatment of diseases.
If it is the gastrointestinal tract or a systemic disease caused by, you need treatment for the disease rather than the mouth handled.
For the treatment of bad breath, the general principle is to go first oral question (because 90% of mouth odor is caused due to oral cavity).
To exclude oral questions, obtain other other reasons to be addressed

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