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Who stole the water in your body?

Who stole the water in your body?

So, in the end what are the factors causing people to feel more and more "dry"? Here in the experts opinion, from outside to inside the many factors that have let us escape the "dry" troubles.

The larger environment also "dry." "The first reason is the natural environment has changed dramatically." Zhang told Voice of Health "Life Times" reporter, global warming has become a headache for countries around the world are the climate problem, the air we breathe everyday existence of a large number of pollutants, urban greening area is not enough, etc., have led to the larger environment we live in lower humidity, the moisture reduction. In addition, the modern air-conditioned environment for long hours in office, do not attach importance to sports and other factors can not be ignored.

Bad habits. Dry eye questions arose Yongyanguoduo, with eyes very much related to improper practices. Li Ying said, computers, TVs and other electronic equipment makes up the modern man a lot of time, which led directly to the high life of dry eye. The dry mouth, constipation, high fever is inseparable from the people keen on high-fat diet.

Clean excessive, heavy use of cosmetics. Deputy director of Peking University First Hospital, Dr. Yang Shuxia dermatologist, said many reasons for dry skin, but too clean, heavy use of cosmetics is one of the important reasons. Moisture on the skin barrier function of healthy play a, if you are too clean, wash too diligence, or the use of irritant big detergency strong cleaning supplies, skin surface of the stratum corneum contains some of the "natural moisturizing factor" will be reduced, the skin surface oils in the lipid membrane and cuticle structure would be too much to remove. The foundation and other cosmetics (especially the make-up supplies) in order to maintain the effect of a longer time, often contain a lot of coagulation components, which will lead to moisture loss.

"Needs attention is that there may be dry and some diseases, the most common than Sjogren's syndrome." Peking University People's Hospital of rheumatic immune Professor Zhang X on the "Life Times" reporter, said that about 63.8% of the in patients with Sjogren's syndrome is not diagnosed in time.

The incidence of the disease in our country is about 0.77%, a high incidence in the 40-year-old middle-aged -60 years of age, in which male to female ratio was 1:9. If the patients significant dry eyes, dry mouth, parotid gland swelling and pain repeatedly, multiple dental caries and tooth block off, with arthritis and lung, liver and other organ damage, you have to be vigilant to the hospital for medical treatment in time. In addition, diabetes, liver disease, hypothyroidism, uremia and other diseases, or some type drugs such as retinoic acid, lithium-agent problems may also lead to dry.

  The recipe to help you retain water

From the Chinese perspective, the body fluid are considered to be overcast, and if too little body fluid, it will lead to an imbalance of yin and yang, giving rise to a variety of health problems; not alleviate the dry skin and a long time may cause itching; constipation may lead to colon cancer changes, induced myocardial infarction and other serious consequences ... ... body water hazards can not be overlooked, the experts made the following recommendations to help you retain water.

Drink at least 1000 milliliters of water per day. Prevention of dry, water is very important. For a normal person is concerned, be sure to drink enough to ensure that each day 1000 ml of water. From the food perspective, we must reject spicy, high-oil high-fat foods, eat some raw fruits and vegetables, Tianjin, such as celery, loquat, lily, apple, pear and so on. Sesame oil and sesame seeds are also very good.

Washed once a week or two old. The northern spring, autumn and winter are relatively dry, as long as you are not particularly dirty environment in which the body is relatively clean, the older person can be washed once a week or two, the water temperature should be controlled at 38 degrees up and down.

Younger, and one week can be washed once or twice, and there is no need or use the bath each time Cuozao milk and other cleaning supplies. Living in the South the weather hot flashes, should, in particular, be careful not to over-frequent use of bath milk. After washing, but also timely use moisturizing products to help your skin retain moisture.

Protect good "leg" is very important. From the Chinese perspective, "spleen" is acquired the book, the main transportation and transformation, is the body's main organ uptake of nutrients, but these nutrients is to turn our anger, blood, body fluid raw material, spleen and good care will help to body fluid increase.

Zhang Sheng-sang, said thorough consideration overweight, overwork spleen are the "enemy" and therefore must maintain a calm, optimistic and a good attitude, pay attention to work and rest. Modern man to stay in office too long, it should exercise at least twice a week, and the law of life as possible, to ensure adequate sleep.

In order to alleviate and prevent dry eye, Li Ying has emphasized that we should break every 30-45 minutes, 5 minutes, take the initiative to look at a distance, almost. Because of the vast majority of eye-drops containing preservatives should be used with caution, avoid the use of irritating the eye drops too strong.

Another eyelashes roots is a big opening like an open space, is easy to "filth", you can dip the cotton balls on a careful eye drops scrub, which is conducive to oil and tear secretion

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