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Vegetarian really do make people live longer

Mention vegetarian, people will naturally think of two aspects: First, Buddhism, the second is health.

Vegetarian mainly refers to eat animal food, and eating vegetables, fruits and foods. For Buddhist children, the vegetarian food is called "Vegetarian" is a kind of self-cultivation behavior. If you are a vegetarian, others associate will ask: "Are you Buddhist devotees?"

The ancients believed that vegetarian health benefits. Scientists children foolproof, wrote in the Ming Dynasty's "health is necessary to" where proposed, vegetarian, that can make the body, spirit at its best. With the development of modern nutritional science, experts have found that a lot of cardio-cerebral vascular disease, liver disease, diabetes, are caused by excessive carnivorous type. Therefore, it was believed that vegetarianism is good for longevity.

Vegetarian and longevity in the end there any relationship? This is not a simple question, we have to talk about from the nutrition.

Five categories of nutrients

The maintenance of human development, growth, physical activity is called nutrients, are:

(1) carbohydrates, including sugar, starch, the main activities required to provide the human body heat;

(2) fat, in addition to providing the heat required for activities outside the human body, or constitute the human body must be material;

(3) protein, also known as proteins, constitute the main body of material, but also can provide heat;

(4) vitamins, including the dimension A, B, C, D, E, B12 and many other, mainly involved in the body's physiological function;

(5) minerals, including potassium, sodium, calcium, iron, zinc, selenium and so on, are also involved in the body's physiological functions.

Food items are mainly summarized as meat, grain and fruits and vegetables three categories. In general, the above-mentioned five categories of nutrients exist in a variety of foods, but a variety of nutritional content of various foods there are differences only.

Of food containing carbohydrates, the highest, about 70%, containing protein, nearly 10%; meat-containing protein, most of which contain 40% as much lean meat. Fats from soybean and peanut plants, but also from fat. Vitamin A, Vitamin C in fresh vegetables and fruit in the most up to calcium in the milk, B vitamins in the coarse grains in the larger classes, but the vitamin B12 found primarily in animal meat and offal.

Rice, noodles made of food, plus meat, oil, vegetables and other cooked dishes made of, people are reasonable and constitutes a basic form of nutritious food.

Abundant supplies of protein, then the physically fit and well-developed, the lack of the infirm. Carbohydrates and fats are the body heat of the main raw material supply should be sufficient, otherwise unable to maintain body weight and labor; excessive fat is easy to form. Vegetables, fruits to eat too little, make vitamins, mineral deficiencies, poor health, susceptibility to disease. Therefore need to balance the diet. Some people think that something good nutrition, a large number of eating, eating every day; another person something (such as eggs, meat) do not like, never eat. This long run, nutritional imbalance, harmful to health.

Good habits are often transferred to eat different foods, eat everything, not picky eaters. People have a habit, is "a continuous eat, do not want to eat; for a long time not to eat, eat." This helps to maintain nutritional balance.

Vegetarian Nutrition makes incomplete

Vegetarian food is non-animal food diet. In addition to animal protein, the vegetarian range of other essential nutrients. So, vegetarian able to maintain the most basic of human life, growth, development, reproduction and activities.

But the protein, after all, constitute the body's vital substance, not a lack of. If instead of vegetable protein, such as food, can we? In general, the more difficult. Because of low protein content in plants, and the quality (ie essential amino acids contained in the type and amount of the number) than animal protein better, so terms of the number of plant protein quality, are not easy to achieve the desired standards. Of animal meat as food, has become a major source of protein intake of all mankind. This is the human consensus, no doubt.

Plant proteins, including vegetables, fruits, grain, etc. a person's vital nutrients, is vegetarian protein sources, but also to sustain life, but its role better than to eat with the meat the same.

Vegetarian not help longevity

Why do some people eat meat products will get the disease? This is because they are meat eating animals, when not used properly. Animals, meat and offal, fish, shrimp, etc., contain more cholesterol. Cholesterol is an essential nutrient, but too much use can cause atherosclerosis. Is a cerebral arteriosclerosis, heart infarction, and the cause of cerebral embolism is the major cause of death of older persons. Animal food is a curse to blame those who, in fact, eating too much animal food is not the fault of the animal food.

In fact, longevity is a complex of issues, including the body's own genetic factors and environmental factors. Environment, air, soil and water, cultural, educational, scientific, economic, political, human relations and so on, a number of factors are associated with longevity. Nutrition is only part of it.

Based on current research scientists, but also help to confirm vegetarian longevity, but has confirmed, including animal protein, nutritional balance, including diet, contribute to human health and longevity

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